SCDF continue to lead the way by delivering mental health messages to school children.

Students have participated in an innovative programme aimed at building emotional resilience.

‘Stay in the Game’ was designed in conjunction with Saints Community Development Foundation (SCDF) and delivered by mental health professionals, academy players and A Star Saints Angels.

It encourages children to stay well, know themselves and start to challenge the stigma of mental health.

As well as using the government’s five ways to wellbeing, it also highlights crucial mental health builders, such as assertiveness and problem solving skills.

SCDF is the first Rugby League Foundation to deliver mental health awareness presentations in secondary schools – and will be expanding their programme into the primary education sector too.

Walter Brennan, SCDF’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Manager, wanted the message to be delivered by young trainers who pupils could identify with and aspire to be like.

He said: “This course is special for a number of reasons. We want to get children whilst they are well and help them to build resilience to stay well, instead of waiting until a child develops anxiety or depression.

“We also challenge the stereotypes about mental health in schools and highlight just how important young people can be in understanding their own feelings or maybe observing a change in a friend’s mood or behaviour.”

More than 160 pupils attended the first tranche of sessions in the first week of delivery.

Cowley is the first school in the country to receive this course and SCDF already have more secondary schools and Primary schools signed up to receive the same message.

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