Saints return to winning ways before lifting League Leaders’ Shield

A battling performance from Saints saw the Red Vee bounce back from disappointment at Wembley to extend our lead at the top of the table to 18 points with a tight 4-0 win over the Castleford Tigers on a night when we were presented with the League Leaders’ Shield.

The visitors started the match on the front foot, but were unable to turn that pressure into points thanks to great defence from Saints with Tommy Makinson and Matty Costello stopping Castleford winger Greg Minkin  from opening the scoring on two separate occasions.

Saints went close themselves with a move down Saints’ left hand side with Jonny Lomax finding Mark Percival but the centre was unable to find Grace.

Saints opened the scoring in the final minutes of the first half through Regan Grace. Captain James Roby threw the dummy confusing the Castleford defence. He then fed Percival who put Grace away down the line and the winger reached out to touchdown. Danny Richardson was unable to add the extras.

A low scoring first half with both defences on top saw Saints go into the break with a four point lead.

Castleford came out for the second half putting pressure on Saints immediately forcing repeat sets. Like it has all season though, Saints defence stood firm denying the Tigers.

The second half  followed the flow of the first with both sides exchanging sets, but neither side were able to get over the try line. Handling errors and penalties impacting the flow of the game with only a late first half try from Grace the difference after an hour.

The visitors continued to put the pressure on the League Leaders with a knock on from Alex Walmsley giving Castleford excellent field position, but yet again Saints denied Castleford with an interception from Makinson on the last tackle pivotal.

In the final stages Saints thought they had extended their lead on two occasions, but referee James Child blew penalising Saints for obstruction. First, Walmsley went close in the final minute crashing onto a short pass from Roby which resulted in Jack Welsby being penalised before Lomax went over minutes later, but yet again the try was ruled out.

But it didn’t matter in the end as Grace’s first half try proved the difference and the Saints extended our lead to 18 points at the top of the Betfred Super League before we were presented with our deserved League Leaders’ Shield.

Match Summary

Saints: Welsby, Makinson, Costello, Percival, Grace,  Lomax, Richardson, Thompson, Roby, Amor, Taia, Ashworth, Knowles.

Interchanges: Walmsley, LMS, Paulo, Bentley.

Tries: Grace (32)

Goals: Richardson ( 0 from 1).

Casleford Tigers: Rankin, Clare, Mata’utia, Blair, Minikin, Trueman, Ellis, Watts, McShanem, Millington, Holmes, McMeeken, Massey.

Interchanges: Milner, Sene-Lefao, O’Neil, Smith.

HT: 4-0
FT: 4-0

REF: J.Child

ATT: 10,315

Saints Line up

1 Jack Welsby
2 Tommy Makinson
21 Matthew Costello
4 Mark Percival
5 Regan Grace
6 Jonny Lomax
7 Danny Richardson
10 Luke Thompson
James Roby
18 Kyle Amor
11 Zeb Taia
17 Jack Ashworth
13 Morgan Knowles
8 Alex Walmsley
15 Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook
18 Joseph Paulo
12 James Bentley

Castleford Tigers Line up

1Jordan Rankin
2James Clare
3Peter Mata’utia
4Cheyse Blair
5Greg Minikin
6Jake Trueman
7Jamie Ellis
8Liam Watts
9Paul McShane
10Grant Millington
11Oliver Holmes
12Mike McMeeken
13Nathan Massey
14Adam Milner
15Jesse Sene-Lefao
16Jacques O’Neill
17Daniel Smith

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FT: ?⚪ Saints 4-0 Tigers ?

It’s that first half Regan Grace try which is the difference between the two teams as a low scoring game ends in a win for Saints!


Mata’utia knocks on, but Walmsley does likewise with 24 seconds left and the Tigers will have one more chance.

?⚪ Saints 4-0 Tigers ?


This time Lomax is denied a try by referee James Childs as Saints are penalised for a second time for an apparent obstruction.

?⚪ Saints 4-0 Tigers ?


Big Al powers his way over next to the posts, but he is held up before Saints are penalised for obstruction before Welsby can touch down!

?⚪ Saints 4-0 Tigers ?


The Tigers have the chance as Minikin who breaks free, but he is penalised for a forward pass.

?⚪ Saints 4-0 Tigers ?


Saints again with great defence keeps the Tigers out as we approach the final 10 minutes here at the Totally Wicked Stadium!

?⚪ Saints 4-0 Tigers ?


Walmsley’s first piece of action since he returned to the field sees the big man knock on in a tackle with McShane and the Tigers have the scrum in the Saints half.

?⚪ Saints 4-0 Tigers ?


Trueman forces a goal-line drop out after he chases his own grubber and traps Welsby in goal. Walmsley is back on for LMS.

?⚪ Saints 4-0 Tigers ?


Both Saints and the Tigers’ have exchanged sets, but it is still that Regan Grace try which separates the two sides.

?⚪ Saints 4-0 Tigers ?


James Bentley is on for Ashworth, but he couldn’t take Paulo’s pass and the Tigers’ come forward looking to level the game up.

?⚪ Saints 4-0 Tigers ?


Paulo wins a penalty for Saints after the Tigers had earlier knocked on on the Saints line, but Lomax’s kick is caught by Mata’utia and the Tigers come away with it.

?⚪ Saints 4-0 Tigers ?


After both team’s exchange sets, Costello knocks on when playing the ball and the Tigers have the scrum in the Saints half.

?⚪ Saints 4-0 Tigers ?


But LMS knocks on with the first play and the Tigers have the ball back. It’s a scrappy start to the second half!

?⚪ Saints 4-0 Tigers ?


LMS is penalised for a high tackle on Daniel Smith and again the Tigers come forward, but they choose to kick early and Grace picks up the grubber before Walmsley wins a penalty for Saints.

?⚪ Saints 4-0 Tigers ?


Welsby does well this time as he pats Trueman’s grubber kick dead and the Tigers will come again…

?⚪ Saints 4-0 Tigers ?


A high Trueman kick is fumbled by Welsby, but luckily goes backwards, before our young full back this time is penalised for a knock on and we must defend here.

?⚪ Saints 4-0 Tigers ?


Saints get us back underway in the second half as we kick towards the Western terrace. Jo Paulo is on for Knowles at the break.

?⚪ Saints 4-0 Tigers ?

HT: ?⚪ Saints 4-0 Tigers ?

The Saints lead at the break thanks to a Regan Grace try, but it’s been a tight encounter so far!


LMS who came on mid-way through the first half knocks on and the Tigers survive.

?⚪ Saints 4-0 Tigers ?


Trueman’s kick goes out on the full….just. And we have a chance to extend our lead before the break…

?⚪ Saints 4-0 Tigers ?


From the restart, Walmsley is penalised for a forward pass before Ellis knocks on for the visitors.

?⚪ Saints 4-0 Tigers ?


Richardson misses the touchline conversion attempt, but we lead!

?⚪ Saints 4-0 Tigers ?

Regan Grace for Saints

Grace opens the scoring and it’s the first real piece of quality in the game! Roby throws the dummy and he finds Percival who puts Grace in and he stretches for the line to touch down!

?⚪ Saints 4-0 Tigers ?

? It’s a battle of the forwards so far!


Richardson does well to duck under a tackle, but then knocks on when playing the ball…

?⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers ?


The Tigers’ come forward and kick over the top. Welsby slips, but Big Al is there to mop up at the back!

?⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers ?


Big Al Walmsley is on as Amor makes way! Can he make the difference?

?⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers ?


A great offload from Amor results in Thompson being held up on the line, but the next play sees the turnover.

?⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers ?


This time Richardson’s kick is caught by Greg Minikin, but he is clattered by Jack Ashworth and then Matty Costello who forces the knock on and we have the scrum in the Tigers’ half!

?⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers ?


Saints again defend well, before Roby’s kick this time runs dead.

?⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers ?


Saints attack down the left, but Richardson’s high kick goes out on the full.

?⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers ?


Again Saints defend resiliently and Ellis’ kick runs dead. Come on boys!

?⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers ?


Welsby again does well to grasp the grubber kick, but he is trapped in goal as the visitors build pressure.

?⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers ?


Jack Welsby takes the high kick and feeds Grace, but he is robbed in a one-on-one by Jake Trueman before the Tigers’ win the penalty and have a chance to take the lead.

?⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers ?


Again great defence forces Ellis to knock on!

?⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers ?


Jamie Ellis’ high bomb is caught by Regan Grace in the corner, but the referee deems that Mark Percival blocked the Tigers player and Daryl Powell’s men will have a set on Saints line.

?⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers ?


Great defence from Saints keeps the Tigers out on our own line and we force the turnover!

?⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers ?


Saints come forward, but Kyle Amor loses the ball in a tackle and the Tigers will have possession in Saints’ half.

?⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers ?

We are off and underway here at the Totally Wicked Stadium. Can the Saints bounce back and bounce back in style? Let’s hope so! COYS! ?⚪

?⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers ?