Day 14: Rest Day!

THE group got a well-earned rest and a day of activities from start to finish, writes Mike Rush, Head of Youth.

The day started with White Water Rafting on the Olympic course. This always goes down well with all concerned, a little disappointing this year with no Derek Traynor (no reported injury) or his sidekick Steve Leonard (again no reported injury) taking part in the activity.

We placed the dangerous ones in a boat together, this included a member of staff with Neil Kilshaw (aka Killer) joining the crazy gang. Needless to say Killer had four out on the first white water corner.

The lads made a play for the staff boat and with a little luck and help from the guide the six staff members came out one after the other.

On a different note the staff boat had its own problem with Tommy Martyn pushing people out the boat which was not in the team briefing…

The kids enjoyed the chance to relax and as the pictures will show they took to it likes ducks to water.

Following a good feed we headed off to go karting.

The first race for the younger players was an easy win for Lewis Galbraith, although there was a hint of a rumour that he did have a 13 hp kart and not a 9 hp kart; Matty Fozard will still be moaning next season.

The second race which was brought to an end early due to poor driving from the young men – and was won by Lewis Foster with Dom Speakman in second place.

The staff plus Bradley Ashurst, Danny Yates, James Tilley and Adam Swift was won by Adam with Eric “Discovery” Frodsham 2nd, and Andy “Rodney Trotter” McDonough in third. Andy was also pulled over for dangerous driving which for those on the track is no surprise.

Once again Thomas Martyn cheated and overtook others in the no overtaking area… Nothing more than you would expect really

Leo (Ste) had the gaff of the day placing his driving gloves on the wrong way with the grips on his knuckles. I am not sure it would have made any difference as his feet struggled to reach the pedals so he was only able to get 50 % power anyway.

Next year we must remember his driving seat as it just isn’t fair on him. (Kailum please remind your Dad to lend Leo your seat)

Bradley gave Leo a run for his money with the question: “do these hair nets come in different sizes?”

And in third place Jamie Tracey with: “I don’t need sun cream… this white water rafting is inside isn’t it?”

The last one for the day is from Chris Webster who informed the Physio “Rodney” that his ankle was painful. At this point Rodney told him to ice it. Ten minutes later Chris approached the Physio to inform him he didn’t know what was wrong now but his ankle was numb…

Training starts again tomorrow so back to the important stuff.



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