Saints in Tanzania

A REAL good news story from our sponsors A-Star Recruitment who went out to Tanzania recently – and in turn helped spread the Saints’ message.

Tony Maguire takes up the story:

“In 2012, my daughter Jade went to Tanzania on an organised trip designed to help the less fortunate. The party spent time at a particular school for under 6s and helped build some foundations for a toilet block.

“While she was there she made some Tanzanian friends and kept in contact via Facebook.

“In 2014, I decided to take my daughter out there again and one of her Tanzanian friends (Eric) agreed to be our guide.

“While we were there, I saw the poverty and lack of resources these people had, mainly the children at school whose uniforms were ripped and whose shoes were just holding together. But they always had big smiles on their faces.

“For lunch they were given a bowl of porridge and for some this was the only meal they would have that day.

“However, these were the lucky ones who had a school place as there aren’t enough places for all the children and some parents couldn’t afford to send their kids (approx. £10 per year). These are only state schools and offer only a basic education.

“In 2014, I committed to fund the building of a new classroom, sponsored some pupils to go to a private school for the next seven years and paid to allow one of the teachers to go to teacher training college. It may sound costly but it wasn’t.

“This year we decided to go again to look at the new classroom and to see what additional help we could offer. A friend of mine, Cath Bebboun, decided to come with us and she asked people and businesses for donations. Saints donated some shirts to her and it was just a coincidence that she was going to Tanzania with me, a sponsor of the club, and my family.

“She travelled to Tanzania with about 30 Saints shirts in all as well as various toys and games and many envelopes with small amounts of cash in them.

“The cash was handed to individual families; mainly living in small mud huts with no electricity or gas and struggling to feed themselves with just a goat and a chicken for food/milk.

“We took the Saints tops to a school, attended by some of the children of these families and the school decided who should have a shirt.

“Providing the shirts created a frenzy in the playground, and for the lucky kids who received them. The delight in their faces was a pleasure to see. These kids where so grateful.

“They all put their shirts on and I could see how proud they felt to be wearing them.
“As these kids don’t get much in life, I think that day will live long in their memories and I think Saints shirts will be visible in Arusha, Tanzania for at least the next 10 years!”

Tony’s pics are below.

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