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Check out the new book in store by Alex Service and Adrian Lawrenson.

This essential publication highlights key moments in the long history of St Helens Rugby League Club from a refreshingly different perspective.

Memorable matches and a cavalcade of great players abound, naturally, with anecdotes aplenty.

Original ‘Founding Fathers’ such as William Douglas Herman and Austin Cooper Carr rub shoulders with modern-day Super League greats like Mark Percival, James Roby and Ben Barba – a marvellous and intriguing juxtaposition of personalities.

And all have their unique places in the ever-evolving story of one of the most famous clubs in the XIII-a-side code.

Profusely illustrated and written by two stalwarts with more than a century of Saints-watching experience between them, this is a joyous and eclectic celebration of 145 years of Saints rugby coinciding with the 150th anniversary of the County Borough of St Helens.

You can buy the book for £13.95 from the Saints Superstore and the authors have said that all profits going to Saints’ Community Development Foundation.

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