Saints nilled Huddersfield 0-28 this evening at the John Smith’s Stadium, to make it back to back wins to open 2024!

In a hard fought opening quarter to the half, it took ten minutes for the first points. Saints moved the ball from left to right and Matt Whitley collected Jonny Lomax’s grubber kick to slide over and grab his third try in his first two appearances for the club. Mark Percival converted, 0-6.

It took until two minutes before the break for try number two. Sione Mata’utia collected James Bell’s short pass close to the Giants line and broke over the top of the defender, before planting the ball down. The video referee was called upon, and he agreed with the on-field decision of try. Percival added the two, 0-12 Saints led at the break.

Eleven minutes into the second half, Saints grabbed their third try of the evening. Saints kept the ball alive down the left edge and it found its way to Daryl Clark, he put in a low kick which bounced perfectly into the hands of Jack Welsby to score under the sticks. Percival added two more points, 0-18.

Saints were reduced to twelve men just after the hour-mark. A kick to the corner looked to have gone dead inn-goal, however the referee went upstairs and the Giants were awarded a penalty and Saints lost Clark for ten minutes for the incident.

Saints rode the storm well, and grabbed two late tries to seal the win. With five minutes to go, Saints grabbed the try of the game. Jake Wingfield found Welsby down the middle and he broke through, the ball was then shifted through the hands down the left edge and eventually found its way to Jon Bennison to score in the corner. Makinson missed the kick, 0-22.

The final try came with two minutes to go. Welsby again collected a late offload and broke through the heart of the Giants and found the returning Morgan Knowles on his inside as support, who scored under the sticks on his return. Makinson kicked the final points of the game, as Saints beat the Giants 0-28 in West Yorkshire!

Match Summary

Huddersfield Giants Team: Tui Lolohea, Adam Swift, Esan Marsters, Kevin Naiqama, Elliot Wallis, Adam Clune, Oliver Russell, Chris Hill, Adam Milner, Seb Ikahihifo, Jack Murchie, Sam Hewitt, Leroy Cudjoe.

Interchanges: Ashton Golding, Matty English, Oliver Wilson, Hugo Salabio.

18th Man: Sam Halsall.



Saints Team: Jack Welsby, Tommy Makinson, Waqa Blake, Mark Percival, Jon Bennison, Jonny Lomax, Lewis Dodd, Alex Walmsley, Daryl Clark, Matty Lees, Matt Whitley, Curtis Sironen, Morgan Knowles.

Interchanges: Sione Mata’utia, James Bell, Jake Wingfield, George Delaney.

18th Man: Ben Davies.

Tries: Matt Whitley (10), Sione Mata’utia (38), Jack Welsby (51), Jon Bennison (75), Morgan Knowles (78)

Conversions: Mark Percival (3 from 3), Tommy Makinson (1 from 2)

Sin Bin: Daryl Clark (63)

HT: 0-12

FT: 0-28

Attendance: 6812

Saints Line up

1 Jack Welsby
2 Tommy Makinson
3 Waqa Blake
4 Mark Percival
5 Jonathan Bennison
6 Jonny Lomax
7 Lewis Dodd
8 Alex Walmsley
9 Daryl Clark
10 Matty Lees
19 Matt Whitley
16 Curtis Sironen
13 Morgan Knowles
11 Sione Mata’utia
15 James Bell
18 Jake Wingfield
20 George Delaney

Huddersfield Giants Line up

6Tui Lolohea
2Adam Swift
3Esan Marsters
4Kevin Naiqama
20Elliot Wallis
7Adam Clune
23Olly Russell
8Chris Hill
9Adam Milner
18Seb Ikahihifo
11Jack Murchie
12Sam Hewitt
21Leroy Cudjoe
14Ashton Golding
15Matty English
17Olly Wilson
26Hugo Salabio

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👊 A dominant performance from the Saints over in West Yorkshire!


Tommy Makinson for Saints

78′ No mistake from Tommy this time!

🐮🔔 0-28 😇

Morgan Knowles for Saints


Saints keep the ball alive, Welsby breaks through and finds Morgs on his inside to go over underneath the sticks!

🐮🔔 0-26 😇


76′ Makinson misses the conversion attempt.

🐮🔔 0-22 😇

Jonathan Bennison for Saints


Welsby breaks through the middle, he finds Makinson in support, the ball is worked through the hands but finds its way to Benno who strolls in at the corner!

🐮🔔 0-22 😇


72′ Saints spend a set on the Huddersfield line but are unable to break through, as Lomax is tackled on the last.

🔄 Mata’utia on, Percival off

🐮🔔 0-18 😇


70′ Saints force another Giants error as the hosts look to break into our half!

🐮🔔 0-18 😇


67′ Welsby attempts a low kick on the last but the ball goes to ground, Huddersfield unable to take advantage as they also spill the ball. Giants ball on their own 10…

🐮🔔 0-18 😇


64′ Huddersfield cannot take advantage of the extra man for the moment as the ball sails into touch. The Red V stands firm on this occasion! 👊

🐮🔔 0-18 😇


63′ Video referee is called upon for a potential penalty try for the Giants. Penalty Huddersfield the decision, as a result…

🟨 Clark is sin binned.

🔄 Meanwhile: Walmsley on, Delaney off

🐮🔔 0-18 😇


59′ Saints are on the attack once again as Clark tries to break down the middle. Pause in play with Ashton Golding down hurt…

🔄 Knowles on, Bell off

🐮🔔 0-18 😇


57′ A great catch by Bennison on the last on his own line gets Saints the ball back!

🐮🔔 0-18 😇


55′ Makinson collects a high kick in the corner but is dragged into touch. Saints forced to defend on their own line.

🐮🔔 0-18 😇

Mark Percival for Saints

52′ Percy adds another two points!

🐮🔔 0-18 😇

Jack Welsby for Saints


Saints throw the ball around and Daryl Clark’s kick bounces perfectly for Welsby to score underneath the sticks!

🐮🔔 0-16 😇


49′ Clune’s high kick is well dealt with by Bennison in the corner.

🔄 Wingfield on, Mata’utia off

🐮🔔 0-12 😇


47′ Russell tries an early kick into the corner. Makinson watches it sail over his head and bounce into touch. Saints ball inside our own 15 meters.

🐮🔔 0-12 😇


44′ Huddersfield spot a gap behind the Saints defence and kick early, Makinson gets back and kicks the ball into the screen over in the far corner. Saints forced to dropout…

🐮🔔 0-12 😇


42′ Saints’ first set of the second half ends with a high kick in Giants territory, Lolohea comes down with the ball though.

🐮🔔 0-12 😇

Kick Off

41′ Underway for the second 40!

🐮🔔 0-12 😇


⏸ Saints are ahead at the break thanks to first half tries from Whitley and Mata’utia!


Mark Percival for Saints

39′ Percy adds another two points!

🐮🔔 0-12 😇

Sione Mata'utia for Saints


Mata’utia collects Bell’s short pass and crashes over before stretching over the line to score!

Our lead increases just before the break! 💪

🐮🔔 0-10 😇


38′ We are going upstairs to the video referee, Sione Mata’utia looks to have scored down the right-hand side!

🐮🔔 0-6 😇


37′ Huddersfield apply the pressure as we enter the final few minutes of the first 40, Saints deal with a few high kicks to the corner!

🐮🔔 0-6 😇


33′ Saints push forward again but a loose pass on the Giants line gifts the hosts the ball back.

🔄 Bell on, Knowles off

🐮🔔 0-6 😇


29′ Saints look to be in down our right edge but the referee brings it back for a forward pass…

🐮🔔 0-6 😇


28′ Percival misses the kick, Saints will get the ball back as the Giants dropout from their 20.

🐮🔔 0-6 😇


27′ Saints penalty 40 metres out and we are going for goal…

🐮🔔 0-6 😇


26′ A good tackle from Waqa Blake forces former Saint Swift into touch as he looked to score in the far corner!

🔄 Mata’utia on, Walmsley off

🐮🔔 0-6 😇


24′ Giants force Saints to dropout from under our own sticks

🐮🔔 0-6 😇


21′ Delaney is caught high by two Giants defenders. Saints penalty which puts us deep in the Giants half…

🐮🔔 0-6😇


20′ Great work from the Saints traps Marsters in-goal and forces another dropout!

🐮🔔 0-6😇


16′ Huddersfield’s low kick on the last bounces into touch off a chasing Saints defender. The visitors have the ball back 10 out from our own line!

🐮🔔 0-6😇


14′ Lolohea does well to avoid a dropout as Saints chase a kick from Dodd. A penalty follows and now the Giants are in Saints territory.

🐮🔔 0-6 😇

Mark Percival for Saints

11′ Percival adds the extra two!

🐮🔔 0-6 😇

Matt Whitley for Saints


The ball is worked from right to left and Lomax’s inch-perfect kick is grounded by Super Matty Whitley!

🐮🔔 0-4 😇


8′: Saints force a dropout as Lolohea is forced to clear Dodd’s kick in behind the defence!

🐮🔔 0-0 😇


7′: Huddersfield come forward again but another great hit from Saints forces the ball loose from Murchie!

🐮🔔 0-0 😇


5′ Saints force the error from Russell, as he knocks on as the hosts looked to take advantage of the early Saints mistake!

🐮🔔 0-0 😇


3′: Huddersfield force the first error of the game as Percival knocks on just inside the Saints half. Time to defend!

🐮🔔 0-0 😇


2′: Huddersfield’s high kick on the last tackle is claimed comfortably by Makinson on his own ten metre line. Saints’ first set ends up in a similar position at the opposite end of the field…

🐮🔔 0-0 😇

Kick Off

1′ We are underway at the John Smith’s Stadium!

Lets go, lads!

The Saints are in the building ahead of this evenings big game at the John Smith’s Stadium!

🙌 Morgan Knowles is back in the 17 this evening!

Glad to have you back Morgs! 🤝

This is how our opponents will lineup this evening in West Yorkshire…

😇 Your Saints lineup for the first away Super League fixture of the season against Huddersfield!

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