Saints defeated in quarter final after tight cup affair

Saints lost out in the Coral Challenge Cup quarter final after a tight, end-to-end cup tie ended with Warrington Wolves coming out 20-18 victors at the AJ Bell Stadium as Kristian Woolf’s men tasted defeat for the first time since the restart.

Saints got off to a perfect start through Jonny Lomax in the sixth minute, after a great offload by the returning Mark Percival found the play-maker, who was on hand to score under the posts. Lachlan Coote added the conversion to give Woolf’s men a 6-0 lead.

Warrington then had a try turned down after Jake Mamo went over in the corner, but the touch judge called a forward pass.

Saints then defended our line brilliantly against four consecutive Warrington sets, before Coote kicked a penalty after the Wire were caught offside in the 19th minute to extend our lead to 8.

Woolf’s men were then dealt a blow as Percival limped off with another muscle injury which saw James Bentley come into the centres.

Warrington took advantage in the 30th minute, a kick into the corner by Blake Austin was well caught by Anthony Gelling ahead of Regan Grace. Stefan Ratchford hit the post from his conversion attempt, leaving the score 8-4.

Warrington levelled in the 36th minute after Gelling drew three Saints defenders before offloading to Josh Charnley who darted infield to score. Ratchford completed the conversion to give Warrington a 10-8 lead.

Saints lost concentration again just two minutes later as Matty Ashton raced 80 metres after he latched onto a Jake Mamo offload. Ratchford added the extras giving Warrington a 16-8 lead going into half time.

Woolf’s men came out for the second half with a sense of urgency and were denied a try as Grace lost the ball in a tackle when flying for the line.

Minutes later he didn’t disappoint this time around as he took a Fages short ball and finished brilliantly in the far left corner. Coote kicked the touchline conversion to bring Saints to within two points of Warrington.

But against the run of play, a forward looking pass hit the head of Gelling and fell into the fortunate hands of Charnley who strolled in for his second. The conversion was missed, leaving the score at 20-14 in favour of Warrington.

Saints capitalised on a penalty decision, as Coote found Kevin Naiqama on the wing and he touched down, but Coote missed the touchline conversion meaning the Wolves still led by two with 8 minutes to go.

Woolf’s men pushed for that elusive winner, but it was Warrington who held on to book a semi final spot.

Match Summary

Warrington 13: Matty Ashton, Jake Mamo, Toby King, Anthony Gelling, Josh Charnley, Blake Austin, Stefan Ratchford, Chris Hill, Daryl Clark, Mike Cooper, Ben Currie, Jack Hughes, Jason Clark.

Interchanges: Ben Murdoch-Masila, Joe Philbin, Matt Davis, Danny Walker.

Tries: Gelling (30), Charnley (36, 63), Ashton (40)

Goals: Ratchford (2)

Saints 13: Lachlan Coote, Jack Welsby, Kevin Naiqama, Mark Percival, Regan Grace, Jonny Lomax, Theo Fages, Alex Walmsley, James Roby, James Graham, James Bentley, Zeb Taia, Morgan Knowles.

Interchanges: Louis McCarthy-Scarsbrook, Matty Lees, Kyle Amor, Aaron Smith.

Tries: Lomax (6), Grace (56), Naiqama (71).

Goals: Coote (2)

Penalties: Coote (19)

Half time: 16-8

Full Time: 20-18

Saints Line up

1 Lachlan Coote
1 Jack Welsby
3 Kevin Naiqama
4 Mark Percival
5 Regan Grace
6 Jonny Lomax
7 Theo Fages
8 Alex Walmsley
James Roby
32 James Graham
11 Zeb Taia
12 James Bentley
13 Morgan Knowles
15 Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook
10 Matty Lees
18 Kyle Amor
19 Aaron Smith

Warrington Wolves Line up

1Matty Ashton
2Jake Mamo
3Anthony Gelling
4Toby King
5Josh Charnley
6Blake Austin
7Stefan Ratchford
8Chris Hill
9Daryl Clark
10Mike Cooper
11Ben Currie
12Jack Hughes
13Jason Clark
14Joe Philbin
15Matt Davis
16Ben Murdoch-Masila
17Danny Walker

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FT: 🐺 Wolves 20-18 Saints 🔴⚪

A tight, end-to-end cup clash ends in defeat for Saints.


Warrington win a penalty for an off the ball tackle and will look to run the clock down with a minute to go…

🐺 Wolves 20-18 Saints 🔴⚪


We have the momentum as Taia breaks through, but his offload is behind Grace who knocks on when trying to retrieve…

🐺 Wolves 20-18 Saints 🔴⚪


Coote this time misses the touchline kick and we trail by two with 8 minutes to go…

🐺 Wolves 20-18 Saints 🔴⚪

Kevin Naiqama for Saints

The ball is moved from left to right this time and Coooote finds Naiqama who goes over in the corner! The video referee gives it!!

Big kick to come….

🐺 Wolves 20-18 Saints 🔴⚪


Ratchford misses the conversion, which could be crucial given the difference is six points.

🐺 Wolves 20-14 Saints 🔴⚪

Josh Charnley for Warrington Wolves

Warrington attack down the right and the ball is fired out wide to Charnley via a deflection off a Saints player which meant an easy score for the winger. The video referee gives it.

🐺 Wolves 20-14 Saints 🔴⚪


Good pressure from Saints again as the set results in Fages’ grubber being kicked dead and we will come again. Warrington gamble, kick short and win the ball back though.

🐺 Wolves 16-14 Saints 🔴⚪


Fages high bomb causes all sorts of problems for Ashton who knocks on his own line and we have a fresh set in the Wire half and a chance to go back in front!

🐺 Wolves 16-14 Saints 🔴⚪

Lachlan Coote for Saints

And WHAT A KICK from Cooooote who nails the touchline conversion!! COYS! 🔴⚪

🐺 Wolves 16-14 Saints 🔴⚪

Regan Grace for Saints

What a finish! Again the ball is moved to the left side and this time Grace does get the ball down with a flying finish which the video referee confirms! Game on!

🐺 Wolves 16-12 Saints 🔴⚪


Good defence from the Saints though and now we are on the attack as Smith and Roby are both on. Welsby has made way with Naiqama now on the wing.

🐺 Wolves 16-8 Saints 🔴⚪


Warrington win another set restart before Bentley loses the ball and they will come again…

🐺 Wolves 16-8 Saints 🔴⚪


Chance! The ball is moved from right to left as Lomax finds Grace out wide. He goes for the flying finish, but loses the ball under pressure from the Warrington defender.

🐺 Wolves 16-8 Saints 🔴⚪


We come forward after a powerful run from LMS, but Cooote’s grubber runs dead. Who will break the deadlock first in this second half?

🐺 Wolves 16-8 Saints 🔴⚪


Warrington break down the left through Mamo, but his offload to Ratchford is forward.

🐺 Wolves 16-8 Saints 🔴⚪


Just like the first half, we have come out of the traps quickly as Knowles is held up on the Warrington line.

🐺 Wolves 16-8 Saints 🔴⚪


We are back underway. COYS! 🔴⚪

🐺 Wolves 16-8 Saints 🔴⚪

HT: 🐺 Wolves 16-8 Saints 🔴⚪

It started well with Lomax going over and a Coote penalty, but Warrington responded with three quick tries through Gelling, Charnley and Ashton.

Matty Ashton for Warrington Wolves

Ashton breaks down the left after he gets on the end of a Mamo offload to go 90m to score. Ratchford converts as the hooter sounds.

🐺 Wolves 16-8 Saints 🔴⚪

Josh Charnley for Warrington Wolves

Charnley goes over as he latches onto a Gelling offload and runs through a gap to score. Ratchford converts.

🐺 Wolves 10-8 Saints 🔴⚪


Coooote kicks out on the full this time and Warrington have the restart on half-way as we approach the end of an entertaining first half!

🐺 Wolves 4-8 Saints 🔴⚪


Ratchford misses the kick and we lead by four…

🐺 Wolves 4-8 Saints 🔴⚪

Anthony Gelling for Warrington Wolves

Austin’s cross-field kick is caught by Gelling who gets above Bentley and Grace to touch down in the corner.

🐺 Wolves 4-8 Saints 🔴⚪


Bentley is now in the centre position with Percival off with what looks like another muscle injury as Austin kicks out on the full!

🐺 Wolves 0-8 Saints 🔴⚪


Lomax edges towards the Warrington line and offloads to Bentley, but the back rower can’t cling onto the ball and Warrington survive as Matty Lees and LMS are on for Graham and Percival who has hobbled off.


We are away! Walmsley offloads to Fages who jinxes his way through. There is no obvious support though so he chips the ball over the top and Ashton is forced to kick the ball dead!

🐺 Wolves 0-8 Saints 🔴⚪


Cooote with a try saver on Ashton! Clark broke through and offloaded to Austin who found the full back, but our no.1 was there to save the day, but Warrington will come again…

🐺 Wolves 0-8 Saints 🔴⚪

Lachlan Coote for Saints

Saints win a penalty after Warrington are penalised for offside and Coote nails the two from just inside the Warrington half!

🐺 Wolves 0-8 Saints 🔴⚪


Warrington have a try turned down after Jake Mamo goes over in the corner, but the touch judge calls a forward pass!

🐺 Wolves 0-6 Saints 🔴⚪


Great defence from Saints sees out the danger as the set results in Clark’s kick being palmed dead by Coooote and Warrington will come again…

🐺 Wolves 0-6 Saints 🔴⚪


Saints concede two successive penalties, the latter for a high shot and we must defend our line here…

🐺 Wolves 0-6 Saints 🔴⚪


Austin kicks a 40-20 and Warrington have a chance to respond.

🐺 Wolves 0-6 Saints 🔴⚪

Lachlan Coote for Saints

Cooooote adds the extras and it’s the perfect start for the Saints!

🐺 Wolves 0-6 Saints 🔴⚪

Jonny Lomax for Saints

GET INNN!!! Jonny Lomax goes over! A lovely offload from Percival sets up the attack and quick hands from Roby, Taia and Percival again send Jonny in!

🐺 Wolves 0-4 Saints 🔴⚪


Warrington win a fresh set of six, but they are then penalised for a forward pass and the Saints will come forward!

🐺 Wolves 0-0 Saints 🔴⚪


A good first set from Saints sees Coooote make a break before Fages’ grubber is grasped by Matty Ashton at full back for Warrington before the Wire win a penalty.

🐺 Wolves 0-0 Saints 🔴⚪

We are off and underway here at the AJ Bell Stadium! 🔴⚪

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