Brown: Need To Heed Advice

NATHAN Brown said Wigan were simply far better than Saints on Good Friday and they must quickly learn the lessons from the defeat.

His side have been unbeaten this season – but their luck ran out against the Warriors.

“They were far better than us today. Sean O’Loughlin took us to school,” he said. “He was by far and away the best player on the field and showed why he is one of the best players in the world. That’s why Shaun Wane saves him for the big games.

“We’ve had our fair share of problems on the injury front but over the last week we’ve had some consistency in training which has been good.

“But we have been consistently dropping the ball from the kick off and we have to learn. We have been carrying players who aren’t putting in their best. They have been below par and some of the more talented players and other players have been carrying them through.

“Wigan have two trophies for a reason and you can’t carry players against them. We didn’t have enough players at the level they needed to be to beat a champion side.

“We had some nice attacking good ball sequences in the first half but our yardage attack wasn’t very smart. It put our kicking game under pressure. Wigan dominated some field position.

“In the second half when we got momentum we turned the ball over. You can’t beat any side completing like that in the second half let alone Wigan.”

He continued: “We didn’t learn any lessons from previous games and now we have to heed some good advice that is staring at us.”

Brown and Saints now turn their attention to Monday’s match at Widnes.

“We have a number of plans but even the best laid plans don’t come into play at Easter,” he continued. “We will see how we are tomorrow. There will be a fair number of players that just won’t be playing, that’s for sure.

“But there’s some players who we will definitely want to play. Some players need to play as they aren’t playing well enough. That’s the reality of it. Some won’t play because we don’t want them to. We have some good young kids who are ready to go, who played well against Leeds.

“There are a number of things we can look at there but we won’t really know that one until tomorrow or Sunday to be honest. There will be fair number of players just won’t be up for the game – but that is the reality for a number of squads across the league.”

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