Academy Tour Day 7

The boys were out training early this morning before the sun had chance to warm up, with temperatures in Penrith set to reach 33 degrees!

Mini-skills followed by ruck and edge defence, a great session to start the day. A special mention to Jamie Pye as he is working really hard to recover from his ankle injury and give himself the best chance of playing as soon as possible.

The day was spent enjoying time on the lake at our home, Cables water park in Penrith. The lads spent hours trying to keep their balance as the cables came around to drag them around the waterskiing circuit. The majority of the lads struggled to get anywhere fast, but all improved as the day went on.

Wakeboarding on knees was mastered by everyone, except Jamie Pye who chose the unorthodox technique of lying on his stomach to be dragged around and Lewis Baxter, who despite his determination and persistence, didn’t actually get anywhere!

Quite a few moved on to the more advanced technique of standing up, with Jumah Sambou leading the way, closely followed by Taylor Pemberton and John Bennison. Jumah was a natural from the second he hit the water, even attempting one of the jumps on the course, however, Adam Swift still holds the title of being the best ever tourist on a board!

A little bit of free time before dinner for the lads and they took the opportunity to have a game basketball, Jumah took his expertise from the water straight on to the court where once again he lead the way, this time shooting the hoops! Basketball was a bit too strenuous for a few of the boys, with Shay Martyn, Ethan Bradbury and Joe Woods preferring to play on the park and bouncy castle……

Joe Woods also took the opportunity to spend time on his college work as he understands the importance of not falling behind while we are away.

We then headed over to the impressive Penrith Panthers leagues club for dinner before most of the boys made the short walk over to Aqua Golf to hit a few balls onto the water-based golf range. Pitching wedges the only clubs allowed to use and it’s fair to say that we don’t have any budding Tiger Woods’ in our ranks!

The first challenge for one or two (Rodgers and Woods) was to work out the difference between right and left handed clubs – stick to rugby league lads!

Another busy day ticked off. ✅

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