Saints edged past Warrington Wolves 12-10 at the Halliwell Jones Stadium on Thursday evening to extend our lead at the top of the Betfred Super League table to four points.


The first chance of the game came for Saints in the second minute as we forced a Warrington knock on in their own 30 after Gareth Widdop had collected a high kick before fumbling the ball in the tackle. The chance came to nothing though as Curtis Sironen was unable to cleanly collect a pass with the try-line beckoning.

It was the hosts who took the lead in the 14th minute. A move down their right edge saw a cut-out pass find Connor Wrench, he broke down the line before finding Widdop on his inside who just about beat a Saints defender for pace to score in the corner. Widdop was unable to convert his own try, 4-0 Wire led.

Saints responded with a try of their own. Warrington were awarded a scrum on their own ten metre line after a Saints knock on, but the hosts tried to keep the ball in the back of the scrum as Saints pushed forward and Alex Walmsley won the race to the loose ball and kicked it ahead before grounding the ball to score maybe the easiest try of his career. Tommy Makinson converted, 6-4 Saints led.


The Saints lead was extended three minutes before the break. A high kick down the short-side by Jonny Lomax on the last was patted backwards by Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook, Saints were able to keep the ball alive somehow and Agnatius Paasi threw a great cut-out pass towards the right wing to find Konrad Hurrell who found Makinson who used his pace to squeeze in at the right corner. He nailed a touchline conversion to add two more points to his tally for the night, 12-4 Saints led at the break.


Saints had the best chance early on in the second half. Jack Welsby made a great break downfield and got around Widdop who just about managed to ankle tap him which allowed another Warrington defender to make the tackle. From the play-the-ball, Ben Davies opted to go by himself down the short-side, but fumbled the ball out of play.

Saints had two great chance to grab their third try. The first one came in the 54th minute as Konrad Hurrell made an interception and headed for the line, but he was stopped by Matty Ashton only a few metres short. Then, one minute later, James Roby went for one from dummy half from close range, however the skipper fumbled the ball when going to ground it and the video referee said no try, so our lead remained eight points.


Warrington grabbed their second try just before the hour mark. Saints were caught off guard after kicking to the hosts, which allowed Peter Mata’utia to put Widdop through a gap, he then found George Williams on his outside who was just about able to beat the Saints defence to the try-line. Stefan Ratchford took the conversion and kicked it to make it 12-10.

Warrington had a great chance with their last possession of the game as they kicked early and Conor Wrench made a massive break down their right sideline, but a last gasp Makinson tackle saw the hosts throw the ball forward and Saints held on for the win!


Match Summary

Warrington Wolves Team: Gareth Widdop, Connor Wrench, Peter Mata’utia, Toby King, Matty Ashton, Stefan Ratchford, George Williams, Joe Philbin, Daryl Clark, Mike Cooper, Ben Currie, Oliver Holmes, Billy Magoulias.

Interchanges: Jason Clark, Joe Bullock, Matt Davis, Robbie Mulhern.

Tries: Gareth Widdop (14), George Williams (58)

Conversions: Gareth Widdop (0 from 1), Stefan Ratchford (1 from 1)

Saints Team: Jack Welsby, Tommy Makinson, Konrad Hurrell, Sione Mata’utia, Mark Percival, Ben Davies, Jonny Lomax, Alex Walmsley, James Roby, Matty Lees, Joe Batchelor, Curtis Sironen, Morgan Knowles.

Interchanges: Joey Lussick, Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook, Agnatius Paasi, James Bell.

Tries: Alex Walmsley (21), Tommy Makinson (37)

Conversions: Tommy Makinson (2 from 2)

HT: 4-12

FT: 10-12

Attendance: 10,476

Saints Line up

1 Jack Welsby
2 Tommy Makinson
23 Konrad Hurrell
11 Sione Mata’utia
4 Mark Percival
6 Jonny Lomax
21 Ben Davies
8 Alex Walmsley
James Roby
10 Matty Lees
16 Curtis Sironen
12 Joe Batchelor
13 Morgan Knowles
14 Joey Lussick
15 Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook
17 Agnatius Paasi
15 James Bell

Warrington Wolves Line up

1Gareth Widdop
2Connor Wrench
3Peter Mata'utia
4Toby King
5Matty Ashton
6Stefan Ratchford
7George Williams
8Joe Philbin
9Daryl Clark
10Mike Cooper
11Ben Currie
12Oliver Holmes
13Bill Magoulias
14Jason Clark
15Joe Bullock
16Rob Mulhern
17Matt Davies

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FT: 🐺 Wolves 10-12 Saints 🔴⚪




WHAT A TACKLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wrench breaks through down the wing, but @tommymak21 is there to bring him down! TRY SAVER!!!!!

🐺 Wolves 10-12 Saints 🔴⚪


Hurrell is held up on the last on the Wire line. Into the final minute…

🐺 Wolves 10-12 Saints 🔴⚪


Warrington find a gap in the Saints defence, but the ball to Ashton is poor and we have it back. Two to go.

🐺 Wolves 10-12 Saints 🔴⚪


Walmsley is inches away from reaching out and scoring! We opt to run the ball on the last as Lomax finds Batchelor, but he is trapped.

🐺 Wolves 10-12 Saints 🔴⚪


Great defence from Saints who force the turnover… We get it back on half way! COYS!

🐺 Wolves 10-12 Saints 🔴⚪


A great tackle from Welsby on Ratchford forces the Wire error.

🐺 Wolves 10-12 Saints 🔴⚪


Percival knocks on coming out of his own half. Eight to go and there’s two points in it.

🐺 Wolves 10-12 Saints 🔴⚪


Ashton finds a gap, but Lomax is there to bring him down. End to end this!

🐺 Wolves 10-12 Saints 🔴⚪


Lussick is on for Roby as we approach the last 10!

🐺 Wolves 10-12 Saints 🔴⚪


And now Lees does likewise as he goes for the line at speed.

🐺 Wolves 10-12 Saints 🔴⚪


Davies drops the ball in his own 10!! A chance for Saints!!!

🐺 Wolves 10-12 Saints 🔴⚪

Stefan Ratchford for Warrington Wolves

Ratchford adds the two.

🐺 Wolves 10-12 Saints 🔴⚪

George Williams for Warrington Wolves

Williams goes over for Warrington after a break from Widdop. Kick to come.

🐺 Wolves 8-12 Saints 🔴⚪


Williams wins a penalty as Sironen catches him high.

🐺 Wolves 4-12 Saints 🔴⚪


NO TRY! Our captain reaches out for the line, but just loses the ball before he touches down.

🐺 Wolves 4-12 Saints 🔴⚪


CHANCE!! Hurrell intercepts and nearly gets to the line, but Ashton catches up with him to prevent a certain try! Before we keep the pressure on and Roby goes for the line. It’s gone upstairs!

🐺 Wolves 4-12 Saints 🔴⚪


Warrington go for an offload on the far side, but we pick up the loose ball and have it back.

🐺 Wolves 4-12 Saints 🔴⚪


We come forward and a Lomax kick is so nearly touched down by Sironen, but a Warrington player kicks it dead and we come again!

🐺 Wolves 4-12 Saints 🔴⚪


Warrington create space on our left as Makinson slips, but they can’t find the pass and Hurrell comes steaming in to force Ashton in touch!

🐺 Wolves 4-12 Saints 🔴⚪


CHANCE!!! Welsby darts through a hole in the Wire defence and is held inches short. Davies goes for the line on the next play, but loses it.

🐺 Wolves 4-12 Saints 🔴⚪


Wire get it back as Lomax is trapped in his in-goal.

🐺 Wolves 4-12 Saints 🔴⚪


We are back underway at the Halliwell Jones Stadium…

🐺 Wolves 4-12 Saints 🔴⚪


HT: 🐺 Wolves 4-12 Saints 🔴⚪

We take an eight point lead into the break after tries from Walmsley and Makinson cancelled out Widdop’s early try!


Tommy Makinson for Saints

A BIG kick from Tommy out wide to convert his own try as we approach the break!

🐺 Wolves 4-12 Saints 🔴⚪

Tommy Makinson for Saints

T MAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!! We keep the ball alive on the last and Lomax finds Paasi who shifts the ball out wide to Hurrell who finds Makinson who goes over!!!

🐺 Wolves 4-10 Saints 🔴⚪


This time Wire opt to run it on the last, but the Saints defence stands firm!

🐺 Wolves 4-6 Saints 🔴⚪



Wire get a set restart, but great defence keeps them at bay!

🐺 Wolves 4-6 Saints 🔴⚪


James Bell is on for Knowles as Makinson this time knocks on uncharacteristically.

🐺 Wolves 4-6 Saints 🔴⚪


Iggy Paasi is on and straight into the action as he offloads to Lomax who finds Davies, he breaks through, but his offload finds Williams who is then caught high from Percival.

🐺 Wolves 4-6 Saints 🔴⚪


LMS is on for Big Al as we come forward again….

🐺 Wolves 4-6 Saints 🔴⚪


Big Al powers forward again and it seems the ball is ripped out, but referee James Child sees it as a loose carry and Wire have it back.

🐺 Wolves 4-6 Saints 🔴⚪

Tommy Makinson for Saints

Tommy Mak, on his 250th Super League appearance, adds the two and we lead!

🐺 Wolves 4-6 Saints 🔴⚪

Alex Walmsley for Saints

BIGGGGGG ALLLLLLLLLLLL!!! Saints force pressure on the scrum, force Wire to lose the ball at the back of it and Big AL is there to kick forward, pick it up and go over!!

🐺 Wolves 4-4 Saints 🔴⚪


We opt to run it on the last as Lomax finds Sironen, but he is trapped on the last.

🐺 Wolves 4-0 Saints 🔴⚪


Joe Philbin knocks on in the first set. We have it back…

🐺 Wolves 4-0 Saints 🔴⚪


Saints are penalised for offside in the Wire half. Ratchford finds touch. Time to defend..

🐺 Wolves 4-0 Saints 🔴⚪

Let’s go boys!


Widdop’s conversion attempt misses.

🐺 Wolves 4-0 Saints 🔴⚪

Gareth Widdop for Warrington Wolves

Wrench breaks down the right and feeds Widdop who goes over.

🐺 Wolves 4-0 Saints 🔴⚪


Great defence, led by Koni Hurrell force Toby King into touch!

🐺 Wolves 0-0 Saints 🔴⚪


But this time Mata’utia can’t keep hold of the ball and then Wire win a penalty for offside. Scrappy.

🐺 Wolves 0-0 Saints 🔴⚪


Welsby is now taken out high and we have another penalty. Jack is up to find touch with his kick. And we come again…

🐺 Wolves 0-0 Saints 🔴⚪


Lomax does well to catch a high Ratchford bomb and is taken out in the air. Penalty to Saints.

🐺 Wolves 0-0 Saints 🔴⚪


This time there is an uncharacteristic error from Lomax who drops the ball and Wire kick for touch. End to end.

🐺 Wolves 0-0 Saints 🔴⚪


Percival comes in with a trademark big tackle on Peter Mata’utia, who is playing on the same side as his brother, Sione…Before we win a penalty and come forward…

🐺 Wolves 0-0 Saints 🔴⚪


We move the ball to our left, through the hands of Lomax, but Davies’ pass to Sironen doesn’t come off and Warrington come away with it…

🐺 Wolves 0-0 Saints 🔴⚪


A great start by the Saints as we force Widdop, playing at full back today, into a knock on…An early chance in the Wire 20!

🐺 Wolves 0-0 Saints 🔴⚪


We are off and underway in Warrington! COYS! 🔴⚪


Kick off is next!

Tommy Makinson is about to make his 250th Super League appearance this evening…Yes TMAK!

All set! 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️

Head over to our social media accounts to hear from the boss….

We are unchanged!

Team news is up next around 6:30…

The pitch is looking in good condition…


Hello from Warrington! 👋

This week’s fixtures is the Super League Stories Round where players open up about their struggles. Head over to our social media accounts to hear from our very own Alex Walmsley…

Here is a reminder of our 21 man squad ahead of tonight’s game. Team news will be with you around 6:30pm!

Make sure you read our match preview story which can be accessed by visiting our news section!

Hello and welcome to our live matchday blog as Saints travel to neighbours Warrington this evening at 8pm. We are live on Sky Sports, but you can follow all the action right here…

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