SCDF Partner with KNO2DA Domestic Abuse Prevention Campaign

Saints Community Development Foundation are proud to partner with KNO2DA Domestic Abuse Prevention Campaign.

KNO2DA domestic abuse prevention campaign is a grass-roosts campaign set up by those effected by domestic abuse as well as those that have witnessed domestic abuse first-hand.

In this partnership we aim to reduce Domestic Abuse within our local communities by informing individuals about the early signs of domestic abuse. We will also be there to support those that have had to deal with domestic violence in the past.

It’s important to understand that domestic abuse is not just about physical violence. Domestic abuse is about power and control. It is a pattern of behavior. There are many tools and tactics used by an abuser to control a victim and abuse is not always easy to spot.

Some behaviors are dressed up as pseudo-caring behavior, for example, and some abusers can be very charming and manipulative. In fact, about 51% of victims do not even know that they are being controlled.

We believe that it’s important to raise awareness around domestic abuse in St Helens and to help show the crucial signs of domestic abuse early on.

Shana Begum from KNO2DA said: “I am extremely pleased to be working with Saints Community Development Foundation, We know about the influence Rugby League has on the town as well as the reach it provides to local communities. We believe that with this reach we will be able to get in contact with those falling victim to domestic abuse within our borough, and with the reach and influence SCDF has within the town we believe that this is an ideal partnership. We know that domestic Violence is high in St Helens, therefore we must make it one of our primary targets to reduce that.”

Steve Leonard, SCDF director followed on by saying: “Things such as domestic violence have no place in modern society and I am very proud that Shana approached the Foundation with the idea of working together. Having listened to Shana’s story and meeting a few of her colleagues from KNO2DA I am even more determined to make a difference and to raise awareness in our community. We cannot be proud of the figures as they stand but we can certainly stand up to and pledge to make a difference going forward. Recent events prove that as a game we are not without incident so the need for this awareness and action is very real. In our game you need to show courage at times, and courage is something Shana and others have shown in abundance to speak out and tell their story so others don’t suffer the same abuse. So between us we will share our courage and hopefully help someone else end their own suffering.”

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