Academy Enjoy Recovery Time

DAY 20 – Another early recovery session for the lads today following our final victory last night, writes Jonny Skinner, tour physio and guest blogger.

23 of the 25 made it down for this optional session with Harry Coleman and Levy Nzoungou being the lazy two – although the fact Levy wakes up at 2am to hang his washing out may give him an excuse.

A quick sausage, bacon and egg barm later and we were off to The Rocks in the shadow of the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge for the day, before our scheduled climb of it later on.

A quick pit stop on the way at Peter Wynne sports enabled players and staff to add to their NRL collections.

Some of the lads yet again took this opportunity to add to their already impressive trainers and boots collections. Robbie Horton even went as far as spending his lunch money for the day despite prior warning.

Free time followed on arrival, with everybody free to wander around the weekly street market or into the city for some last minute, and yes, more shopping.

Then it was off to the Bridge for our climb to the summit in what looked like glorious sunshine. We were stripped down and changed into our jumpsuits, which according to Danny Edwards made us look like ‘generators’, we think he meant janitors.

Two groups left for the climb whilst the third group were inside waiting for the guide to remember everybody’s names. Big Robbie became Robin Horton as a result, despite Harry Coleman trying to correct this in his strong Salfordian accent, “it’s Robb-eh”.

The first two groups made it to a safe part of the Bridge when a storm descended. Tommy Martyn’s group witnessed lightning actually strike the Bridge! The two groups were unfortunately sent back and the third made a valiant attempt to climb the Bridge, before they too were eventually sent packing.

Neil Kilshaw wasn’t too upset by this as he had had to deal with a barrage of questions from the likes of Jordan’s Olmez and Gibbons as well as complete strangers. Second attempt now scheduled for tomorrow morningl hopefully the weather is kinder to us and more importantly can Eric Frodsham get through another medical with his dodgy shoulder!

Lastly, just a quick bit from me to say thanks to everyone for this opportunity. I had only been at the club for a season when I was asked onto the tour. The lads have made my job really easy and the staff have been great although have probably kept me a bit busier than the actual players!

It’s been the trip of a lifetime, thanks a lot!

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