Joe Nicholl
Ann Nicholl
Eric Chisnall
Sally Yeoman
Ian Wellens


Our Ambassadors are:

Phil Veivers – SCDF Ambassador
Paul Sculthorpe MBE – SCDF Ambassador
Tommy Martyn – SCDF Ambassador
Paul Loughlin – SCDF Ambassador
Andy Reid – Armed Forces Ambassador
Stephen Boardman MBE – Armed Forces Ambassador
Jonny Lomax – SkyTry Ambassador
Stuart Lanham – Ambassador for the Blind
Martin Murray – Sports and Wellbeing Ambassador
Mike Webster – Mental Health Ambassador
Billy Dillon – Community Rugby League ambassador
Stephen Ormesher – Liverpool Rugby League Ambassador 


The Foundation consists of some of the most experienced people in Community Rugby League:

Steve Leonard – Foundation Director
Chris Chamberlain – Business and Finance Manager
Jenny Welsby – Rugby League Manager
Craig Richards – Education/Training and Community Manager
Gareth Foster – Disability Community Rugby League Coach
Tara Jones – Community Rugby League Coach
Paul Nash – Community Rugby League Coach
Reese Wilks – Community Rugby League Coach
Brad Billsborough – Community Rugby League Coach
Kye Siyani – Community Rugby League Coach
Liam Platt – Community Media Lead

Cheer, Dance and Arts Staff

Nicole Egerton – Head of Cheer and Dance Programme at Saints RLFC.
Melisa Yigit – School Dance Coach/Stay in the Game Mental Health Coach
Mia Emery-  School Dance Coach/Stay in the Game Mental Health Coach
Tayler Emery – Community Dance Coach
Maddie Magee – Community Tumble Assistants
Holly McCafferty – Community Tumble Assistants
Elizabeth Rush – Community Tumble Assistants
Savannah Wilson – Community Tumble Assistants
India Kelly – Community Dance Coach
Amelia Smith – Community Dance Coach
Elishia Bleasdale – Community Dance Coach
Ellie Parker – Mum’s Cheer Fitness Coach
Neve Eaton – Community Tumble Assistants


The Foundation relies on the help and support of volunteers to help continue their work in the Community:

Steph Mercer – Community Organiser and Match day chaperone
Joanne Hill – Match day chaperone
Emma Cranny – Match day chaperone
Clare Louise Meighen – Match day chaperone
Catherine Cunningham – Match day chaperone
Robbie Manion – Game Day Volunteer
Megan Calland – Assists on various projects and match day experience.
Isobel Murphy – Game Day Volunteer
Ian Fozzard – Ball crew Supervisor
Sean White – Ball crew Supervisor
Betty McCarthy – Heritage Volunteer
Dennis McCarthy – Heritage Volunteer
Alex Service – Club Historian
Shaun Pickering – Game Day Volunteer
Lewis O’Brien – Game Day Volunteer

If you would like more information on the Foundation and the way we intract with our community, then please contact us on 01744 455 074 or email us.