Saints were beaten 30-10 by Wigan in the Derby at the DW Stadium on Friday evening.

Saints dominated the opening five minutes and took an early lead. Curtis Sironen’s pass put Joe Batchelor through a gap down the left edge before he was tackled. Off the back of it Saints kept the ball alive as Jonny Lomax found Batchelor again and he was stopped as he went for the line before Wigan were caught offside. Saints opted for the two and Lomax nailed it, 2-0 Saints led.

Wigan worked the ball out right off the back of a penalty in Saints territory and after Ben Thaler awarded the hosts a penalty for a high shot, Bevan French evaded the challenge of Jon Bennison and scored in the right corner. The try was awarded after a video referee review. Harry Smith converted, 6-2.

Wigan increased their lead midway through the first period. An offload in midfield found Smith and he offloaded on his inside for Jai Field who raced away to score under the sticks. Smith added the extras from in front of the sticks, 12-2.

Saints could have levelled in the 26th minute as Konrad Hurrell tried to bury his way over on the last tackle, but the video referee judged that the powerful centre was held up over the Warriors line.

Wigan added to their lead just before the break. Wigan dropped the ball, but the referee judged it went backwards and the play resulted in Liam Farrell making a break down the middle of the Saints pack and raced away to score under the sticks. Smith converted, 18-2.

Saints started to build pressure in the opening quarter of the second half, but some unforced errors on the Wigan goal-line kept the score at 18-2. The nearest Saints came to grabbing our first try saw Lomax held up short before he offloaded to Joey Lussick but like, Lomax he was held up.

The video referee was called into action just before the halfway point of the second half, Agnatius Paasi crashed through the Wigan defence from close range and ended up over the try-line, the on-field decision of no try was held though, 18-2 it remained.

Saints weren’t to be denied for much longer though. Later on in the set as the ball was driven back towards the posts Lussick spotted a gap from dummy half and squeezed through to score our opening try of the contest. Ben Davies took the kick but dragged it wide, 18-6.

Wigan grabbed another against the run of play with twelve minute to go. Saints fumbled the ball in Wigan territory, Liam Marshall picked it up and raced away down the wing, Davies somehow tracked him down and tackled him 5 metres out, but it was only momentarily as Marshall got up, ducked under the challenge of Lomax and planted the ball down. Smith converted, 24-6.

Saints replied with six minutes to go. The ball was worked down the short side on the left as Lomax found Sironen and he threw a cut-out pass to Batchelor and he went over a Wigan defender before planting the ball down. Davies missed the conversion, 24-10.

As Saints continued to push forward, Wigan scored with the final play of the game as French found some space down our left and raced clear. Smith added the two meaning Saints will have to wait until Monday, at least, to try and wrap up the League Leaders’ Shield at home against Wakefield.

Match Summary

Wigan Warriors Team: Jai Field, Bevan French, Kai Pearce-Paul, Willie Isa, Liam Marshall, Cade Cust, Harry Smith, Brad Singleton, Brad O’Neill, Liam Byrne, Liam Farrell, John Bateman, Morgan Smithies.

Interchanges: Patrick Mago, Kaide Ellis, Mike Cooper, Joe Shorrocks.

Tries: Bevan French (11, 80), Jai Field (23), Liam Farrell (34), Liam Marshall (68)

Conversions: Harry Smith (4 from 4)

Saints Team: Jack Welsby, Josh Simm, Konrad Hurrell, Joe Batchelor, Jonathan Bennison, Ben Davies, Jonny Lomax, Alex Walmsley, James Roby, Matty Lees, James Bell, Curtis Sironen, Morgan Knowles.

Interchanges: Joey Lussick, Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook, Agnatius Paasi, Jake Wingfield.

Tries: Joey Lussick (58), Joe Batchelor (74)

Conversions: Ben Davies (0 from 2)

Penalties: Jonny Lomax (1 from 1)

HT: 18-2

FT: 30-10

Attendance: 19,210

Saints Line up

1 Jack Welsby
21 Josh Simm
23 Konrad Hurrell
12 Joe Batchelor
5 Jonathan Bennison
21 Ben Davies
6 Jonny Lomax
8 Alex Walmsley
James Roby
10 Matty Lees
15 James Bell
16 Curtis Sironen
13 Morgan Knowles
14 Joey Lussick
15 Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook
17 Agnatius Paasi
18 Jake Wingfield

Wigan Warriors Line up

1Jai Field
2Bevan French
3Kai Pearce-Paul
4Willie Isa
5Liam Marshall
6Cade Cust
7Harry Smith
8Brad Singleton
9Brad O'Neill
10Liam Byrne
11Liam Farrell
12John Bateman
13Morgan Smithies
14Patrick Mago
15Kaide Ellis
16Mike Cooper
17Joe Shorrocks

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FT: 🍒⚪ Wigan 30-10 Saints ⚫🧊

Not our day in the Derby.


Harry Smith for Wigan Warriors

Smith adds the two.

🍒⚪ Wigan 30-10 Saints ⚫🧊

Bevan French for Wigan Warriors

French scores another break away try on the hooter.

🍒⚪ Wigan 28-10 Saints ⚫🧊


Simm is tackled on the last as we continue to push forward…

🍒⚪ Wigan 24-10 Saints ⚫🧊


We are close to getting in again as clever play down our left sends Bennison away, but he is brought down and as we try and gamble, Lees’ pass is into a Wigan hand.

🍒⚪ Wigan 24-10 Saints ⚫🧊

Joe Batchelor for Saints

BATCHHHHH!! Lomax, Sironen and Davies combining to send our stand-in centre over! Davies’ touchline kick drifts wide.

🍒⚪ Wigan 24-10 Saints ⚫🧊

Harry Smith for Wigan Warriors

Smith adds the two.

🍒⚪ Wigan 24-6 Saints ⚫🧊

Liam Marshall for Wigan Warriors

Marshall with a break away try for Wigan.

🍒⚪ Wigan 22-6 Saints ⚫🧊

Lussick darts over earlier!


Wigan defend the set out and we are then penalised for offside.

🍒⚪ Wigan 18-6 Saints ⚫🧊


More pressure as Wigan are pulled up for offside. We must make this pressure count…

🍒⚪ Wigan 18-6 Saints ⚫🧊


Knowles is back on for the Captain James Roby as Walmsley wins another penalty…

🍒⚪ Wigan 18-6 Saints ⚫🧊


We win a penalty, Lussick kicks for touch and we are on the move again in the Wigan half…COYS!

🍒⚪ Wigan 18-6 Saints ⚫🧊


Davies drags his kick wide…

🍒⚪ Wigan 18-6 Saints ⚫🧊

Joey Lussick for Saints

JOEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Lussick darts over from dummy half! GET IN!

🍒⚪ Wigan 18-6 Saints ⚫🧊


Paasi is held up on the Wigan line. We come again…

🍒⚪ Wigan 18-2 Saints ⚫🧊


Saints win the penalty for a Wigan offside and Lussick makes 60 meters with his kick…CHANCE!!

🍒⚪ Wigan 18-2 Saints ⚫🧊


Jake Wingfield is on for LMS.

🍒⚪ Wigan 18-2 Saints ⚫🧊


This time Pearce-Paul knocks on at the play-the-ball and we get it back.

🍒⚪ Wigan 18-2 Saints ⚫🧊


Bennison fumbles the kick and Wigan have the scrum in our half.

🍒⚪ Wigan 18-2 Saints ⚫🧊

Keep pushing, Saints!


Lussick straight involved as Lomax is held up before the hooker goes for the line, but he is also held up on the last.

🍒⚪ Wigan 18-2 Saints ⚫🧊


Lussick is on for Knowles as LMS pounces on a loose ball and we have a chance here…

🍒⚪ Wigan 18-2 Saints ⚫🧊


Wigan win the penalty after Hurrell is penalised at the play-the-ball.

🍒⚪ Wigan 18-2 Saints ⚫🧊


Knowles knocks on and Wigan get it back.

🍒⚪ Wigan 18-2 Saints ⚫🧊


We get it back after Simm does well to intercept! CHANCE here…

🍒⚪ Wigan 18-2 Saints ⚫🧊


Sironen knocks on under the challenge from Cooper.

🍒⚪ Wigan 18-2 Saints ⚫🧊


Great Saints defence keeps the Wigan in their own half after six tackles and we are on the charge again. A good start to the second half!

🍒⚪ Wigan 18-2 Saints ⚫🧊


We are on the attack as Roby makes a dart. The ball finds its way to Davies, but his grubber is held onto by French…

🍒⚪ Wigan 18-2 Saints ⚫🧊


We are back underway in the second half…COYS! A big 40 needed! ⚫🧊

🍒⚪ Wigan 18-2 Saints ⚫🧊


HT: 🍒⚪ Wigan 18-2 Saints ⚫🧊

We trail at the break in the Derby.



Welsby knocks on and Wigan survive as we approach the break…

🍒⚪ Wigan 18-2 Saints ⚫🧊


We get the ball back and the scrum and will come again…

🍒⚪ Wigan 18-2 Saints ⚫🧊


Ironic cheers from the Saints fans as Wigan are penalised for a knock on. A chance to hit back before the break…

🍒⚪ Wigan 18-2 Saints ⚫🧊

Harry Smith for Wigan Warriors

Smith adds the two from right in front.

🍒⚪ Wigan 18-2 Saints ⚫🧊

Liam Farrell for Wigan Warriors

Farrell goes over for Wigan.

🍒⚪ Wigan 16-2 Saints ⚫🧊


LMS is on for his 400th Super League as Wigan again are awarded another penalty when it looked a clear knock on…

🍒⚪ Wigan 12-2 Saints ⚫🧊


Welsby loses the ball under three Wigan challenges.

🍒⚪ Wigan 12-2 Saints ⚫🧊


Iggy Paasi is on for Big Al as he powers towards the Wigan line…The ball finds touch, but there is a Wigan hand in and we get it back…

🍒⚪ Wigan 12-2 Saints ⚫🧊

Keep battling, Saints!


This time we do get the decision as Kai Pearce-Paul knocks on…

🍒⚪ Wigan 12-2 Saints ⚫🧊


We come forward again, but Wigan defend it well and again we are penalised and again Wigan have a penalty…

🍒⚪ Wigan 12-2 Saints ⚫🧊


DISSALLOWED! Hurrell thinks he’s got the ball down. It goes upstairs, but it’s not given.

🍒⚪ Wigan 12-2 Saints ⚫🧊


Farrell knocks on and we have a set in the Wigan half. Can we hit straight back?

🍒⚪ Wigan 12-2 Saints ⚫🧊

Harry Smith for Wigan Warriors

Smith adds the two from right in front.

🍒⚪ Wigan 12-2 Saints ⚫🧊

Jai Field for Wigan Warriors

Field goes over under the sticks after a break from Smith.

🍒⚪ Wigan 10-2 Saints ⚫🧊


Hurrell is receiving some treatment after a bang on the arm. He looks OK to continue and we have it back through Bennison…

🍒⚪ Wigan 6-2 Saints ⚫🧊


But Welsby knocks on and Wigan get it back as both sets of players come together…

🍒⚪ Wigan 6-2 Saints ⚫🧊


We come forward through a powerful Hurrell run and the play results in Welsby kicking through, Field fumbles and we get the scrum….CHANCE!

🍒⚪ Wigan 6-2 Saints ⚫🧊

Harry Smith for Wigan Warriors

Harry Smith kicks the two.

🍒⚪ Wigan 6-2 Saints ⚫🧊

Bevan French for Wigan Warriors

French goes over for Wigan in the corner after a video referee review.

🍒⚪ Wigan 4-2 Saints ⚫🧊


Ben Thaler has penalised us again this time for offside and Wigan will opt to run it rather than take the two…

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-2 Saints ⚫🧊


Lees catches Marshall high according to the referee and Wigan get the penalty and a set in our half…

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-2 Saints ⚫🧊

Jonny Lomax for Saints

Lomax slots over the two from right in front and we lead in the Derby!

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-2 Saints ⚫🧊


CHANCE! Batchelor breaks through and is taken down 10 meters out. Lomax feeds Lees and he looks to get it down, but the referee pulls it back for a Wigan offside and we will go for the two…

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-0 Saints ⚫🧊


Lomax’s grubber is grabbed by Field and Wigan get the ball back as we pile in with some big hits!

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-0 Saints ⚫🧊


The ball finds its way to Knowles who goes for the line, but he is held up and we will come again!

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-0 Saints ⚫🧊


The start we wanted! Lomax with the clever kick towards Liam Marshall, he fumbles and Josh Simm forces him in touch. CHANCE!

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-0 Saints ⚫🧊


The biggest DERBY in Rugby League is underway! ⚫🧊


Kick off is next!

Lessss GO Saints!

And the atmosphere is building inside too! 👏

The atmosphere is building outside the DW Stadium! 👋

The boss reveals that Tommy Makinson has “some swelling around his knee” which has not quite cleared in time to play today. Hear from him on our social media accounts…

LMS makes his 400th Super League appearance! 👏

Here is how we line up this evening…

Team news will be with you at 6:30pm! Stay tuned….

Hello from over the hill 👋

We have sold out our away allocation! The atmosphere is set to be electric this evening at the DW Stadium! Can we win the League Leaders’ at the home of our rivals who are unbeaten there all season?

This is a reminder of our 21 man squad…Team news will land around 6:30pm this evening! Stay tuned…

Anyway, back to tonight’s HUGE Derby where Saints can secure the League Leaders’ Shield with victory over our fiercest rivals! We have all the pre-match information for you in our match preview story…

Today also marks another unique milestone…It is 50 days to go until the start of the Rugby League World Cup where our Totally Wicked Stadium will host three live games!

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And what a way to kick off Derby Day!! Captain, Leader, Legend James Roby has confirmed he will play on into 2023! Head over to our news section to read all about it and hear from the man himself!

Hello and welcome to DERBY DAY! It’s Saints vs Wigan at the DW Stadium live on Sky Sports with an 8pm kick off! Who is excited?