Saints beat Warrington in hard fought battle

Saints avenged their defeat to Warrington earlier on this year with a well earned 24-14 win at the Halliwell Jones Stadium on Monday evening.

Saints started well and could have took an early third minute lead. A grubber kick from James Roby bounced off the Warrington goal-post, however Ben Currie just about grounded the ball in goal before Lachlan Coote could grab the opening try of the game.

We did take a 15th minute lead though. After a Wire knock on close to their own line, we made the most of the good field position as Jack Welsby found Kevin Naiqama close to the line and he went through a gap in the hosts’ defence to score in the right corner. Coote’s conversion fell just shy of the sticks, 4-0.

That lead was extended four minutes later. A one-two between Coote and Lewis Dodd saw Saints go half the length of the field before the latter rounded some Warrington defenders to score to the left of the sticks. Coote added the extras, 10-0.

Warrington responded in the 32nd minute. A break down the middle of the pitch resulted in George Williams finding Currie who scored to the left of the sticks. Stefan Ratchford added the extras, Saints led 10-6.

Warrington then levelled the scores. Another break this time down their right wing saw a Josh Thewlis kick collected by Williams and he scored in the right corner despite Saints’ best efforts to stop him. Ratchford added the extras to give the hosts a 12-10 lead as we approached the break.

From the restart Warrington won a penalty, Ratchford once again on target as Warrington led 14-10 at the break.

Once again Saints began the second half well and only a last ditch Currie tackle prevented Naiqama scoring his second try of the evening in the corner. We did level the scores a few minutes later though. A high kick from the hosts wasn’t dealt with, Jake Mamo picked up the loose ball but Joe Batchelor robbed it one on one, he then found Mark Percival and our number four ran over 60 metres and held off multiple Warrington players to score an  incredible try in front of our fans. Coote added the extras to put us ahead again, 16-14.

That lead was further increased in the 57th minute! A good kick from Welsby on the fourth tackle into the right side of Saints’ attack saw the ball bounce over Ratchford’s head and into the arms of James Bentley who scored. Coote once again added the extras, Saints led 22-14.

Warrington were awarded a penalty with just over 13 minutes left and opted to kick for goal, Ratchford missed it so the score remained 22-14 to Saints.

With just over six minutes to go, Tom Lineham was sent to the sin bin for a high shot on Coote. Saints opted not to go for two that time around, but a few tackles later we was awarded another penalty and Coote added the extras to make it 24-14.

Bentley and Gareth Widdop were both sent to the sin bin for an incident as the full-time hooter went. The altercation resulted in Saints being awarded a penalty. Coote missed the two, but it didn’t matter as Saints head to Magic Weekend for a top of the table clash against Catalans in top form!

Warrington Wolves Team: Stefan Ratchford, Josh Thewlis, Jake Mamo, Toby King, Tom Lineham, George Williams, Gareth Widdop, Chris Hill, Daryl Clark, Joe Philbin, Jack Hughes, Ben Currie, Jason Clark.

Interchanges:  Ellis Longstaff, Danny Walker, Rob Mulhern, Sitaleki Akauola.

Tries: Ben Currie (32), George Williams (37)

Conversions: Stefan Ratchford (2 from 2)

Penalties: Stefan Ratchford (1 from 2)

Sin Bin: Tom Lineham (74), Gareth Widdop (80)

Saints Team: Lachlan Coote, Tommy Makinson, Kevin Naiqama, Mark Percival, Regan Grace, Jack Welsby, Lewis Dodd, Alex Walmsley, James Roby, Matty Lees, Sione Mata’utia, James Bentley, Morgan Knowles.

Interchanges: Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook, Agnatius Paasi, Joe Batchelor, Jakes Wingfield.

Tries: Kevin Naiqama (15), Lewis Dodd (19), Mark Percival (47), James Bentley (57)

Conversions: Lachlan Coote (3 from 4)

Penalties: Lachlan Coote (1 from 2)

Sin Bin: James Bentley (80)

HT: 14-10

FT: 14-24

Saints Line up

1 Lachlan Coote
2 Tommy Makinson
3 Kevin Naiqama
4 Mark Percival
5 Regan Grace
1 Jack Welsby
7 Lewis Dodd
8 Alex Walmsley
James Roby
10 Matty Lees
11 Sione Mata’utia
12 James Bentley
13 Morgan Knowles
15 Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook
17 Agnatius Paasi
12 Joe Batchelor
18 Jake Wingfield

Warrington Wolves Line up

1Stefan Ratchford
2Tom Lineham
3Jake Mamo
4Toby King
5Josh Thewlis
6George Williams
7Gareth Widdop
8Chris Hill
9Daryl Clark
10Joe Philbin
11Ben Currie
12Jack Hughes
13Jason Clark
14Ellis Longstaff
15Danny Walker
16Rob Mulhern
17Sitaleki Akauola

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FT: 🐺 Wire 14-24 Saints 😇

It’s a win in Warrington for the Saints! GET IN! 👊


Saints are awarded the penalty as Bentley and Widdop are sent for the bin for an altercation, but Cooote misses the two.

Lachlan Coote for Saints

We win another penalty and this time Cooooote takes the two…

🐺 Wire 14-24 Saints 😇

Yellow Card
Tom Lineham for Warrington Wolves

Lineham cleans Coote out with a wild arm to the face and is rightly sent to the bin.

🐺 Wire 14-22 Saints 😇


Mata’utia so nearly picks up a loose ball and breaks away, but is taken down in the Wire half…

🐺 Wire 14-22 Saints 😇


Great defence from Saints again forces the knock on and we have a chance 30 meters out!

🐺 Wire 14-22 Saints 😇


The hosts win a penalty as Mata’utia catches a Warrington man high. Ratchford goes for the two, but misses. Could that be crucial?

🐺 Wire 14-22 Saints 😇


Williams kicks over the top, Grace is there, but can only palm the ball out and Warrington come forward, but brilliant defence from Cooote forces Lineham in touch!

🐺 Wire 14-22 Saints 😇

Lachlan Coote for Saints

Coooooooooooote sing the Saints fans which tells you he has kicked the two. 14-22.

🐺 Wire 14-22 Saints 😇

James Bentley for Saints

BENTOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! The kick over the top from Welsby sees Ratchford slip and Bentley is there to capitalise!!! GET IN!

🐺 Wire 14-20 Saints 😇


But Bentley knocks on in the tackle and Warrington have it back.

🐺 Wire 14-16 Saints 😇


Great defence from Saints force the Warrington knock on in their own half…Chance!

🐺 Wire 14-16 Saints 😇


The kick comes in from Warrington, but it runs dead and we have it back…

🐺 Wire 14-16 Saints 😇


Bentley knocks on and Warrington have it back on half way.

🐺 Wire 14-16 Saints 😇

Lachlan Coote for Saints

Coooooooooote adds the two and we lead again!

🐺 Wire 14-16 Saints 😇

Mark Percival for Saints

WHAT A TRYYYYYYY!!!!!!! PERCYYYYYYY! Batchelor steals the ball in a one-on-one and offloads to Percy who runs half the length of the field, fending off four Warrington defenders, to touch down!!

🐺 Wire 14-14 Saints 😇


We move the ball from right to left, but Warrington see it out and win a penalty.

🐺 Wire 14-10 Saints 😇


Chris Hill is caught offside and we have another chance with a set in the Wire half….

🐺 Wire 14-10 Saints 😇


NO TRY! What a score that would have been as Bentley offloads to Naiqama who finds Makinson and he plays the ball out the back whilst falling to Naiqama, but he can’t get it down in the corner.

🐺 Wire 14-10 Saints 😇


We are back underway here in Warrington and straight away Bentley wins a penalty for a high shot. Coooote kicks for touch and we have an early chance…

🐺 Wire 14-10 Saints 😇


HT: 🐺 Wire 14-10 Saints 😇

We took an early two score lead after tries from Naiqama and Dodd, but Warrington responded and we trail at the break.

Stefan Ratchford for Warrington Wolves

Coote drops a high bomb and Batchelor tries to bide Saints time by grabbing onto Widdop, but the penalty is given and Ratchford kicks the two as the hooter sounds for half time.

🐺 Wire 14-10 Saints 😇

Stefan Ratchford for Warrington Wolves

Ratchford kicks the two from the touchline. Two to go until the break.

🐺 Wire 12-10 Saints 😇

George Williams for Warrington Wolves

Warrington find space down our left as Mamo and Thewlis combine before the latter kicks over the top and Williams picks up to score.

🐺 Wire 10-10 Saints 😇

Stefan Ratchford for Warrington Wolves

Ratchford adds the two.

🐺 Wire 6-10 Saints 😇

Ben Currie for Warrington Wolves

Warrington respond through Ben Currie.

🐺 Wire 4-10 Saints 😇


Top Top defence from Saints who keep Warrington out after a set of six on our line. Classic Saints! Iggy Paasi and Joe Batchelor are on for Lees and Knowles.

🐺 Wire 0-10 Saints 😇


A change for Saints as LMS is on for Big Al. Iggy Paasi about to come on too…

🐺 Wire 0-10 Saints 😇


The Wire come again and Ratchford finds Thewlis out wide and he offloads back on his inside, but a Saints man is there to collect…

🐺 Wire 0-10 Saints 😇


Warrington look to hit back as Williams’ kick is dinked over the top towards Thewlis, but Grace is there to rescue Saints, palming the ball dead.

🐺 Wire 0-10 Saints 😇

Lachlan Coote for Saints

Cooooooote makes no mistake as he slots over the extras!

🐺 Wire 0-10 Saints 😇

Lewis Dodd for Saints

DODDDYYYYYYYYY!!!! GET IN! Dodd puts Coooote in for a break and he has Percival and our young half either side, he opts for the latter and Dodd goes over to score!

🐺 Wire 0-8 Saints 😇


Cooote’s kick falls just short, but we lead early here in Warrington!

🐺 Wire 0-4 Saints 😇

Kevin Naiqama for Saints

KEVVYYYYYY!!! Jack Welsby ducks inside a tackle and feeds Kev Naiqama on his inside for the first score of the night!! Get in!

🐺 Wire 0-4 Saints 😇


We force Lineham to knock on in the far corner. BIG opportunity here…

🐺 Wire 0-0 Saints 😇


We win the penalty, but Cooote’s kick doesn’t find touch and Thewlis comes away with it.

🐺 Wire 0-0 Saints 😇


We see it out well and then see out our set with a high kick to the corner, which Ratchford clutches. Pretty even so far…

🐺 Wire 0-0 Saints 😇


Warrington win the penalty this time around and we must defend on half way…

🐺 Wire 0-0 Saints 😇


VIDEO REFEREE – A low grubber is kicked through and we are so close to meeting it, but it’s a Warrington man who grounds the ball in his own-goal. No try, but we come again…

🐺 Wire 0-0 Saints 😇


Morgan Knowles is caught high and we have an early chance with a set in the Wire half…

🐺 Wire 0-0 Saints 😇


Here we go! We are off and underway here at the Halliwell Jones Stadium! COYS! 🔴⚪

🐺 Wire 0-0 Saints 😇

The boys have completed their warm ups! Kick off is next…

The young guns! 🔫


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The boys have arrived in Warrington! 👋

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Hello from Warrington! 👋

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It’s Bank Holiday Monday – And it’s GAMEDAY as Saints travel to Warrington with kick off at 7:30pm live on Sky Sports!