Academy run in 14 Tries to down Tigers!

The Academy recorded a huge win in hot conditions in Castleford, with a 6-72 in the sunshine!

After a good opening first five minutes, the Saints would strike first. A good defensive set saw the Tigers kick from their own twenty metre area, giving the Saints the chance to start their set on half-way. After some strong carries towards the line, George Whitby attacked the middle of the field, stepping through the line before finding Cole Marsh with an offload to cross over left of the posts. Whitby converted, 0-6.

The Saints would cross over again as the ten-minute mark approached! The Saints started again on halfway, and looked to get back on the attack. The ball came right to Whitby, who played fast out the back to Louie Roberts who charged through the gap in the defence, before finding Deacon Swarbrick on his outside to score near the corner. Whitby’s conversion went passed the posts, 0-10.

It would be back-to-back tries, crossing over in their next set with the ball. The Saints again powered through the middle, with strong carries from Roberts leading the side up field. On the last tackle 30 metres out, Whtiby shaped to kick before firing the ball to Swarbrick, he found his winger in Ellis Anderson, who went over the Castleford fullback to score in the right corner. Whitby couldn’t convert, 0-14.

Castleford looked to relieve themselves of some pressure, after being awarded a penalty, but the kick to touch was kept in from Anderson and got the Saints back on the attack. A carry from Swarbrick got the Saints in Tigers territory, setting the Saints to swing from right to left, with Whitby feeding Keeley through the defence with a lovely ball to go away and score to the left. Whitby converted from the tough angle, 0-20 the Saints led after 20 minutes!

It would be back-to-back scores again for the Saints. A high tackle on Daniel Frost let the Saints up field, Swarbrick came close on the right just being held up short. The Saints played back left, Robertson skipped towards the line and looked to be held up just short before finding a magical offload to Keeley to cross for his second. Whitby’s conversion just missed, 0-24

The Saints would cross again in the 30th minute. Attacking down the right side of the field, Whitby played square at the line, passed out the back to Robertson who had options outside of him, but he accelerated through the line to score near the right corner. Whitby missed the conversion, 0-28 the score at the break.

The side picked up where they left off to start the second half, crossing over just two minutes into the second half. Attacking back down the right, the ball was played wide to Swarbrick who tied in the defence, finding a pass to Anderson who crossed for his second. Whitby’s conversion attempt just went wide, 0-32.

The kick-off from the Tigers went out on the full, letting the Saints back on the attack. This time the Saints played to the left with Roberts finding Owen Dagnall, who drawn in the Castleford defenders, before finding Reilly Cosgrove on the wing to cross for debut try. Whitby converted from the touchline, putting the side 0-38 ahead.

With the 60-minute mark approaching, the Saints were in again. The ball was played left and found the hands of Robertson who skipped round the defence, breaking the line to score from 10 metres out just to the left of the posts. Whitby converted, 0-44. Swiftly after he would cross over for his Hat-trick. The Saints marched their way up the field, this time attacking right, Whitby out the back to Roberts, who passed back inside to Robertson who raced away and beat the fullback to score in the right corner. Whitby nailed the conversion, bringing up the 50 point mark, 0-50.

Despite not having to defend their line often, the Saints held the Tigers out, before getting the ball back and working up field. On the fourth, Whitby looked for a 40/20, nailing the kick getting the Saints straight back into attacking field position. The Saints took one carry to the line before Marsh scooted from nine to score next to the up rights from one metre out. Whitby converted, 0-56.

Shortly after, the Saints were in once again, Robertson collecting his fourth of the game. The Saints played right with shape to Robertson out the back, who once again weaved past the defence to score in the right. Whitby converted from the angle, 0-62 as we hit the 70th minute mark.

The next set saw the Saints cross over once again. On halfway, the Saints attacked down to left with Dagnall finding his winger Elliot Jamieson who raced down the touchline, before finding Dagnall back inside to cross for a try. Whitby converted from the left, 0-68.

It wasn’t too long after until Dagnall grabbed his second score of the game. The Saints once again in the Castleford 20 metre area, Whitby passed long to the right to Keeley, he tipped the ball on to Dagnall who beat his opposite centre to score in the corner. Whitby just missed with the boot, 0-72.

But a rare error from kick-off let the Tigers in. The ball looked too of bounced off the Tigers, but played resumed and the Tigers responded first, with Alfie Lindsay scooping up score in left corner. Alfie Wall converted, leaving the final score at 6-72, with the Saints taking home a huge win in the sunshine in Castleford.

The Academy face Leeds Rhinos at the Totally Wicked Stadium next, on the 25th May as they look to make it three wins in a row!

Castleford Tigers Team: 1. Fletcher Rooney, 2. Alfie Lindsay, 3. Alfie Wall, 4. Daniel Sarbah, 5. Harrison Jewitt, 6. Corey-Jay Sharpe, 7. Jenson Windley, 8. Akim Matvejev, 9. Alfie Hawkhead, 10. Woody Walker, 11. Sam Darley, 12. Sam Grice, 13. Alfie Salmon.

Bench: 14. Taylor Robinson, 15. Alfie Dale. 16. Brad Bullock, 17. Oliver Meillam

Tries: Alfie Lindsay

Goals: Alife Wall (1 from 1)

Saints Team: 1. Louie Roberts, 14. Elliot Jamieson, 4. Owen Dagnall, 3. Deacon Swarbrick, 5. Ellis Anderson, 6. Harry Robertson, 7. George Whitby, 19. Daniel Frost, 23. Tom Humphreys, 10. Morgan Barraclough-Watson, 11. Billy Keeley, 12. Jake Davies, 20. Cole Marsh.

Bench: 15. Oliver Garmston, 16. Alfie Tate, 21. Reilly Cosgrove, 22. Matthew Evans.

18th Man: 9. Kian McGann.

Tries: Harry Robertson (4), Cole Marsh (2), Ellis Anderson (2), Owen Dagnall (2), Billy Keeley (2), Deacon Swarbrick, Reilly Cosgrove.

Goals: George Whitby (8 from 14).

HT: 0-28

FT: 6-72

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