The Adventure Begins…

Here's the latest from the Academy's Tour to Australia.

Days One and Two – Monday October 9 & Tuesday October 10

It was a good start to the trip as all of the lads arrived at the Totally Wicked Stadium in good time, wearing the correct attire and only one or two of them having bags that were overweight, writes Ian Talbot.

The blend of nerves and excitement was obvious, with a few teary eyes as we eventually jumped into the coach and off we set.

The coach journey was over in a flash and after a minor visa hiccup at check-in all of the lads made their way safely and event free through the security checks.

All except one person that is… slightly delayed after getting his visa sorted Brandon O’Neill’s hair had to be frisked by security staff! He also then had to pull out his iPad, laptop computer, speakers, headphones, hairdryer, straighteners and the kitchen sink to have his bag searched!

Everyone boarded the flight in high spirits as the first leg to Hong Kong began.

Some of the boys chose to play games, watch movies or listen to music to help pass the time.

A couple of members of staff tried to have an early sleep to help adjust the body clocks but unfortunately this was rudely interrupted by Jack Welsby and Kiye Siyani, who had their earphones on and were unaware of their volume as happily, they loudly sang out the popular common tune ‘Agadoo’!

The different characteristics of the individual players were open for all to see too. For example, as most of the lads competed with each other over a game of chess, Jamie Little was sat amusing himself doing a jigsaw and Josh Simm danced along as he enjoyed watching Mickey Mouse’s clubhouse.

We haven’t even arrived yet and all the signs are there that once again, the lads are going to keep the staff well entertained.

After a quick touchdown in Hong Kong the second leg was a wipeout with everyone getting some sleep in, in preparation for the challenges that lie ahead.

Upon arrival in Sydney, we were straight on to the bus and over to Penrith, picking up pizza along the way.

It was then an early night for all as the lads need their beauty sleep.

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