Saints came from a 12-0 deficit to beat bottom of the table Wakefield Trinity in Golden Point after a Jack Welsby drop goal extended our lead at the top of the Betfred Super League to six points.

With the rain pouring down in Wakefield it was a sloppy start from Saints with a number of handling errors. The hosts had a number of early opportunities to open the scoring, but the final pass on two occasions found touch rather than the hands of either winger.

But Wakefield did take the lead on 12 minutes as the ball was moved to the right and debutant Jorge Taufua found himself the extra man and went over after 12 minutes. Mason Lino’s kick struck the post and came back out. 4-0 the hosts led.

Lino this time made no mistake minutes later as he kicked Trinity further ahead with a penalty. 6-0.

Saints pushed for a leveller, but could not find that cutting edge in attack whilst further errors followed. Trinity made Saints pay after Jacob Miller’s 40-20 attempt was kept in play by Welsby and in the process our number one palmed the ball back inside and Jack Croft was there to beat Regan Grace to the ball to touch down. Again Lino’s kick struck the sticks and the ball came back out. 10-0 Wakefield led.

James Bell, off the bench for Saints drove us forward and Joey Lussick fed Agnatius Paasi, but he lost the ball when going for the line under a challenge from two Wakefield players.

That was as good as it got for Saints in the first half. 10-0 we trailed at the break.

Saints came out on the front foot, looking to respond, but Paasi lost the ball in his own 10. Trinity won back-to-back sets before a penalty which Lino kicked from right in front to extend their lead.

But Saints did get on the board on the 56th minute. Lussick was held up just short, before we won a penalty and shifted the ball from the scrum to the left where Regan Grace was there to finish in the corner. Jonny Lomax converted the try brilliantly from the touchline and we were back in it at 12-6.

Kristian Woolf’s men continued to push forward and were rewarded when a lovely move saw the ball worked to the right and Konrad Hurrell found Jon Bennison who went over for his third Saints try. Lomax again stepped up for the touchline conversion and again kicked it! 12-12 with 10 minutes to go.

Both sides went for one pointers late on, but to no avail and we were into golden point…

Wakefield had the first drop goal attempt of golden point, but Lino’s kick drifted wide and it was left to SUPER JACK to win it for Saints as he slotted over his one pointer after Lomax had fumbled, picked up and fed his partner in crime!

Match Summary

Wakefield Team: Jamie Shaul, Lewis Murphy, Jack Croft, Lee Gaskell, Jorge Taufa, Jacob Miller, Mason Lino, Jai Whitbread, Liam Hood, Tinirau Arona, Matthew Ashurst, Kelepi Tangiona, James Batchelor.

Interchanges: Jordan Crowther, David Fifita, Josh Bowden, Edward Battye.

Tries: Taufua (12), Croft (26).

Conversions: Lino (0 from 2)

Penalties: Lino (24), (49).

Saints Team: Jack Welsby, Jonathan Bennison, Konrad Hurrell, Ben Davies, Regan Grace, James Roby, Jonny Lomax, Alex Walmsley, Joey Lussick, Matty Lees, Joe Batchelor, Curtis Sironen, Jake Wingfield.

Interchanges: Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook, Agnatius Paasi, James Bell, Dan Norman.

Tries: Grace (56), Bennison (69).

Conversions: Lomax (2 from 2)

Drop Goal: Welsby (Golden Point)

HT: 10-0

FT: 12-13

Attendance: TBC

Saints Line up

1 Jack Welsby
5 Jonathan Bennison
23 Konrad Hurrell
21 Ben Davies
5 Regan Grace
James Roby
6 Jonny Lomax
8 Alex Walmsley
14 Joey Lussick
10 Matty Lees
16 Curtis Sironen
12 Joe Batchelor
18 Jake Wingfield
15 Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook
17 Agnatius Paasi
15 James Bell
20 Dan Norman

Wakefield Trinity Line up

1Jamie Shaul
2Lewis Murphy
3Jack Croft
4Lee Gaskell
5Jorge Taufua
6Jacob Miller
7Mason Lino
8Jai Whitbread
9Liam Hood
10Tinirau Arona
11Matty Ashurst
12Kelepi Tanginoa
13James Batchelor
14Jordy Crowther
15David Fifita
16Josh Bowden
17Eddie Battye

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FT’: 😅 A Jack Welsby drop goal in Golden Point sees us take home the two points!

⚪🔵 Wakefield 12-13 Saints ⚫🧊


⚪🔵 Wakefield 12-13 Saints ⚫🧊

Apologies about the delay! Too many of you following our updates! We are into Golden Point!


We come forward again on the Trinity line, but this time Roby knocks on.

⚪🔵 Wakefield 12-12 Saints ⚫🧊


We have the numbers down the right, but the final ball to Bennison is touched by a Wakefield player and we will come again…Six to go!

⚪🔵 Wakefield 12-12 Saints ⚫🧊


But Saints then force a Trinity knock on and we have it back!

⚪🔵 Wakefield 12-12 Saints ⚫🧊


Walmsley knocks on in his own half as we come out with the ball. Time to defend…

⚪🔵 Wakefield 12-12 Saints ⚫🧊

Jonny Lomax for Saints

YES HE CAN! Lomax again kicks the conversion, this time from the far right touchline. Another wonderful kick on his 300th career appearance and we are all square!

⚪🔵 Wakefield 12-12 Saints ⚫🧊

Jonathan Bennison for Saints

BENNOOO!!!!! A lovely move from Saints results in Hurrell feeding his wing partner for the afternoon, Bennison for a score in the corner! Can Jonny nail another?

⚪🔵 Wakefield 12-10 Saints ⚫🧊


Lussick and Lees force the Wakefield error this time. Scrappy from both sides…

⚪🔵 Wakefield 12-6 Saints ⚫🧊


Big Al is back on for Paasi.

⚪🔵 Wakefield 12-6 Saints ⚫🧊


Dan Norman wins the penalty and we come again, but Lomax drops the ball on the next set.

⚪🔵 Wakefield 12-6 Saints ⚫🧊


We are on the charge again as Hurrell breaks down the right. He feeds Bennison whose kick in field is knocked on by Wakefield and we have a BIG chance here…

⚪🔵 Wakefield 12-6 Saints ⚫🧊

Jonny Lomax for Saints

Lomax NAILS the conversion from the touchline. Some kick, Jonny! Lets GO!

⚪🔵 Wakefield 12-6 Saints ⚫🧊

Regan Grace for Saints

REGANNN!!!!!!!!!!! We are back in it!!! We get the penalty and the ball is moved to the left and Grace goes over in the corner! GAME ON!

⚪🔵 Wakefield 12-4 Saints ⚫🧊


Lussick goes for the line from dummy half, but is held up just short. LMS is off and Dan Norman is on.

⚪🔵 Wakefield 12-0 Saints ⚫🧊


A combination of Bell and Sironen force the Wakefield error. A set of six in the Trinity half….

⚪🔵 Wakefield 12-0 Saints ⚫🧊

Mason Lino for Wakefield Trinity

Lino kicks the two.

⚪🔵 Wakefield 12-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Wakefield win another set of six, but Saints defend it well as Fifita’s offload is pounced upon by Bell. But seconds later we are penalised again and the hosts will go for the two…

⚪🔵 Wakefield 10-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Paasi loses the ball coming out of his own line. More defending to do here…

⚪🔵 Wakefield 10-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Lussick puts a kick through and it fortunately rebounds off a Wakefield leg into the hands of Shaul before the hosts win a penalty for a high tackle.

⚪🔵 Wakefield 10-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Bennison wins another penalty for another high shot. Lussick kicks for touch as the rain continues to fall…

⚪🔵 Wakefield 10-0 Saints ⚫🧊


We are back underway in the second half. COYS!

⚪🔵 Wakefield 10-0 Saints ⚫🧊


HT: ⚪🔵 Wakefield 10-0 Saints ⚫🧊

Work to do in the second half!


We over the ball to the right, but Lomax’s kick can’t find Grace in the corner and the ball drifts out.

⚪🔵 Wakefield 10-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Saints win a penalty for offside and have a set of six on the Wakefield line…A minute to go before the break…

⚪🔵 Wakefield 10-0 Saints ⚫🧊


CHANCE! Bell pushes us forward, before Lussick feeds Paasi, but he loses the ball when going for the line under a challenge from two Wakefield players.

⚪🔵 Wakefield 10-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Bennison wins a penalty for Saints after another high shot. A chance here to respond…

⚪🔵 Wakefield 10-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Bennison is trapped in his own-goal and we will drop out.

⚪🔵 Wakefield 10-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Iggy Paasi, LMS and James Bell are all on for Walmsley, Lees and Wingfield.

⚪🔵 Wakefield 10-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Again Lino’s kick strikes the post and comes back out.

⚪🔵 Wakefield 10-0 Saints ⚫🧊

Jack Croft for Wakefield Trinity

Wakefield go for a 40-20, Welsby keeps it in, but palms it back inside and Jack Croft is there to beat Grace to it to touch down.

⚪🔵 Wakefield 10-0 Saints ⚫🧊

Mason Lino for Wakefield Trinity

Wakefield win another penalty and Lino adds the two from the left of the sticks.

⚪🔵 Wakefield 6-0 Saints ⚫🧊


The set ends with Welsby’s grubber running dead…Trinity come up the other end and our full back is trapped in his own in goal.

⚪🔵 Wakefield 4-0 Saints ⚫🧊


We move the ball to the right through the hands of Welsby and Bennison is caught high. We have a penalty in the Trinity 10. Can we get back on level terms?

⚪🔵 Wakefield 4-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Wakefield are now penalised for offside, we kick for touch and attack in the visitors half…Come on, Saints!

⚪🔵 Wakefield 4-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Another Saints error hands the ball back to Trinity, but good defence this time sees out the attack…

⚪🔵 Wakefield 4-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Trinity on the attack again, but Miller’s grubber is well held onto by Bennison this time and we come away with it…

⚪🔵 Wakefield 4-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Lino’s kick strikes the post and bounces out.

⚪🔵 Wakefield 4-0 Saints ⚫🧊

Jorge Taufua for Wakefield Trinity

Jorge Taufua goes over in the corner. Kick to come…

⚪🔵 Wakefield 4-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Bennison drops a high Miller kick under the pouring rain. Another set to defend here on our line…

⚪🔵 Wakefield 0-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Tanginoa thinks he’s scored, but he is held up before the ball out wide again finds touch instead of a Wakefield hand…

⚪🔵 Wakefield 0-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Lussick this time loses it and we must defend a set on our line…

⚪🔵 Wakefield 0-0 Saints ⚫🧊


We move it to the right, but Welsby loses the ball and Jacob Miller breaks away with it. He is stopped on half way, before the ball is moved out right, but finds touch.

⚪🔵 Wakefield 0-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Lomax’s kick is chased down by Hurrell and he trapsJamie Shaul in his own goal and we will come again…

⚪🔵 Wakefield 0-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Both teams have exchanged early sets her as the rain hammers down. It’s sure to make conditions tricky…

⚪🔵 Wakefield 0-0 Saints ⚫🧊


We are off and underway here in Wakefield! COYS! ⚫🧊

⚪🔵 Wakefield 0-0 Saints ⚫🧊

Great to see James Bell back!

Kick off is next!

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The Saints are in the house! 🏠


Jonny Lomax makes his 300th career appearance this atrernooon…

Here is our line up for this afternoon’s clash with Wakefield…

Jonny Lomax makes his 300th career appearance! 👏

Team news is up next!

We will see you soon Saints fans!

👋 Hello from Wakefield! 📍


We have a few suspensions and injuries, but the boss still has plenty of options to choose from this afternoon. Team news will be with you around 1:30pm.

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It’s Gameday! Welcome to our live matchday blog ahead of Saints trip to face Wakefield Trinity (3pm kick off). The game is not televised but we will have all the updates for you right here!

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