Saints moved up to fourth with a 40-16 win over Huddersfield Giants.

Jonny Lomax grabbed a brace in the victory that also saw Mark Percival notch 16 points.

But it was Ben Barba that stole the show – having a hand in most of Saints tries and securing a well deserved Man of the Match award.

Huddersfield didn’t come to make up the numbers though and fought back in the second half.

Before then, Lomax got Saints on the board after just four minutes as he latched on to a nice Danny Richardson grubber.

Six minutes later a lovely break from Barba saw him draw his opposite number and put Regan Grace over.

Saints continued to press and should have had another 22 minutes in – but Zeb Taia’s effort was chalked off for a forward pass that no one else saw in the build up.

Ryan Morgan went close on a cross field kick but on the half hour mark Oliver Roberts pulled one back for the visitors from close range.

Danny Brough’s conversion taking the Giants to within six points.

The advantage was restored pretty quickly with a touch of class from Regan Grace.

The winger made a wonder break from well inside his own half before being stopped by a desperate Darnell McIntosh tackle.

But a quick play the ball saw it go through hands for the Lomax to go over untouched.

Saints then crossed again; great handling seeing a massive gap open up for Percival.

And it could have been more a just before at half time Barba’s deft kick almost unlocked the defence after a superb Dom Peyroux break.

Saints were well on top and didn’t hang around in the second half to increase their lead.

After a solid opening from the Giants, Brough gave away two penalties in quick succession and the ball was sent left for Barba to show a clean pair of heels from distance.

Next up Jon Wilkin put Peyroux through and he produced a juggle and wonder offload for Ryan Morgan to score in the corner.

Huddersfield battled and scored twice through Ryan Hinchcliffe and Jordan Rankin but Saints had the last laugh as Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook darted over from a short pass at the death.

Match Summary:

Tries: Lomax (2), Grace, Percival, Barba, Morgan, McCarthy-Scarsbrook
Goals: Percival (6 from 7)

Tries: Roberts, Hinhcliffe, Rankin
Goals: Brough (2 from 3)

Penalties Awarded:
Saints: 8
Giants: 7

HT: 24-6
FT: 40-16

REF: G Hewer

ATT: 9419


37. Ben Barba; 2. Tommy Makinson, 3. Ryan Morgan, 4. Mark Percival, 28. Regan Grace; 1. Jonny Lomax, 24. Danny Richardson; 14. Luke Douglas, 9. James Roby, 16. Luke Thompson, 36. Zeb Taia, 20. Morgan Knowles, 12. Jon Wilkin.
Subs: 6. Theo Fages, 8. Alex Walmsley, 13. Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook, 18. Dominique Peyroux.

35. Jordan Rankin; 2. Jermaine McGillvary, 30. Alex Mellor, 34. Jordan Turner, 24. Darnell McIntosh; 4. Lee Gaskell, 6. Danny Brough; 8. Sam Rapira, 31. Adam OíBrien, 17. Ukuma Taíai, 16. Oliver Roberts, 13. Michael Lawrence, 9. Ryan Hinchcliffe.
Subs: 14. Kruise Leeming, 18. Paul Clough, 20. Daniel Smith, 22. Tyler Dickinson.

Saints Line up

1 Ben Barba
2 Tommy Makinson
3 Ryan Morgan
4 Mark Percival
5 Regan Grace
6 Jonny Lomax
7 Danny Richardson
8 Luke Douglas
9 James Roby
10 Luke Thompson
11 Zeb Taia
12 Morgan Knowles
13 Jon Wilkin
14 Theo Fages
15 Alex Walmsley
16 Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook
17 Dominique Peyroux

Huddersfield Giants Line up

1Jordan Rankin
2Jermaine McGillvary
3Alex Mellor
4Jordan Turner
5Darnell McIntosh
6Lee Gaskell
7Danny Brough
8Sam Rapira
9Adam O’Brien
10Ukuma Ta’ai
11Oliver Roberts
12Michael Lawrence
13Ryan Hinchcliffe
14Kruise Leeming
15Paul Clough
16Daniel Smith
17Tyler Dickinson

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Sponsors’ man of the match is Ben Barba.

Mark Percival for Saints

Percy makes it 40-16

Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook for Saints

Yes they can. LMS on the burst


Saints win a penalty, can they finish with a flourish…


Brough misses the kick so it’s 34-16

Jordan Rankin for Huddersfield Giants

Nice move from the Giants sees Rankin go in.


Huddersfield force a drop out


Getting a little scrappy here as we get closer to full time – couple of penalties head the Giants’ way.

Danny Brough for Huddersfield Giants

Brough makes it 34-12

Ryan Hinchcliffe for Huddersfield Giants

Short ball and it’s easy for the ’13.


Saints stop a Huddersfield move down the left with a gang tackle. All in it together on that one!


Giants knock on in their own 30… Saints have the ball


Fair play to the group of @giantsrl fans that have not stopped singing all game

Ryan Morgan with the concentration for his 11th of the season – @plattyphoto

Percival short with the touchline conversion – Saints lead 34-6

Ryan Morgan for Saints

Wilkin to Peyroux and he produces a juggle and wonder offload for Morgan to go over


Hudds forward pass after they clear a huge Richardson kick on the last. Saints ball on half way

Ben Barba – having a very good game for sure! @plattyphoto

Mark Percival for Saints

Off. The. Touchline. For 30-6

Ben Barba for Saints

Saints don’t hang around, ball goes left and Barba shows a clean pair of heels from distance


Richardson takes Brough’s kick on the last – gets hit high by Brough and then Brough gives away 10.


Forward pass from the Saints then Brough wins a penalty by playing the ball onto Percy on the floor.


LMS taken high by former Saint Paul Clough – Saints turn for good field position


But they lose the ball and Saints will have it.


Giants earn a penalty and will have a set in good field position

Huddersfield will get the second half underway – Saints lead 24-6

12 points from Percy so far… and 100% great pic rate from @plattyphoto?

Saints lead 24-6 at half time


Lovely break from Peyroux sets Barba free but his deft kick is cleared by the Giants defence

Mark Percival for Saints

Percy makes it 24-6 to the Saints

Mark Percival for Saints

huuggggggeee gap sees Percival increase the lead.

Sheer class from Regan great – a wonder break that McIntosh did well to cover in the end.

Mark Percival for Saints


Jonny Lomax for Saints

… takes Saints to Giants 20 – ball goes right and Lomax in for his second.


What a break from Grace – from well inside his half..

Danny Brough for Huddersfield Giants

Brough makes it 12-6

Oliver Roberts for Huddersfield Giants

Saints lose the ball on their 40 and Roberts pushes his way over from close range

Roby with the kick, chase and tackle to win Saints a drop out – @plattyphoto


Ryan Morgan close in the other corner after a high kick


Roby kick, excellent chase; the Giants will drop out.


Barba comes up big on another chip through, it remains 12-0


Grace saving Saints’ try line there and grounding it – but the Giants have the ball.


And at the other end – Saints just do enough after a Giants’ kick. They will drop out.


Saints have one chalked off for a forward pass – fans and players alike looking at each other for that one!


Hudds ball, in their own 40 – they’d steadied the ship since those early tries.


But then lose the ball on their set. Saints ball, 40 out.


Percival comes up with a little improvisation on the last tackle – Giants do enough to stop it


Barba clears up at the back following Gaskell’s chip – and wins a penalty


Lomax comes up with the ball on a 1 on 1 steal… but he’s penalised!


Saints penalty on half way – they lead 12-0

Barba’s break setting up that try – @plattyphoto

Grace on his way for his 10th of the season – pic by @plattyphoto

Mark Percival for Saints

Percy makes it 12-0

Regan Grace for Saints

Gorgeous break from Barba sees him draw his man and Grace is in


Saints get the ball back inside their own 40 – both teams wanting to give it some air tonight.


Saints called for a forward pass on the last. Giants ball on their own 40.

Lomax congratulated by his teammates – pic by @plattyphoto

Mark Percival for Saints

Percival makes it 6-0. Good start from the lads.

Jonny Lomax for Saints

Lovely kick from Richardson and Lomax pounces


Strong runs from Grace and Makinson gets Saints on the front foot.


Taia looking for an early offload – high ball from Richardson well taken.

Saints will get this one underway