Players Hit The Water

DAY 4: The players had a good two-hour session out on the field in fantastic weather, writes Mike Rush, which once again gave the staff plenty of time to spend one on one with the lads.

They are benefitting from working on the position specific parts of their game and this will be further enhanced with visit to other organisations such as the Sydney Swans.

The Penrith club have been great to us with the use of all their training equipment and fields which are in good condition considering the heat we are currently experiencing.

The lads and staff got an extra treat today with a visit to the White Water Rafting Centre and all enjoyed the chance to experience the 2000 Olympic course. See the photos below!

The trip is really starting to develop now and we are slowly finding the characters in the group.

As per every trip, we had the left-handed paddle group today with David Hewitt (a clever half back so called) joining Big Phil and Bobby Williams in waiting for their left handle paddle.

Mr Martyn always enjoys such moments and has reminded all three all day just how clever they are.

Killer managed to take out most of the kids on the activity keeping up his record from previous tours… Connor Smith seemed to get the worse treatment and Killer managed to talk the Physio Dave into helping throw kids out of the boat at any given moment.

James Nicholl didn’t master the art of White Water rafting either – for the first time ever I think we’ve had a kid not complete one circuit without coming out the boat; I think a few of his team mates will need to sleep with one eye open tonight.

Question of the day – picture the moment Tommy is walking all the kids around the course with his trusted assistant Dec Hardman.

Tommy M: “They built this course for the Olympic games.”

Danny Richardson “Where was the Olympic games Tommy.”

Never a dull moment with the kids…

Finally just a note to Derek Hardman’s good wife – no need to worry about Derek’s ability to swim, today he spent more time outside the boat than in it.

He even managed to drag Derek Traynor, Ian Talbot and my good self in at one point also.

Not sure why he was given a paddle either, not once did he try and paddle. The word useless would not be strong enough for his performance today.

You can find out more on the Academy Tour by clicking here.

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