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Huddersfield Giants Line up

1Darnell McIntosh
2Jermaine McGillvary
3Jake Wardle
4Sam Wood
5Lee Gaskell
6Aidan Sezer
7James Gavet
8Jordan Turner
9Adam O'Brien
10Paul Clough
11Kenny Edwards
12Joe Wardle
13Michael Lawrence
14Tom Holmes
15Oliver Wilson
16Aaron Murphy
17Ukuma Taia

Last updated 19 Sep 20 16:21:41

FT: 🔴⚪ SAINTS 10-12 GIANTS 🐮🔔

The Saints lose out at the Totally Wicked Stadium after a stubborn Giants defence sees them prevail. A disappointing night for Saints, but thanks to the fans who turned out.


Apologies, but we are having connection issues here. The Saints still trail with 3 minutes to go!

🔴⚪ SAINTS 10-12 GIANTS 🐮🔔

Jake Wardle for Huddersfield Giants

The Giants find that try as Jake Wardle breaks through Welsby’s tackle down the left flank to run 40 meters to score. Sezer kicks the two.

🔴⚪ SAINTS 10-12 GIANTS 🐮🔔

📸 This game is still in the balance! Come on, boys!


The West stand rise as Fages finds Costello, but a big tackle from a Giants defender forces Cozzy to lose the ball with the try line begging.

🔴⚪ SAINTS 10-6 GIANTS 🐮🔔


Matty Costello and Big Al are on for Jo Paulo and Kyle Amor. Can we find that elusive try?

🔴⚪ SAINTS 10-6 GIANTS 🐮🔔


This time the Giants win a penalty and have a chance to level this game with a set in the Saints 20…

🔴⚪ SAINTS 10-6 GIANTS 🐮🔔


A succession of penalties for both teams here as neither can really grab a foothold in the game.

🔴⚪ SAINTS 10-6 GIANTS 🐮🔔


Lomax thinks he has scored!….But the referee calls obstruction and the Giants survive!

🔴⚪ SAINTS 10-6 GIANTS 🐮🔔


Saints with a big chance out wide as Lomax opened up the space and the ball is fed out wide to Naiqama, but he opts to go for glory when Makinson was free on his outside.

🔴⚪ SAINTS 10-6 GIANTS 🐮🔔


We are back underway! Come on, boys!

🔴⚪ SAINTS 10-6 GIANTS 🐮🔔

HT: 🔴⚪ SAINTS 10-6 GIANTS 🐮🔔

We take in a narrow lead at the break after tries from Thompson and Knowles. The Giants struck early through O’Brian, but we responded well.

Dom Peyroux with a typical Dom Peyroux grimace! 😄


It’s been a scrappy few minutes as both teams struggle to keep hold of the ball. Five minutes to go until the break!

🔴⚪ Saints 10-6 Giants 🐮🔔


Matty Lees is on for Big Al as Saints again defend well and have the ball on halfway. Can we extend our lead?

🔴⚪ Saints 10-6 Giants 🐮🔔

Morgan Knowles for Saints

We take the lead and it’s Jonny Lomax the instigator as his kick through is pounced upon by stand-in centre Morgan Knowles who grabs his first try of the season! Makinson misses the two.

🔴⚪ Saints 10-6 Giants 🐮🔔


Great defence by the Saints results in Grace trapping former Saint, Turner on the last and the West stand find their voice!

🔴⚪ Saints 6-6 Giants 🐮🔔


Sezer’s kick is a good one and the Giants force Welsby in-goal. Time to defend boys!

🔴⚪ Saints 6-6 Giants 🐮🔔

Tommy Makinson for Saints

Tommy Mak’s kick strikes the post, but creeps over and we are all square!

🔴⚪ Saints 6-6 Giants 🐮🔔

Luke Thompson for Saints

YESSS! We do get back into this one as Theo Fages’ short ball is grasped by Thommo and he powers over to the right of the sticks!

🔴⚪ Saints 4-6 Giants 🐮🔔


Saints looking to respond instantly and we win a penalty in the Giants 10 as they are penalised for offside. Can we capitalise? Come on boys!!

🔴⚪ Saints 0-6 Giants 🐮🔔

Aiden Sezer for Huddersfield Giants

Sezer adds the extras and we trail here early.

🔴⚪ Saints 0-6 Giants 🐮🔔

Adam O'Brien for Huddersfield Giants

The Giants strike first as Aidan Sezer’s kick is fumbled by Tommy Makinson and Adam O’Brian is there to pounce.

🔴⚪ Saints 0-4 Giants 🐮🔔


Former Saint Lee Gaskell has limped off early and Tom Holmes is on as his replacement.

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Giants 🐮🔔


Saints build pressure up the middle, but Luke Thompson can’t take James Roby’s pass and the Giants survive.

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Giants 🐮🔔


A decent starts from the Saints as Jack Welsby’s kick is fumbled by Darnel McIntosh into his own in-goal and Saints force a drop out!

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Giants 🐮🔔

We are off and underway here at The Totally Wicked Stadium! 🔴⚪

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