Joe Nicholl
Ann Nicholl
Eric Chisnall
Sally Yeoman
Ian Wellens


Our Ambassadors are:

Phil Veivers – SCDF Ambassador
Paul Sculthorpe MBE – SCDF Ambassador
Tommy Martyn – SCDF Ambassador
Paul Loughlin – SCDF Ambassador
Andy Reid – Armed Forces Ambassador
Stephen Boardman MBE – Armed Forces Ambassador
Jonny Lomax – SkyTry Ambassador
Martin Murray – Sports and Wellbeing Ambassador
Mike Webster – Mental Health Ambassador
Billy Dillon – Community Rugby League ambassador
Stephen Ormesher – Liverpool Rugby League Ambassador 


The Foundation consists of some of the most experienced people in Community Rugby League:

Steve Leonard – Foundation Director

Chris Chamberlain – Head of Business Projects and Finance

Jenny Welsby – Head of Project Delivery

Craig Richards – Education/Training and Community Manager

Gareth Foster – Disability Community Rugby League Coach

Graham Roberts – Secondary Rugby League Coach

Tara Jones – Community Rugby League Coach

Paul Nash – Community Rugby League Coach

Brad Billsborough – Community Rugby League Coach

Taylor Pemberton – SCDF Coach

Lewis O’Brien – SCDF Coach

Jumah Sambou – SCDF Coach

Elishia Bleasdale – SCDF coach

Shay Martyn – SCDF Coach

Liam Platt – Community Media and Content Lead

Cheer, Dance and Arts Staff

Nicola Egerton – Head of Cheer and Dance Programme at Saints RLFC.
Melisa Yigit – School Dance Coach
Mia Emery –  School Dance Coach/Stay in the Game Mental Health Coach
Tayler Emery – Community Dance Coach
Maddie Magee – Community Tumble Assistants
Holly McCafferty – Community Tumble Assistants
Elizabeth Rush – Community Tumble Assistants
Savannah Wilson – Community Tumble Assistants
India Kelly – Community Dance Coach
Amelia Smith – Community Dance Coach
Elishia Bleasdale – Community Dance Coach
Ellie Parker – Mum’s Cheer Fitness Coach
Neve Eaton – Community Tumble Assistants


The Foundation relies on the help and support of volunteers to help continue their work in the Community:

Steph Mercer – Community Organiser and Match day chaperone
Joanne Hill – Match day chaperone
Emma Cranny – Match day chaperone
Clare Louise Meighen – Match day chaperone
Catherine Cunningham – Match day chaperone
Robbie Manion – Game Day Volunteer
Megan Calland – Assists on various projects and match day experience.
Isobel Murphy – Game Day Volunteer
Ian Fozzard – Ball crew Supervisor
Sean White – Ball crew Supervisor
Betty McCarthy – Heritage Volunteer
Dennis McCarthy – Heritage Volunteer
Alex Service – Club Historian
Shaun Pickering – Game Day Volunteer

If you would like more information on the Foundation and the way we intract with our community, then please contact us on 01744 362174 or email us.