State of Mind Saves Lives

State of Mind has saved at least 24 lives since its foundation in 2011 as it continues to grow rugby league’s phenomenal commitment to mental fitness.

The charity, founded in response to the tragic death of Terry Newton, aims to promote an increased awareness of mental fitness, wellbeing and resilience in rugby league players, fans and communities.

It also seeks to tackle stigma, signpost to support, encourage early access and prevent suicide.

Such is the impact of State of Mind, is that it now influences the public health agenda on suicide prevention – which has resulted in the recent launch of the Offload mental health pilot scheme at Warrington, Widnes and Salford.

The 24 are just cases that State of Mind has been told about – who knows how many more lives it may well have saved; all thanks, ultimately, to rugby league.

These are just a few of the positive comments and feedback that has been received from people who were feeling overwhelmed or vulnerable:

“Fan who contacted after round of fixtures had been thinking of driving his car in to a tree on the way to the State of Mind round but then spoke to a volunteer and got information and changed his mind” (2016)

“After an education session, State of Mind were approached by someone who had contemplated suicide that day and decided to change the plan after the session and is now volunteering for Samaritans” (2013)

“During a match, State of Mind was approached in hospitality by the friend of someone who was suffering who was with them. Spoke to them and guided them to support, they got back in touch to inform that they had accessed help and support” (2014)

“Former player feeling isolated and wanted to end it all, but supported via telephone and guided to local help and support and informed that they were now doing really well and had a new job and relationship” (2013)

“Student spoke to college chaplain for the first time about active suicide plans and thoughts due to previous abuse straight after State of Mind session”

“Young official contacted requesting help – provided links to support and now they are accessing ongoing help” (2015)

This weekend, Super League Round 18 is the dedicated State of Mind round for 2017.

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