Saints have extended their lead at the top of the Betfred Super League after beating Hull FC 24-10 on Friday evening as we returned to winning ways.


Saints started on the front foot and took the lead in the seventh minute. We were awarded a penalty after Tommy Makinson was taken out off the ball during a high kick. From the tap we opted to go down the short-side and James Roby found Konrad Hurrell, he then found Makinson to stroll over in the corner. Makinson missed the conversion, 4-0 Saints led.


Hull had a chance to respond off the back of a big break downfield from veteran skipper Danny Houghton, Ligi Sao tried to power over from close range however he fumbled the ball so Saints survived. Hull had another great chance to respond minutes later as the broke down the left wing, however a great recovery interception from Jack Welsby not only stopped the Hull attack but gave Saints the ball back a metre out from their own line.

Hull did respond though as we entered the final quarter of the first half. Saints left a gap in their line which Jake Connor saw and put a kick through, Darnell McIntosh won the foot race to put the visitors on level terms. Connor was unable to convert so the scores were tied at 4-4.

Saints looked like they had re-taken the lead with 14 seconds of the half left. Welsby was dragged backwards towards the black and whites’ line and managed to get his arm free to ground the ball. After a video referee review, the try was awarded. Makinson added the extras with the final kick of the half, 10-4 Saints led at the break.


Interchange James Bell was sent to the sin bin just minutes into the second period, after a ‘flip’ tackle in the middle of the pitch. Despite having a man less, the Saints had the next chance of the game. A high kick to the short-side was fumbled by Connor, Saints grounded the loose ball but after a video referee review the try was not given.

Saints did get the first points of the half though in the 52nd minute. Hull tried to kick a goal-line dropout short and Roby managed to grab the loose ball, Connor laid on the tackle thinking he had it, but it was Saints who got awarded the penalty. Makinson kicked it to make it 12-4.


The lead was extended shortly after. A great break by Man of the Match Hurrell down the right wing put Saints in a three-one-one scenario, he found Lomax on his inside who strolled under the sticks. Makinson converted to make it 18-4 to the hosts.

Saints’ fourth try of the night came with just over ten minutes to go. The Red Vee went down the short-side as Hurrell found Makinson who stepped well past a defender to score his second of the evening. Makinson converted his own try from the right touchline, 24-4 Saints led.

Saints though they had their fifth try with eight minutes to go as Sione Mata’utia strolled over from close range but the referee awarded the visitors a penalty for an obstruction.

Hull FC did grab a consolation with five minutes to go as they worked the ball from left to right for McIntosh to go in  for his second try of the night. Connor converted, 24-10.

That was to be a mere consolation, as Saints extended their lead at the top of the table to two points after a 24-10 success over Hull FC.


Match Summary

Saints Team: Jack Welsby, Tommy Makinson, Konrad Hurrell, Sione Mata’utia, Mark Percival, Ben Davies, Jonny Lomax, Alex Walmsley, James Roby, Matty Lees, Curtis Sironen, Joe Batchelor, Morgan Knowles.

Interchanges: Joey Lussick, Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook, Agnatius Paasi, James Bell.

Tries: Tommy Makinson (7, 68), Jack Welsby (40), Jonny Lomax (58)

Conversions: Tommy Makinson (3 from 4)

Penalties: Tommy Makinson (1 from 1)

Sin Bin: James Bell (43)

Hull FC Team: Jake Connor, Darnell McIntosh, Carlos Tuimavave, Connor Wynne, Jamie Shaul, Josh Reynolds, Josaia Lovodua, Scott Taylor, Danny Houghton, Ligi Sao, Jordan Lane, Manu Ma’u, Brad Fash.

Interchanges: Jack Brown, Josh Griffin, Tevita Satae, Jordan Johnstone.

Tries: Darnell McIntosh (30, 75)

Conversions: Jake Connor (1 from 2)

HT: 10-4

FT: 24-10

Attendance: 11,268

Saints Line up

1 Jack Welsby
2 Tommy Makinson
23 Konrad Hurrell
11 Sione Mata’utia
4 Mark Percival
21 Ben Davies
6 Jonny Lomax
8 Alex Walmsley
James Roby
10 Matty Lees
16 Curtis Sironen
12 Joe Batchelor
13 Morgan Knowles
14 Joey Lussick
15 Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook
17 Agnatius Paasi
15 James Bell

Hull FC Line up

1Jake Connor
2Jamie Shaul
3Connor Wynne
4Carlos Tuimavave
5Darnell McIntosh
6Josh Reynolds
7Joe Lovodua
8Ligi Sao
9Danny Houghton
10Scott Taylor
11Jordan Lane
12Manu Ma’u
13Brad Fash
14Jack Brown
15Josh Griffin
16Jordan Johnstone
17Chris Satae

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FT: 🔴⚪ Saints 24-10 Hull FC ⚫⚪

Back to winning ways! 💪


Following repeat sets on our line Reynold’s kick goes out on the full and we’ll get a 7 tackle set as we come into the final minute.

🔴⚪ Saints 24-10 Hull FC ⚫⚪

Jake Connor for Hull FC

Connor converts from the touchline.

🔴⚪ Saints 24-10 Hull FC ⚫⚪

Darnell McIntosh for Hull FC

McIntosh scores in the corner for Hull… The pass looks forward from the replay 👀

🔴⚪ Saints 24-8 Hull FC ⚫⚪


Two good runs take us up to the 40 and we get a penalty for interference with the ball. The play sees Sione almost go over for a stroll in but the pass is called forward.

🔴⚪ Saints 24-4 Hull FC ⚫⚪


Hull get a penalty following a short kick from the restart but the attack comes to nothing and we’ll come away with the ball.

🔴⚪ Saints 24-4 Hull FC ⚫⚪

Tommy Makinson for Saints

Makinson adds the two to his own try from the touchline!

🔴⚪ Saints 24-4 Hull FC ⚫⚪

Tommy Makinson for Saints

TOMMYYYYYYYY!! Good link up again from Jonny and Hurrell, and our centre gets it away for Tommy who still has work to do as he dances around two hull defenders to go over in the corner.

🔴⚪ Saints 22-4 Hull FC ⚫⚪


Bell leaves the field and he’s replaced by big Al.

🔴⚪ Saints 18-4 Hull FC ⚫⚪


Lussick is held up over the line from a scoot on the last after a good run from Welsby, and Hull come away with the ball from their own 10.

🔴⚪ Saints 18-4 Hull FC ⚫⚪


Lussick attempts the 40/20 and has the distance but just can’t find touch. Hull come away with the ball but throw it into touch on the 4th play and we’ll come again from halfway.

🔴⚪ Saints 18-4 Hull FC ⚫⚪

Tommy Makinson for Saints

Tommy adds the extras!!

🔴⚪ Saints 18-4 Hull FC ⚫⚪

Jonny Lomax for Saints

JONNYYYY!!! Jonny plays a beauty of a pass to Hurrell who breaks the line and passes back inside to our half who strolls over.

🔴⚪ Saints 16-4 Hull FC ⚫⚪


Lussick enters the field for Roby and Knowles returns for LMS.

🔴⚪ Saints 12-4 Hull FC ⚫⚪


back to full strength as James Bell returns to the field and he’s straight in with a big shot 💥

🔴⚪ Saints 12-4 Hull FC ⚫⚪

Tommy Makinson for Saints

Makinson takes the two following a penalty for holding down and we extend our lead.

🔴⚪ Saints 12-4 Hull FC ⚫⚪


Hull try to go short from a drop-out but Roby grabs it and we’ll attack from the 10-meter line!

🔴⚪ Saints 10-4 Hull FC ⚫⚪


Hull try to offload following pressure from Hurrell and Batch steals it. We’re on the attack!

🔴⚪ Saints 10-4 Hull FC ⚫⚪


We get a penalty on halfway as Makinson has the ball stripped in the tackle.

🔴⚪ Saints 10-4 Hull FC ⚫⚪


A Lomax high kick sees LMS challenge Connor for the ball, and the Hull full-back knocks on with Welsby there to touch down, it goes upstairs but is disallowed.

🔴⚪ Saints 10-4 Hull FC ⚫⚪


We show up for each other a man down defending our own line and we’ll get the ball back after a tackle on the last.

🔴⚪ Saints 10-4 Hull FC ⚫⚪

Yellow Card
James Bell for Saints

James Bell is sent to the Sin Bin for a dangerous tackle.


We let the ball bounce on the last and Reynolds comes away with it but great defence from Jonny Lomax sees him held up over the line.

🔴⚪ Saints 10-4 Hull FC ⚫⚪


We’re back underway at the Totally Wicked Stadium!

🔴⚪ Saints 10-4 Hull FC ⚫⚪

We lead at the break!

Tommy Makinson for Saints

Makinson adds the extras and we extend our half-time lead.

🔴⚪ Saints 10-4 Hull FC ⚫⚪

Jack Welsby for Saints

SUPER JACKKKKKK!!!! He takes the ball and dances through the line with three players to beat, and reaches over to score, sending us in ahead at the break!

🔴⚪ Saints 8-4 Hull FC ⚫⚪


A Welsby grubber is taken by Houghton on the last and Hull come away with the ball as we approach the break.

🔴⚪ Saints 4-4 Hull FC ⚫⚪


Saints win a penalty and it’s great defence again as we keep Hull out. Percy went up for the bomb and gets taken out in the air. We’ll attack from our own half.

🔴⚪ Saints 4-4 Hull FC ⚫⚪


We defend it well but can’t hold onto the ball following a flick pass back into play and Hull will come again.

🔴⚪ Saints 4-4 Hull FC ⚫⚪


We make an error and Hull have it back. Time to defend again.

🔴⚪ Saints 4-4 Hull FC ⚫⚪


Griffin loses the ball from a tackle with Hurrell and we have it back on the halfway line.

🔴⚪ Saints 4-4 Hull FC ⚫⚪


Connor’s kick is wide and we’re all square going into the last minutes of the half.

🔴⚪ Saints 4-4 Hull FC ⚫⚪

Darnell McIntosh for Hull FC

Connor kicks to the corner and McIntosh wins the race.

🔴⚪ Saints 4-4 Hull FC ⚫⚪


We see it out AGAIN! Winning a penalty as well in the set we’ll attack from the 30. LMS and Paasi are on for Lees and Walmsley.

🔴⚪ Saints 4-0 Hull FC ⚫⚪


A high kick is knocked on by Hurrell, and in the following set Hull receive a penalty. Another defensive effort needed here!

🔴⚪ Saints 4-0 Hull FC ⚫⚪

Yes Tommy!

🔴⚪ Saints 4-0 Hull FC ⚫⚪


James Bell is on off the bench replacing Morgan Knowles.

🔴⚪ Saints 4-0 Hull FC ⚫⚪


Great defence again from Saints forces the knock-on, and we’ll come away from our own line. It’s an end to end game so far!

🔴⚪ Saints 4-0 Hull FC ⚫⚪


Hull get a penalty on our 30 after a big shot from Morgan Knowles is penalised… Time to defend.

🔴⚪ Saints 4-0 Hull FC ⚫⚪


JACK WELSBY!! Try saving effort picking the ball out of the sky as Wynne makes a break down the left and attempts the pass inside. We come again from our own 10.

🔴⚪ Saints 4-0 Hull FC ⚫⚪


Saints see it out well and win a penalty for offside following a good take from Jonny on the last and a BIG shot from Percy 💥

🔴⚪ Saints 4-0 Hull FC ⚫⚪


Hull win a penalty on our 20-meter line. A big defensive effort is needed here!

🔴⚪ Saints 4-0 Hull FC ⚫⚪


Sao is over the line following a build-in pressure from a Houghton break and a set restart but drops the ball as he goes over.

🔴⚪ Saints 4-0 Hull FC ⚫⚪


A good run and offload from Sironen leads to a Lomax bomb on the last that Percy just can’t take. Hull will come again from their own line.

🔴⚪ Saints 4-0 Hull FC ⚫⚪


Hull work the ball to the left side but Wynne cant take Connor’s pass and Saints will pack the scrum on the 20.

🔴⚪ Saints 4-0 Hull FC ⚫⚪


Hull win a penalty in their own half and then a set restart and will come at us from the 40-meter line.

🔴⚪ Saints 4-0 Hull FC ⚫⚪


Makinson’s kick drifts wide

🔴⚪ Saints 4-0 Hull FC ⚫⚪

Tommy Makinson for Saints

TOMMYYYYYYYY!!! We get a penalty on Hull’s line and go over on the first play after Roby finds Hurrell who feeds Makinson to go over in the corner!

🔴⚪ Saints 4-0 Hull FC ⚫⚪


Fash is up and leaves the field for a head assessment, and play resumes after a long injury stoppage. Walmsley can’t take the ball and Hull will come away from their own line.

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Hull FC ⚫⚪


A good start from Saints as we trap Hull in the in-goal and force a dropout… After a collision with Matty Lees a Hull player is now receiving treatment.

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Hull FC ⚫⚪


We are off and underway here at the Totally Wicked Stadium! 🔴⚪

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Hull FC ⚫⚪

Not long now ⏳ Let’s go boys! 💪

Our very own Jonny Lomax is set to make his 250th Super League appearance tonight! Let’s go Jonny! 🔴⚪

250th Super League appearance for Jonny Lomax this evening!

Head over to our social media accounts to hear from the boss ahead of kick off!

Introducing your Saints line-up this evening…

Team news is up next!

It’s good to be back HOME!

Tickets are still available on the West Stand turnstiles this evening if you fancy supporting the Saints!

Make sure you get into the stadium early this evening as our historic Saints Women will be parading their Challenge Cup trophy around 7:25pm!

You can also read today’s Matchday E-Programme by again visiting our news section and following the link. It can be downloaded and saved to your device too!

Saints will present a signed Saints shirt to Ukrainian citizens – Olga Bakumanto and Irina Handza on the pitch at half time this evening. Read more on our news section.

Head over to our news section to read our Match Preview story which will tell you everything we have planned this evening…

Hello and welcome to our live match blog as Saints host Hull FC here at the Totally Wicked Stadium with kick off at 8pm. The game is also live on Sky Sports Arena.

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