Saints have avenged their defeat to Toulouse Olympique earlier on in the season with a 28-14 win in France on Saturday evening, the win also sees us go four points clear at the top of the table!

Toulouse took an early lead in France as they were awarded a penalty after interference at the play the ball, Chris Hankinson slotted the ball through the posts to make it 2-0.

Saints responded well and scored with their next set. Jack Welsby found Morgan Knowles who rounded the Toulouse fullback to grab our first points of the game. Tommy Makinson missed the conversion, 4-2 Saints led.

Our lead was increased a few minutes later. The ball was worked out round the back and the returning Will Hopoate found Makinson who finished in the corner. He was unable to convert his own try, 8-2 we led.

Saints grabbed their third try of the first half as we approached the break. The platform was laid following a good break downfield from Regan Grace. Off the back of it Saints worked the ball right which allowed Konrad Hurrell to make a big break downfield and score under the sticks. Makinson added the two, 14-2.

Toulouse had a good chance to reduce the deficit just before the break. Olly Ashall-Bott made a break downfield but Saints managed to take him down ten metres out as he waited for some support from his team mates. The French side continued their pressure as they forced a goal-line dropout on the back of a penalty. Saints survived the scare though as Grace pushed Matty Russell into touch, 14-2 we led at the break.

Toulouse grabbed the first points of the second half as former Saint Joseph Paulo found Harrison Hansen who went over for the hosts. Hankinson added the two, 14-8 Saints led.

Saints thought they had their fourth try of the game around the hour mark as Hurrell strolled over off the back of a James Roby break, however the referee judged a forward pass. A few minutes later and the referee once again denied the Saints, as he ruled another forward pass as Makinson went over.

They weren’t to be denied for long though. Toulouse dropped the ball in their own territory and from the scrum Saints worked the ball to Jack Welsby who went over to increase our advantage. Makinson added the two, 20-8 we led.

Grace then marked his return to the side with an intercept try under the sticks as Toulouse chanced their arm trying to find a route back into the game. Makinson added the extras, 26-2 we led.

Toulouse responded once again as Hankinson made the most of a gap to score. He converted his own try but his side still trailed 26-14.

Makinson had the chance to put the game to bed as we opted to go for two from a penalty but his effort went wide. Makinson had another chance to tie the game up with another penalty attempt with only a few minutes to go, this time he nailed it to make it 28-14. That was to be the final points of the game as Saints extended their lead at the top of the Betfred Super League table to four points with a 28-14 victory over Toulouse Olympique in France!

Match Summary

Toulouse Olympique Team: Olly Ashall-Bott, Matthew Russell, Chris Hankinson, Mathieu Jussuame, Ilias Bergal, Lucas Albert, Corey Norman, Romain Navarette, Anthony Marion, Daniel Alvaro, Dominique Peyroux, Andrew Dixon, Maxime Puech.

Interchanges: James Cunningham, Harrison Hansen, Justin Sangare, Joseph Paulo.

Tries: Harrison Hansen (44), Chris Hankinson (69)

Conversions: Chris Hankinson (2 from 2)

Penalties: Chris Hankinson (1 from 1)

Saints Team: Will Hopoate, Tommy Makinson, Konrad Hurrell, Sione Mata’utia, Regan Grace, Jack Welsby, Jonny Lomax, Alex Walmsley, James Roby, Matty Lees, Joe Batchelor, Curtis Sironen, Morgan Knowles.

Interchanges: Joey Lussick, Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook, Agnatius Paasi, James Bell.

Tries: Morgan Knowles (9), Tommy Makinson (16), Konrad Hurrell (33), Jack Welsby (61), Regan Grace (65)

Conversions: Tommy Makinson (3 from 5)

Penalties: Tommy Makinson (1 from 2)

HT: 2-14

FT: 14-28

Saints Line up

3 Will Hopoate
2 Tommy Makinson
23 Konrad Hurrell
11 Sione Mata’utia
5 Regan Grace
1 Jack Welsby
6 Jonny Lomax
8 Alex Walmsley
James Roby
10 Matty Lees
16 Curtis Sironen
12 Joe Batchelor
13 Morgan Knowles
14 Joey Lussick
15 Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook
17 Agnatius Paasi
15 James Bell

Toulouse Olympique Line up

1Olly Ashall-Bott
2Ilias Bergal
3Mathieu Jussaume
4Chris Hankinson
5Matty Russell
6Corey Norman
7Lucas Albert
8Romain Navarrete
9Anthony Marion
10Daniel Alvaro
11Dom Peyroux
12Andrew Dixon
13Maxime Puech
14James Cunningham
15Harrison Hansen
16Justin Sangare
17Joseph Paulo

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Full time here in Toulouse and we come away with the 2 points!! Good play all around, Regan putting on a show in his first game back. Great stuff Saints!


The hooter has gone but Toulouse will have one last play…

⚪🔵 Toulouse 14-28 Saints ⚫🧊


Toulouse attempt the short kick-off but we climb highest to get the ball. Toulouse then pick up a penalty for crossing. Keep them out Saints!! Last minute!

⚪🔵 Toulouse 14-28 Saints ⚫🧊

Tommy Makinson for Saints

Tommy adds the 2 this time.

⚪🔵 Toulouse 14-28 Saints ⚫🧊

James Bell goes right through the line and makes some big meters getting us to the 10. Ashall-Bott then interferes with the play the ball, and we’ll go for the 2.

⚪🔵 Toulouse 14-26 Saints ⚫🧊


going into the last 5 we pick up a penalty on our line for a high shot, we’ll come again from our own 40. Good set here lads!

⚪🔵 Toulouse 14-26 Saints ⚫🧊


The kick is wide and we’ll get the ball from a 20-meter drop-out.

⚪🔵 Toulouse 14-26 Saints ⚫🧊


We get a penalty on the Toulouse 20 and choose to kick for goal, Makinson is lining it up…

⚪🔵 Toulouse 14-26 Saints ⚫🧊


The heavens have opened here in Toulouse as we head into the final 10 minutes, and we have the ball on our own 10. Let’s bring it home Saints!

⚪🔵 Toulouse 14-26 Saints ⚫🧊

Chris Hankinson for Toulouse Olympique

Hankinson converts his own try.

⚪🔵 Toulouse 14-26 Saints ⚫🧊

Chris Hankinson for Toulouse Olympique

Hankinson goes in through a gap in the line.

⚪🔵 Toulouse 12-26 Saints ⚫🧊


Toulouse get the ball back following a knock on from Al then a high shot from Siro places them on our 20-meter line.

⚪🔵 Toulouse 8-26 Saints ⚫🧊

Tommy Makinson for Saints

Tommy again is good with the boot.

⚪🔵 Toulouse 8-26 Saints ⚫🧊

Regan Grace for Saints

REGANNNNNN!!! INTERCEPTION!! A big play from Regan as he’s first to the pass and races away to score, no one’s catching him. What a first game back!!

⚪🔵 Toulouse 8-24 Saints ⚫🧊

Tommy Makinson for Saints

Tommy adds the 2 points!!

Jack Welsby for Saints

SUPER JACK!!!!! A knock-on in the next set sees us get the ball back and Jack cuts right through the line to score. GET IN!

⚪🔵 Toulouse 8-14 Saints ⚫🧊


Well, we’re in again down the right but again it’s been chalked off. This time it’s called as a knock-on from Hurrell. Toulouse will come again from their own 10…

⚪🔵 Toulouse 8-14 Saints ⚫🧊


Good defense sees Toulouse forced to kick from their 30, and Hoppa takes the kick on the full. Good chance here!

⚪🔵 Toulouse 8-14 Saints ⚫🧊


Robes goes straight through and gets the ball away for Lussick who gets tackled on the line. The ball then goes through the hands for Hurrell to stroll in but the ref calls Forward 👀

⚪🔵 Toulouse 8-14 Saints ⚫🧊


More good defence from Saints sees us keep Toulouse out again and Dom Peyroux offloads right to Batch on the last.

⚪🔵 Toulouse 8-14 Saints ⚫🧊


A good defensive set sees Toulouse kick the ball from their own 20 and we get a full set in their half, but Lussick’s kick from Dummy half goes dead and Toulouse come again.

⚪🔵 Toulouse 8-14 Saints ⚫🧊


Regan takes the ball in on the last and nearly finds a way through but is brought down on the 10. Toulouse will come from way into their own half.

⚪🔵 Toulouse 8-14 Saints ⚫🧊


Robes takes the loose ball on the last and their attack comes to nothing. Brilliant in defense again!!

⚪🔵 Toulouse 8-14 Saints ⚫🧊


Hoppa takes the kick through on the last but the referee calls us offside in the play and Toulouse will get a set on our line.

⚪🔵 Toulouse 8-14 Saints ⚫🧊


Hoppa attempts the kick through on the last but it’ll go dead and Toulouse will get a 7 tackle set.

⚪🔵 Toulouse 8-14 Saints ⚫🧊


We get a penalty following the restart!!

⚪🔵 Toulouse 8-14 Saints ⚫🧊

Chris Hankinson for Toulouse Olympique

Hankinson adds the extras.

⚪🔵 Toulouse 8-14 Saints ⚫🧊

Harrison Hansen for Toulouse Olympique

The hosts cut through the line and will score


Following a good set we knock the kick back but no one gets to it and Welsby brings down Ashall-Bott without the ball accidentally leading to a Toulouse penalty.

⚪🔵 Toulouse 2-14 Saints ⚫🧊


Sione is back on following his head test, good to see him back out there 👏

⚪🔵 Toulouse 2-14 Saints ⚫🧊


We’re back underway here in the 2nd half here in France. Let’s go Saints!!

⚪🔵 Toulouse 2-14 Saints ⚫🧊


Half time here in Toulouse and we lead at the break 👏

⚪🔵 Toulouse 2-14 Saints ⚫🧊


REGAN!!!!! What a hit from our returning Welsh Wizard and what a defensive play as he pushes Russell over the touchline.

⚪🔵 Toulouse 2-14 Saints ⚫🧊


Brilliant cover from Jonny at the back as he taps Hankinson’s kick out for a dropout. One minute to go and Toulouse are on the 30 meter line.

⚪🔵 Toulouse 2-14 Saints ⚫🧊


Another penalty gores the way of Toulouse and they tap and come again. COME ON SAINTS!!

⚪🔵 Toulouse 2-14 Saints ⚫🧊


Olly Ashall-Bott makes the break through the middle and Toulouse attack from on our line then pick up a penalty and will come again. Big set here to end the half.

⚪🔵 Toulouse 2-14 Saints ⚫🧊


CURTIS SIRONEN! two big hits in one run there from the big man and Toulouse will bring the ball away from their own 15 after the kick.

⚪🔵 Toulouse 2-14 Saints ⚫🧊

Tommy Makinson for Saints

No mistake this time from Tommy with the boot

⚪🔵 Toulouse 2-14 Saints ⚫🧊

Konrad Hurrell for Saints

KONI! Regan takes the bomb on the last and makes a clean break through the first line of defence but is brought down, then on the next play Hurrell goes through and races away to touch down.

⚪🔵 Toulouse 2-12 Saints ⚫🧊


A good kick from Jonny on the last sees Welsby almost through but a scrambling defence gets the ball out for what looks to be a dropout, but the ref has said penalty to Toulouse.

⚪🔵 Toulouse 2-8 Saints ⚫🧊


Tommy goes up to collect a kick on the last but the ball is knocked out and Robes pounces first. We’ll have a full set on the Toulouse line!


Sione looks to be hurt and he’ll go off for a head assessment. A good defensive effort in the set though and we’ll get the ball back.

⚪🔵 Toulouse 2-8 Saints ⚫🧊


HURRELL WITH THE SHOT!! A big hit on the 4th and a kick on the last sees us come away with the ball, but following a half break from Hurrell an offload goes to ground and we’ll turn it over

⚪🔵 Toulouse 2-8 Saints ⚫🧊


The ball is played wide to Sione who attempts the kick through to Regan, but the ball is picked up and Toulouse come away with it.

⚪🔵 Toulouse 2-8 Saints ⚫🧊


Early in the set Toulouse play it through the hands but a good cover tackle from Tommy puts pressure on the pass and the ball goes dead. We come from our own 20.

⚪🔵 Toulouse 2-8 Saints ⚫🧊


What looks to be a good tackle from Regan is pulled back for a penalty and Toulouse will come from the 35-meter line. Time to defend Saints!

⚪🔵 Toulouse 2-8 Saints ⚫🧊


A good run from Robes sees him nearly break the line, but he gets a quick play the ball and big Al makes big yards, but we lose the ball on the next play, and Toulouse will come again.

⚪🔵 Toulouse 2-8 Saints ⚫🧊


Tommy’s kick this time pulls to the opposite side of the posts as the wind picks up here in Toulouse.

⚪🔵 Toulouse 2-8 Saints ⚫🧊

Tommy Makinson for Saints

TOMMYYYY!!! Tommy goes in off a beautiful pass from Will Hopoate after we get it through the hands on the last tackle, and we extend our lead!

⚪🔵 Toulouse 2-8 Saints ⚫🧊


Going set for set here after the try, both teams muscling up in defence. COME ON SAINTS!!


Makinson’s kick drifts just wide, but we lead here in Toulouse

⚪🔵 Toulouse 2-4 Saints ⚫🧊

Morgan Knowles for Saints

MORGZZZ!! a good run from Regan and then a good drive from Srio and on the next play Morgan Knowles goes right through and rides the challenge from Ashall-Bott to touch down.

⚪🔵 Toulouse 2-4 Saints ⚫🧊

Chris Hankinson for Toulouse Olympique

the kick is good and Toulouse lead.

⚪🔵 Toulouse 2-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Welsby is caught on the last play and we have to turn over on the halfway line, then a penalty goes the way of Toulouse and they elect to take the two, kick to come.

⚪🔵 Toulouse 0-0 Saints ⚫🧊


But a dropped ball relieves the pressure and Toulouse will come from their own 30

⚪🔵 Toulouse 0-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Toulouse are caught offside in our first set and we’ll attack from just inside the Toulouse half

⚪🔵 Toulouse 0-0 Saints ⚫🧊


And we’re underway here in Toulouse!!

⚪🔵 Toulouse 0-0 Saints ⚫🧊

Warm-up is underway 💪 kick-off is next 👀

All set and ready to go 👀 Warm-ups are next

Head over to our socials to hear the boss talk us through the team for tonight’s game.

Here is our Saints team to take on Toulouse as Will Hopoate and Regan Grace both return!!

30 minutes to team news 👀⏳

Just under an hour from team news now… All eyes on that 17 👀

Hello from Toulouse 👋

A reminder of our 21-man squad for tonight, as we see Will Hopoate and Regan Grace return to the team, potentially making their first appearances back after their respective injuries.

Get everything you need to be ready for the game from our match preview, which you can see in our news section, to catch up on all the details for today’s fixture.

Hello and welcome to our matchday blog as we take on Toulouse Olympique away from home with kick-off at 6 pm local time, 5 pm UK time. The game isn’t televised but you can get all the match updates here with us!

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