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Meet Your Tourists #2

Continuing our introduction of the players who will tour Australia with Saints Academy.

Here are numbers four to six.

4. Ryan Horne – Half Back from Leigh East

He is sponsored by Trueflow Commissioning Services Ltd, John Earps Driving Instructor, A & M Jones, EM & J Horne, J & L Horne and Sam Horne.

Previous Number 4s:
2004 – Paul Clough (Blackbrook)
2006 – Phil Baines (Chorley Panthers)
2009 – Joe Bate (Blackbrook)
2011 – Alex Clare (Halton Farnworth Hornets)
2013 – Tom Calland (Widnes Moorfield and West Bank Bears)
2015 – Adam Causey (Orrell St James)

5. Kian Horridge – Prop Forward from Shevington Sharks

He is sponsored by C& C Baseline, AliEN, Quality Build, SGP Transport, JPK Haulage, and S Horridge Concrete.

Previous Number 5s:
2004 – Chris Donnelly (Blackbrook)
2006 – Jack Bradbury (Saddleworth Rangers)
2009 – Jordan Case (Blackbrook)
2011 – Jack Connor (Saddleworth Rangers)
2013 – Liam Cooper (Blackbrook)
2015 – Harry Coleman (Leigh Miners Rangers)

6. John Hutchings – Winger from Orrell St James

He is sponsored by Unite Healthcare, Compfeed Group, St Helens Tyres, Co-op Food Primary Logistics, Castillo Wealth Management, ESC Sun beds, Livesey Spottiswood, St Peters School and Michelle Atherton.

Previous Number 6s:
2004 – Ashley Elsley (Hensingham)
2006 – Matthew Clarke (Pilkington Recs)
2009 – Liam Fishwick (Bold Miners)
2011 – Mike Fields (Bold Miners)
2013 – Jonah Cunningham (Blackbrook)
2015 – Matthew Costello (Orrell St James)

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