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Women’s Wellness 10 Week Programme Successful

Our first 10 week women's wellness programme was a success with a variety of women seeing benefits from the sessions.

Emma Rouski, the In League With Women Lead mentioned:

“We have seen huge benefits from the progrmame! I hoped it would go well but the 10 weeks went far better than expected, typically when you come to a weight management course there’s quite a lot of pressure to lose weight from day one, we wanted to steer away from that and ensure the ladies look at different aspects such as lifestyle, mental health and how they can make little improvements in their life and diet and in return see big changes!”

“One of the ladies in the group has lost 9 pounds in weight, lost two inches off of her waist and has had her anti-depressants cut in half which has made us all incredibly proud of her, we couldn’t of asked for a better result from that.” 

Sam aged 26 mentioned:

“This is how important the last 10 weeks have been for me. After having all the tools but no direction to go in, your course really put into perspective what really was important for health and well-being! I enjoyed the routine, the work outs and most importantly the group. You encouraged us all to better our attitudes and do it for us. I sleep better, snack less and feel far more optimistic  about slimming down. That support was needed more than any weight loss aid. I really can’t express how grateful I feel to finally be kind to myself and permit myself to use all the information at my own pace. Your a credit to “in league with woman”, thank you for creating a well-structured course that has sent us all on a better path.”

An attendee from our women’s wellness sessions also commented:

“As someone aged over 65 with various ailments incuding arthritis, hypo-thyroid, high blood pressure, diabetes and on numerous medications, this course has been a really positive experience. I had long-covid and did not think I would ever get back to exercising; the physical challenges have really made a difference, but so has the education around food, nutrition and mindfulness.”

“Emma has been a great facilitator and role model. I will be sad when the course ends.”

Michele. aged 43 added:

“When i started the course i felt i had lost myself, i had started to go through premiture menopause, i had put on weight and i suffer with anxiety and low moods. 

When our group met Emma on day one, i knew i had done the right thing, The friendly environment has helped us learn new things covering all topics that effect womens wellness and wellbeing, i have made changes to my lifestyle, i have made better food choices and most importantly i am now more mindful about how my body is feeling. 

I now exercise 4+ times a week, take supplements to help me with my hormones, i have reduced my anti depressants to half of the doseand have lost 9 pounds in weight! 

I would like to thank Emma and my group for the support and encouragement i have recieved, i would recommend the course to any women at any age who feel they have lost themselves, you wont regret it!”

Lisa aged 50 followed on by saying: 

“I started my 10 week journey with 5 other women, we met our amazing instructor Emma who explained about the course and what would be included, we started the first week of exercise and education. The exercise programme was amazing, Emma made it very clear that the exercises can be adapted either to a higher intensity or a lower intensity, as the weeks went by Emma increased the intensity without us even knowing! I have achieved more than i could have ever imagined in these 10 weeks and feel so much better in myself physically and mentally. 

I have made changes to my plate, for example i now have a pasta dish for my main meal, this allows me to be more full throughout the day and reduces me eating snacks and food i don’t need, i have swapped choclate bars for carrots and humous. Portion sizes are not what i thought and i now have the correct knowledge going forward. i feel happier and healthier since completing the course and i would recommend the course to anyone, it is a life changer and i have learned so much about the mind and body. 

If you would like to get involved in our next set of sessions that starts on the 10th August, please contact [email protected]

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