Day 12: Feeling Blue!

THE party had a day out at the Blue Mountains – a scenic spot on the west of Sydney writes Mike Rush, Head of Youth.

The mountains are only an hour from our base at Penrith and it is best described as similar to the Lake District only ten times bigger.

As you will see from the photos the area is a massive National Park and has more than one million visitors a year. As ever, our group were given Five Star treatment with our own guide.

During the video introduction we returned to normal with some ‘beltin’ questions from the group.

Mr Eric Frodsham got us underway with a starter for 10: “Is there any part of the Blue Mountains that have not been discovered?”……. Eric later admitted he meant explored…

Jack Jones followed up with: “If there are any snakes in the mountains and we see them will they be in cages?”

Eric the guide explained it is not a zoo.

Not to be outdone Dougie Charnock asked: “Will we see Monkeys?

He is a very close friend of Mark Percival so maybe the jungle book would be a good film for these two.

Nathan Stupski, while looking at an information plaque which was stating that Queen Elizabeth has been to the site in 1954, asked: “Is that the Queen from St Helens?”

We did manage to work out later he was meaning the Queen Victoria statue in the town centre.

Eric, our guide, was very patient and also gave Luke Thompson some extra physio as you can see in the picture.

He claims to have helped other sports stars in the past including Jonathon Thurston.

The lads enjoyed a short session before the game tomorrow and hopefully I will be bringing good news in the next edition.


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