The award-winning England Talent Pathway Programme aims to increase the number of quality 12- to 14-year-old Rugby League players through the education and training of Children’s Coaches, Parents and Teachers.

Saints England Talent Pathway is an RFL developed programme which helps nurture young players along the player pathway. The aim is for it to be seen as the “national curriculum” for 12- to 14-year-old rugby league players, introducing and developing players regardless of playing experience.

‘England Talent Pathway’ enables all players to work on key skills needed to participate and excel in Rugby League. The Programme of Coach Education, Inclusive Player Profiling and age specific coaching sessions can be used and adapted to meet the needs of all young players, enabling all to reach their potential.

This leads to:

  • Improved quality of the player
  • Leave the player in their own environment longer – increased inclusivity
  • More players getting more opportunities to demonstrate their potential
  • Regular; focussed, player profiling

During these free Coaching sessions there are four areas covered:

  • Coachability – how do player behaviours and attitudes contribute to development
  • Mental Attributes – introducing sports psychology to the young player
  • Game  – Technical aspects specific to Rugby League
  • Movement – the ability of the young player to perform key movements with control and accuracy, vital for their physical literacy

If you would like more information on the England Talent Pathway then please contact us on 01744 455 074 or drop us a line.