Lads Prepare For Opener

THE lads had a lighter day today with the St George game tomorrow (Sunday), writes Mike Rush.

They took part in the normal ‘day before’ session with a team run and some position specific coaching.

You can tell it is nearly game day as the players are starting to show some nerves.

In order to make the time pass and to try and settle the lads down we took them into the city for a walk around the Rocks and the traditional Saturday markets.

This was followed by a private jet boat for the players and staff and in the 10 years we have been coming to Australia this has to go down as the best yet.

I can’t tell you much about the first boat which went out only that the driver had to stop the boat at some stage as Ollie Davies didn’t like the speed …… another tough back rower in the making!

The staff boat with nine kids on board I can tell you about. ..

Paul Molyneux thought he knew better when his good friend Ian Talbot told him to leave his Nike glasses on dry land. Paul, who claims to be a veteran having been away four times before, informed Ian his glasses would be fine as they were a tight fit.

Leo also ignored the advice and both paid the price.

The boat, which was described as a wave runner, hit a wave and the whole boat was covered head to toe in water. Leo turned around to talk to me and only had one lens in his glasses and as I turned to laugh I heard Paul cursing at the top of his voice as he watched his beloved Nike sunglasses float down the boat and out the hole at the back.

Mr Talbot, Martyn and Hardman all took great delight in Paul’s misfortune as did Head Coach Traynor who was still laughing on the way home an hour-and-a-half later. Paul hasn’t had much luck on tour with past accidents with his camera in 2004 and 2011.

The kids seemed to enjoy the break from the field session.

Fingers crossed tomorrow’s game goes well with the lads taking on St George following on from the Australia World Cup session and the Junior Kiwis v Junior Kangaroos.

That game will kick off at around 6am british time on Sunday.

To find out more on the Academy Tour click here.

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