Allow us to support your business during the 2020 season by advertising your brand here at the Totally Wicked Stadium.

Purchase a TV facing or crowd facing perimeter board to promote your business in front of thousands of supporters here at the Stadium and with more than three million viewers that watched our 2019 home games on BBC and Sky Sports, we will deliver great coverage for your business in 2020.

TV facing boards will attract live BBC and Sky Sports coverage (3.5m viewers in 2019) with additional highlights coverage via BBC Super League Show, Sky Sports News and our own Saints TV and Social Media channels – plus an capacity crowd of 18,000 in the Totally Wicked Stadium – resulting in a strong recall and ROI that traditional advertising is unable to provide.

All you need to do is provide your company details and we will design, print and install for you.


Board LocationBoard SizeStand2020 Season Cost
Primary LED TV Facing – All remaining games88m x 0.75mNorth Stand£2,000 + vat (minute blocks)5 mins
Primary LED TV Facing – TV games only (app. 10)88m x 0.75mNorth Stand£1,600 + vat (minute blocks)3 mins
Primary LED TV Facing – Individual TV game88m x 0.75mNorth Stand£200 + vat (minute blocks)10 mins
Primary TV Facing6m x 0.65mEast/West Stand£3,000 + vatSold Out
Secondary TV Facing5m x 0.80mWest Stand£1,500 + vat2 remaining
Pitch Facing5m x 0.80mSouth Stand£1,000 + vat3 remaining
Crowd Facing5m x 0.80mSouth Stand£750 + vat1 remaining
Crowd Facing5m x 0.80mWest Stand£500 + vat3 remaining
*Large Banner14m x 5mWest/East Stand£6,500 + vat3 remaining

* This includes additional signage within the TV arc.

We can help with design on all of the above. Print and installation is included within the cost.

We hope to secure your business and look forward to working with you to help improve your sales throughout the 2020 season.

To book, please call our sales team on 01744 455080 or email us via [email protected]