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SCDF Launch Anti Racism Campaign

Saints Community Development Foundation (SCDF) is delighted to announce a new Anti Racism Campaign.

The Anti Racism campaign looks to show children the effects of racism within schools and most importantly, how we can stop it.

We want to get the message out to local children that every child is different in their own ways and should not be judged, whether that’s for speaking another language or via their skin colour. Everybody deserves equality.

SCDF are looking to implement the Anti Racism campaign in local schools around the borough starting in September and we hope that giving an insight into racism and how to tackle it can be a great starting point into getting racism out of our schools.

We had a fantastic pilot this week at Wargrave Primary School where we delivered our very first Anti Racism workshop to year three, four and five children.

SCDF received fantastic feedback from both the children and teachers and hope to deliver this fantastic initiative across local schools in our communities.

If your school is interested in getting involved, please email: [email protected].

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