Saints came away with a 32-10 victory over bitter rivals Wigan Warriors on derby day in front of a home sell out at the Totally Wicked Stadium.

Two first half tries from Tommy Makinson and a Lachlan Coote penalty sent Saints in at the break with a 12-4 lead after Zak Hardaker had converted two penalties for Wigan.

Saints started the second half in perfect fashion with Coote latching onto a Theo Fages kick to extend the lead. Two more Saints tries followed as Kevin Naiqama pounced on a Wigan knock on to score and Jonny Lomax chased down a blocked kick to pick up and score. Hardaker scored a consolation try for Wigan, but Saints came away with the bragging rights.

On Derby Day in front of a sold out home end at the Totally wicked Stadium, it was the visitors who got off to the better start forcing back to back sets on the Saints line and then winning a penalty in front of the posts which Hardaker converted.

Wigan weren’t ahead for long though as a barnstorming run from Alex Walmsley caused mayhem in the Wigan defence and forced the visitors to concede a penalty and Coote levelled the game.

Saints scored the first try of the night after a flowing move down the right edge finished with Lomax providing the cut out pass to Makinson who finished typically in the corner. Coote unable to convert off the touchline.

From the kick off, a knock on from Fages gave Wigan excellent field position and after winning a penalty they took the two reducing the depict.

Saints and Makinson were in again minutes from half time after an excellent move down Saints’ right ended with the impressive Dominic Peyroux feeding Makinson and the golden boot winner walked in at the corner for his second. Coote converting brilliantly off the touchline giving Saints an eight point lead at the break.

Saints got off to a flyer in the second half as a Lomax run was stopped inches short from the line. On the next play James Bentley found Fages and his neat kick through found Coote who was there to touch down. Coote added the two to his own try extending the lead.

Naiaqama was next to score as the centre pounced on the loose ball after a high bomb from Fages was knocked on by Wigan winger Joe Burgess and Naiqama was there to pick up the ball and crash his way over. Coote adding the two.

The scoring didn’t stop there as the hard working Morgan Knowles charged down a Thomas Leuluai kick and Lomax had a clear run to simply touch the ball down to extend Saints lead.

Wigan pulled a try back through Hardaker as the full back blocked a Saints kick and kicked the ball on to chase and pick up himself and score to get Wigan’s first and only try of the night. Hardaker adding the extras himself.

But that didn’t stop Saints fans singing loud and proud at the final whistle after a hat-trick of derby day victories.

Match Summary

Saints: Coote, Makinson, Naiqama, Percival, Grace, Lomax, Fages, Walmsley, Bentley, Thompson, Knowles, Peyroux, LMS.

Interchanges: Amor, Lees, Smith, Ashworth.

Tries: Makinson (15,35) Coote (44), Naiqama ( 51), Lomax (58).

Goals: Coote (4 from 5 ).

Penalties: Coote (1 from 1).

Wigan Wariors

Starting 13: Hardaker ,Marshall, Sarginson, Gildart, Burgess,Williams, Leuluai, Navarrete, Powell, Partington, Isa, Farrell, Smithies.

Interchanges: Bullock, Byrne, Hankinson, Shorrocks.

Tries: Hardaker (64)

Goals: Hardaker (1 from 1)

Penalties: Hardaker (2 from 2)

HT: 12-4
FT: 32-10

REF: B. Thaler

ATT: 17,088

Saints Line up

1 Lachlan Coote
2 Tommy Makinson
3 Kevin Naiqama
4 Mark Percival
5 Regan Grace
6 Jonny Lomax
7 Theo Fages
8 Alex Walmsley
12 James Bentley
10 Luke Thompson
13 Morgan Knowles
12 Dominique Peyroux
15 Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook
10 Matty Lees
17 Jack Ashworth
18 Kyle Amor
19 Aaron Smith

Wigan Warriors Line up

1Zak Hardaker
2 Liam Marshall
3Dan Sarginson
4Oliver Gildart
5Joe Burgess
6George Williams
7Tommy Leuluai
8Romain Navarrete
9Sam Powell
10Ollie Partington
11Willie Isa
12Liam Farrell
13Morgan Smithies
14Joe Bullock
15Liam Byrne
16Chris Hankinson
17Jake Shorrocks

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FT: ?⚪ SAINTS 32-10 WIGAN ?⚪

Saints win the Bad Friday derby after second half tries from Coote, Naiqama and Lomax. Hardaker did grab a consolation, but it’s Saints who win the bragging rights and go 10 points clear!


Both teams are looking tired now after a grueling battle, but again Knowles is there to stop Hardaker from taking advantage of a quick tap.

?⚪ SAINTS 32-10 WIGAN ?⚪


Knowles has got through a huge amount of work tonight and he forces the turn over before Fages wins a penalty after a high shot.

?⚪ SAINTS 32-10 WIGAN ?⚪


Wigan win a penalty as Lomax takes out Hankinson off the ball, only for Jonny to make up for it and put in a try saving tackle on Farrell to force a knock on when it looked like he would score.

?⚪ SAINTS 32-10 WIGAN ?

? @lomax_1990 loved that one!

Zak Hardaker for Wigan Warriors

Hardaker converts his own try.

?⚪ SAINTS 32-10 WIGAN ?⚪

Zak Hardaker for Wigan Warriors

Fantastic defence first forced Farrell to lose the ball on the last as Wigan pushed forward before Hardaker then beat Knowles to the ball, kicked it foward three times and touched down.

?⚪ SAINTS 32-8 WIGAN ?⚪


Bentley and Ashworth come off as Aaron Smith and Big Al come on as their replacements.

?⚪ SAINTS 32-4 WIGAN ?⚪


Wigan win a penalty on the Saints line only for Willie Isa to knock on in the tackle as Saints stand firm again!

?⚪ SAINTS 32-4 WIGAN ?⚪

Lachlan Coote for Saints

Coooooote again kicks the extras to extend our lead! Hardaker forces a Saints drop out from the restart.

?⚪ SAINTS 32-4 WIGAN ?⚪

Jonny Lomax for Saints

Lomax gets in on the act! Leuluai’s kick is charged down by Morgan Knowles and Lomax has a clear run to simply touch the ball down to the left of the sticks! The 30 points is up! ?

?⚪ SAINTS 30-4 WIGAN ?⚪

Lachlan Coote for Saints

And Coooooote does just that.

?⚪ SAINTS 26-4 WIGAN ?⚪


Jack Ashworth now wins a penalty to the left of the sticks and Coooote will hope to kick another two points here for Saints!

?⚪ SAINTS 24-4 WIGAN ?⚪

Lachlan Coote for Saints

Cooooooote nails the touchline conversion to extend our lead as Hardaker kicks the restart out on the full!

?⚪ SAINTS 24-4 WIGAN ?⚪

Kevin Naiqama for Saints

AND IS THAT THE TRY?! Fages high bomb is knocked back by Burgess under the challenge from Makinson and Kev Naiqama pounces to score in the corner!

?⚪ SAINTS 22-4 WIGAN ?⚪


Both sides have exchanged sets early here in the second half. You feel the next try in this one will be key…

?⚪ SAINTS 18-4 WIGAN ?⚪

Lachlan Coote for Saints

Coooooooote converts his own try from right of the sticks to extend our lead!

?⚪ SAINTS 18-4 WIGAN ?⚪

Lachlan Coote for Saints

COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTE! Lomax is held up just short, Bentley finds Fages and his grubber is latched onto by Cooooote who pounces to score! Get in there my son!!

?⚪ SAINTS 16-4 WIGAN ?⚪


Kyle Amor wins an early penalty for the Saints and we have the ball in the Wigan half…

?⚪ SAINTS 12-4 WIGAN ?⚪


Here we go for the second half! COYS! ?⚪

?⚪ SAINTS 12-4 WIGAN ?⚪

HT: ?⚪ SAINTS 12-4 WIGAN ?⚪

Hardaker did kick Wigan ahead, but Coooote responded with a kick of his own. Hardaker kicked a second goal, before Tommy’s double put us in the ascendancy and we lead at the break!


Saints are fired up now and Lomax so nearly breaks through, but Grace’s kick through is grasped by Hardaker who is trapped in goal as we approach half time!

?⚪ SAINTS 12-4 WIGAN ?⚪

Lachlan Coote for Saints

Cooooooote curls his kick over from the right touchline. What a kick as “He’s the reason” rings around the Totally Wicked…

?⚪ SAINTS 12-4 WIGAN ?⚪

Tommy Makinson for Saints

MAKINSON AT THE DOUBLE! The ball finds its way to the right flank and Peyroux feeds Makinson in the corner! Get in!!!

?⚪ SAINTS 10-4 WIGAN ?⚪

? A titanic tussle so far!


Wigan penalised for a forward pass before Lomax skips through and quick hands from Kev Naiqama finds Makinson out wide, but his kick through is pounced upon by Hardaker.

?⚪ SAINTS 6-4 WIGAN ?⚪


Tommy Leuluai knocks on at the play the ball, before we win a penalty 20 metres out. The play unfortunately results in Lomax’s pass flying over Grace’s head and into touch.

?⚪ SAINTS 6-4 WIGAN ?⚪

? @TommyMak21 with a typical Tommy Mak finish ✈️✈️✈️✈️


Wigan have a set of six on the Saints line, but the play results in Liam Farrell’s pass finding touch and now we have the ball back as the West stand find their voice!

?⚪ SAINTS 6-4 WIGAN ?⚪

Zak Hardaker for Wigan Warriors

Hardaker does take and convert the two, but the Saints still lead.

?⚪ SAINTS 6-4 WIGAN ?⚪


Wigan win a penalty in front of the Saints sticks after hands in the play the ball. It looks like the visitors are taking the two points…..

?⚪ SAINTS 6-2 WIGAN ?⚪


Coooote misses the touchline conversion attempt before Theo Fages knocks on from the restart.

?⚪ SAINTS 6-2 WIGAN ?⚪

Tommy Makinson for Saints

Tommmmy Makkkk! The ball is played from left to right and Lomax’s cut-out ball finds Makinson who flies over in the corner!! ✈️✈️✈️✈️

?⚪ SAINTS 6-2 WIGAN ?⚪


It’s virtually a carbon copy of the last play as Cooooote’s grubber is again forced dead by Marshall and Saints will come again!

?⚪ SAINTS 2-2 WIGAN ?⚪


Jonny Lomax is held up just short before Cooooote’s grubber kick is palmed dead by Liam Marshall and Saints are building pressure!

?⚪ SAINTS 2-2 WIGAN ?⚪


Luke Thompson breaks through the Wigan line only to be brought down before Percival wins another penalty as Wigan are penalised for a push at the play the ball. Saints have it on the 20!

?⚪ SAINTS 2-2 WIGAN ?⚪

Lachlan Coote for Saints

Cooooooooote levels it up as he slots over the penalty!

?⚪ SAINTS 2-2 WIGAN ?⚪


Tommy Makinson tries to force Joe Burgess into touch, but he gets the ball away, only to Dom Peyroux and Saints are on the attack before Big Al wins a penalty in front of Wigan’s sticks.

?⚪ SAINTS 0-2 WIGAN ?⚪

Zak Hardaker for Wigan Warriors

Zak Hardaker kicks the visitors in front.

?⚪ SAINTS 0-2 WIGAN ?⚪


The atmosphere inside the Totally Wicked Stadium is electric as Wigan build pressure on the Saints line. Wigan win a penalty in front of the sticks and will take the two.

?⚪ SAINTS 0-0 WIGAN ?⚪

We are off and underway here in the big DERBY clash at the Totally Wicked Stadium. COYS!! ?⚪

?⚪ SAINTS 0-0 WIGAN ?⚪

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