Saints have been knocked out of the Challenge Cup at the Semi-Final stage, after losing 20-18 to Wigan in a game of two halves at Elland Road.


Jonny Lomax did make the starting 13 despite being a doubt with injury and as the game got underway slotted in at full back with Welsby playing in the halves.

But it was Wigan who came out of the traps the quicker and opened the scoring very early on. Saints made a mistake in defence and the Warriors worked the ball to their left edge where Jake Bibby found Liam Marshall who finished in the corner. Harry Smith missed the conversion, 4-0 Saints trailed.

Joe Batchelor was then sent to the sin bin for Saints. Wigan broke through Bevan French, but Jack Welsby did very well to catch him and bring him down inches short of the line, the play the ball was messy and the referee judged Batchelor to have held on too long as the Saints defenders scurried back.

Wigan made the most of their man advantage. Cade Cust drove the ball forward and spun over the try-line to increase the Wigan lead. Smith missed the conversion, 8-0 Saints trailed.


Wigan grabbed their third try before the break, Liam Farrell got the ball on the left around 20 metres out and ran through the heart of the Saints defence to score. Smith converted, 14-0.

Saints’ best chance of the half came in the 35th minute, a high Lomax kick was caught by Mark Percival, he then broke towards the try line but was held up inches short. That was the last big chance of the first 40, as Wigan led 14-0 at the break in West Yorkshire after an uncharacteristically poor Saints first half display.


Saints started the second half much better, a move down the right saw Welsby find Konrad Hurrell who powered over three Warriors defenders from close range. Tommy Makinson nailed the touchline conversion, 14-6 Wigan led.

Saints had the momentum and another try followed quickly after. A high Lomax kick to Saints right edge was palmed down by Makinson and Lomax pounced quickest on the loose ball to stroll over and reduce the deficit. Makinson converted again to make it a two-point game, 14-12.


In the blink of an eye we were ahead as Saints completed a remarkable comeback with a third try on the 57th minute. After earning a β€˜six again’ call on Wigan’s line we worked the ball from right to left, skipper James Roby then went for a dart himself and stretched out to score. Makinson converted, 18-14 Saints led!


But against the run of play, Marshall grabbed his second of the game. Saints threw a loose pass in the midfield and Marshall grabbed toy and ran 60 metres to score. Smith added the conversion, 20-18 Wigan led with just over 10 minutes to go.

Saints pushed forward, but could not find the winner and a game of two halves ended in Wigan’s favour as Saints bowed out of the Challenge Cup at the semi-final stage.

Match Summary

Wigan Warriors Team:Β Jai Field, Liam Marshall, Jake Bibby, Ian Thornley, Bevan French, Cade Cust, Harry Smith, Brad Singleton, Brad O’Neill, Liam Byrne, Liam Farrell, John Bateman, Morgan Smithies.

Interchanges:Β Patrick Mago, Kaide Ellis, Ethan Havard, Joe Shorrocks.

Tries:Β Liam Marshall (3, 68), Cade Cust (19), Liam Farrell (30)

Conversions:Β Harry Smith (1 from 3)

Saints Team:Β Jack Welsby, Tommy Makinson, Konrad Hurrell, Mark Percival, Josh Simm, Ben Davies, Jonny Lomax, Alex Walmsley, James Roby, Matty Lees, Joe Batchelor, Sione Mata’utia, Morgan Knowles.

Interchanges:Β Joey Lussick, Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook, Agnatius Paasi, Curtis Sironen.

Tries:Β Konrad Hurrell (47), Jonny Lomax (50), James Roby (57)

Conversions:Β Tommy Makinson (3 from 3)

Sin Bin:Β Joe Batchelor (17)

HT:Β 14-0

FT:Β 20-18

Saints Line up

1 Jack Welsby
2 Tommy Makinson
23 Konrad Hurrell
4 Mark Percival
21 Josh Simm
21 Ben Davies
6 Jonny Lomax
8 Alex Walmsley
James Roby
10 Matty Lees
11 Sione Mata’utia
12 Joe Batchelor
13 Morgan Knowles
14 Joey Lussick
15 Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook
17 Agnatius Paasi
16 Curtis Sironen

Wigan Warriors Line up

1Jai Field
2Liam Marshall
3Jake Bibby
4Iain Thornley
5Bevan French
6Cade Cust
7Harry Smith
8Brad Singleton
9Brad O’Neill
10Liam Byrne
11Liam Farrell
12John Bateman
13Morgan Smithies
14Patrick Mago
15Kaide Ellis
16Ethan Havard
17Joe Shorrocks

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FT: πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 20-18 Saints ⚫🧊

It’s not meant to be this time around as we bow out at the Semi-Final stage.



The last play of the game…..

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 20-18 Saints ⚫🧊


Mata’utia traps Field on the last. 1 minute to go.

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 20-18 Saints ⚫🧊


The kick goes up and Wigan get it back and a fresh set of six on the Saints line. Two to go.

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 20-18 Saints ⚫🧊


We move the ball to our right side through the hands of Welsby, but Hurrell can’t hang on to it and Wigan have it back before the Warriors are awarded a penalty for a high shot.

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 20-18 Saints ⚫🧊


Seven to go. Saints have the scrum in our own half before we win a penalty for offside…Davies kicks for touch. We have a chance with five minutes to go!

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 20-18 Saints ⚫🧊


It’s end to end! Jai Field tries to burst through, but Lomax is there on the cover to save a certain try!

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 20-18 Saints ⚫🧊


Batchelor is off and Lees is back on as we head inside the final 10 minutes of this pulsating Semi-Final!

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 20-18 Saints ⚫🧊

Harry Smith for Wigan Warriors

Smith adds the two for Wigan.

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 20-18 Saints ⚫🧊

Liam Marshall for Wigan Warriors

Out of nowhere Marshall picks up a loose ball and runs the length to score. Kick to come.

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 18-18 Saints ⚫🧊


Farrell breaks forward but the offload to Bibby doesn’t come off…

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 14-18 Saints ⚫🧊


We are nearly in again as Lomax somehow finds an offload to Simm, but he can’t keep hold and Wigan survive. This is some Semi-Final now!

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 14-18 Saints ⚫🧊


Walmsley is back on for Paasi as we drive forward again!

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 14-18 Saints ⚫🧊


Sironen is on for Knowles as Lussick is involved straight away! His dart causes mayhem in the Wigan defence, but Lomax can’t keep hold of a Batchelor offload…

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 14-18 Saints ⚫🧊


Lussick is on for LMS as Saints force the Wigan knock on, on our own line!

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 14-18 Saints ⚫🧊

Tommy Makinson for Saints

Makinson adds the two and we lead by 4!!

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 14-18 Saints ⚫🧊

James Roby for Saints

ROBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAPTAIN FANTASTIC IS AT IT AGAIN!! Roby goes for the line himself and reaches out to get it down. WHAT A PLAYER!

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 14-16 Saints ⚫🧊


We have another set on the Wigan line after a Warriors hand in. Can we make it count?

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 14-12 Saints ⚫🧊


Tommy Makinson for Saints

Makinson adds the two. And in the blink of an eye, it’s a two point game!

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 14-12 Saints ⚫🧊

Jonny Lomax for Saints

LOMAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!! GAME ONNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The high kick from Jonny goes up, it’s palmed back by Makinson and Lomax is there to pick it up and go over!

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 14-10 Saints ⚫🧊

Tommy Makinson for Saints

Makinson adds the two from the touchline. A BIG kick! GAME ON!

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 14-6 Saints ⚫🧊

Konrad Hurrell for Saints

KONIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!! We are back in this one as Konrad Hurrell bundles his way over three Wigan defenders to score in the corner after a Welsby short ball. It goes upstairs and it’s given!

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 14-4 Saints ⚫🧊


Saints come forward after a good drive and offload from Paasi. Wigan get it back, but Marshall knocks on after pressure from Roby! CHANCE HERE…

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 14-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Davies finds Percival on our left edge, but his kick is bundled into touch.

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 14-0 Saints ⚫🧊


We are back underway in the second half at Elland Road. A strong start needed!

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 14-0 Saints ⚫🧊



HT: πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 14-0 Saints ⚫🧊

Work to be done in the second half…



Welsby’s kick goes up, but Marshall rises above Makinson to hang on.

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 14-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Batchelor now wins a penalty. We come again!!

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 14-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Welsby forces Marshall into a knock on in his own half! The Saints crowd in that corner come alive! COYS!

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 14-0 Saints ⚫🧊


CHANCE! Percy catches a high kick on the last above Field, but is held up just short! COYS!

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 14-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Makinson’s kick is too deep and Wigan have it back in our half. LMS and Paasi are on for Walmsley and Lees.

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 14-0 Saints ⚫🧊

Harry Smith for Wigan Warriors

Smith adds the two.

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 14-0 Saints ⚫🧊

Liam Farrell for Wigan Warriors

Farrell bursts through a gap in the Saints defence to score.

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 12-0 Saints ⚫🧊


The kick goes up to Simm’s side, but it runs dead and we have the ball back as Batchelor does now come back on.

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 8-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Saints are penalised for offside this time. Just over 1 minute until Batchelor returns to the field and Saints are up to our full compliment of players.

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 8-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Davies kicks through, but it runs dead.

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 8-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Wigan are penalised for offside. Welsby kicks for touch and we are on the attack. Time to turn it up, Saints!!

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 8-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Smith’s kick from the left again misses.

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 8-0 Saints ⚫🧊

Cade Cust for Wigan Warriors

Wigan make the numbers count as Cust goes over.

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 8-0 Saints ⚫🧊

Yellow Card
Joe Batchelor for Saints

Joe Batchelor is then sent to the bin for holding down as Saints re-group. A set to defend on our line, with 12 men…

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 4-0 Saints ⚫🧊


WOW. The pass goes astray, French picks it up for Wigan and runs the length of the field, slips, and Welsby catches him, inches from the line!!!!

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 4-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Again om the last we opt to run it through the hands of Lomax and then Knowles, but he is trapped….Only for Smith to knock on in Wigan’s first tackle!!! COME ON SAINTS!

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 4-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Wigan come forward, but Bateman loses it and we have it back on half way. It’s been all Saints since we conceded early!

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 4-0 Saints ⚫🧊


CHANCE! We keep it alive and Makinson finds Hurrell on the last, he has Field one-on-one, but the full back tackles him low and Hurrell loses the ball.

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 4-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Ben Davies opts to run it on the last, but Wigan see the set out and have it back…

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 4-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Saints win a penalty after Bateman catches Knowles high. CHANCE…

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 4-0 Saints ⚫🧊


In the early stages Jonny Lomax is playing at full back, with Jack Welsby in the halves…

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 4-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Harry Smith’s kick drifts wide.

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 4-0 Saints ⚫🧊

Liam Marshall for Wigan Warriors

Marshall scores in the corner for Wigan.

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 4-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Early pressure on the Saints line after Josh Simm drops a high bomb. Time to defend…

πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 0-0 Saints ⚫🧊



πŸ’βšͺ Wigan 0-0 Saints ⚫🧊

Now over to our Men…Kick off in our Semi-Final is next! πŸ”œ


πŸ₯³ Congratulations to our very own Saints Women on Back-2-Back Challenge Cup Final victories! 😁


Head over to our social media accounts to catch a pre match word from the boss!

➑️ Lomax starts! 🀩


Here is your Saints team – and Lomax starts!!

Our Women trail at the break in their Challenge Cup Final…

Men’s team news is up next!

Our Women have just completed their warm ups ahead of kick off in their Challenge Cup Final! Kick off is at 12noon and you can follow all the action on their social media accounts!

We are all set for a triple header here at Elland Road!

πŸ“ Elland Road!

A reminder that our Women kick off at 12noon. To follow the action just visit their social media accounts (@saints1890women)!

Saints are one win away from another Challenge Cup Final – this time at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium! Can we make it? Stay tuned…

With the busy day ahead, make sure you read our match preview story to ensure you are fully up to date with everything ahead of the action packed day!


It’s a triple header of action at Elland Road with both men’s semi final’s following our Women’s Final! What a day!

Before our Men kick off, our Saints Women will look to make it back-to-back Challenge Cups with victory over Leeds Rhinos in their Final! The Women’s kick off is 12noon live on BBC2!

Hello and welcome to our live match blog ahead of Saints huge Betfred Challenge Cup Semi Final derby clash with Wigan at Elland Road! Kick off on Saturday is at 2:30pm live on BBC1.

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