Saints suffered their first defeat of the 2024 season, as Salford beat the Red V 20-24 at the Totally Wicked Stadium…

Saints dominated the opening stages, and had a great chance eight minutes in. Jack Welsby spotted space down Saints’ left edge and kicked early, the ball didn’t bounce in favour of Jon Bennison though, as it bounced into touch with just grass ahead of him.

It wasn’t much longer until Saints went ahead. After a Salford error deep in their own half, Saints went right from a scrum, Jonny Lomax finding Welsby who threw a dummy and glided through the gap to score in the corner. Mark Percival missed the kick, 4-0.

Our lead increased 18 minutes in. Alex Walmsley found Sione Mata’utia who broke his head through a tackle and offloaded to Lewis Dodd who sped away to score in the corner. Percival’s kicked bounced out off the post, 8-0.

Salford replied 25 minutes in. After forcing a goal-line dropout, the visitors shifted it from right to left and Ryan Brierley threw a cut-out pass to Deon Cross on the wing, who was able to scramble his way over. Marc Sneyd converted, 8-6.

Five minutes before the break, Saints extended their lead.  Jonny Lomax ran across the Salford line and found Percival running a great line, who breezed through a gap to score underneath the sticks. He turned his four-pointer into six, 14-6.

Saints went down to twelve players four minutes into the second half. Salford fumbled the ball after a blatant obstruction was missed the play prior. Percival tried to make a tackle which forced the ball loose, and after initially ruling knock on, the referee got some advice and issued Saints #4 with a red card.

Saints increased their lead midway through the second half. A Salford error on their own line gifted us possession ten metres from the Salford line. A few tackle in, Saints went right as Moses Mbye found Dodd, who spotted a gap and raced through it for his second try of the evening. He added the extras as well, 20-6.

The video referee was called upon soon after. Jon Bennison was forced to deal with a high kick, which gave Salford the ball ten metres out. A few tackles in, Salford worked it right to Nene Macdonald who burrowed his way over from close range. The referee’s on-field decision of try stood. Sneyd converted, 20-12.

Salford grabbed another with eleven minutes to go. Chris Atkin found himself with the ball near the Saints line, spotted a gap and broke thorough it to score under the sticks. Sneyd converted, 20-18.

The Red Devils threatened again shortly after. A dubious penalty allowed Salford to push in the Saints half. On the last tackle it was shifted right, but Macdonald was pushed into touch by a covering Saints defence.

Salford did take the lead with five six minutes to go. On the last, they ran it, Sneyd threw a cut-out pass to Tim Lafai, who was able to offload to Cross, who scored in the corner. Sneyd converted, 20-24.

Match Summary

Saints Team: Jack Welsby, Tommy Makinson, Waqa Blake, Mark Percival, Jon Bennison, Jonny Lomax, Lewis Dodd, Alex Walmsley, Daryl Clark, Sione Mata’utia, Matt Whitley, Curtis Sironen, Morgan Knowles.

Interchanges: Moses Mbye, James Bell, Jake Wingfield, George Delaney.

18th Man: Ben Davies.

Tries: Jack Welsby (12), Lewis Dodd (18, 59), Mark Percival (35)

Conversions: Mark Percival (1 from 3), Lewis Dodd (1 from 1)

Red Card: Mark Percival (44)

Salford Red Devils Team: Ryan Brierley, Chris Hankinson, Nene Macdonald, Tim Lafai, Deon Cross, Cade Cust, Marc Sneyd, Jack Ormondroyd, Amir Bourouh, Brad Singleton, Sam Stone, Kallum Watkins, Joe Shorrocks.

Interchanges: King Vuniyayawa, Chris Atkin, Shane Wright, Ben Hellewell.

18th Man: Ethan Ryan.

Tries: Deon Cross (25, 74), Nene Macdonald (63), Chris Atkin (69)

Conversions: Marc Sneyd (4 from 4)

HT: 14-6

FT: 20-24

Attendance: 11,548

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Saints Line up

1 Jack Welsby
2 Tommy Makinson
3 Waqa Blake
4 Mark Percival
5 Jonathan Bennison
6 Jonny Lomax
7 Lewis Dodd
8 Alex Walmsley
9 Daryl Clark
11 Sione Mata’utia
16 Curtis Sironen
19 Matt Whitley
13 Morgan Knowles
14 Moses Mbye
15 James Bell
18 Jake Wingfield
20 George Delaney

Salford Red Devils Line up

1Ryan Brierley
23Chris Hankinson
3Nene Macdonald
4Tim Lafai
5Deon Cross
6Cade Cust
7Marc Sneyd
17Jack Ormondroyd
9Amir Bourouh
8Brad Singleton
11Sam Stone
12Kallum Watkins
16Joe Shorrocks
10King Vuniyayawa
14Chris Atkin
15Shane Wright
18Ben Hellewell

Last updated 8 Mar 24 21:55:59


⏹ Our 12-man Saints fall to the Red Devils for our first defeat of the 2024 season.



🔄 Walmsley on, Sironen off.

😇 20-24 😈


Sneyd adds the kick.

😇 20-24 😈

Deon Cross for Salford Red Devils

Try. Salford.

Deon Cross off a clever Macdonald pass.


Solid defence from the Saints! We keep the visitors out and take them in touch!

😇 20-18 😈


Huge hit from Bell and looks like a knock on but it’s judged as a strip of the ball.

Salford with a golden chance to attack again.

😇 20-18 😈

Marc Sneyd for Salford Red Devils

Sneyd adds the kick quickly.

😇 20-18 😈

Chris Atkin for Salford Red Devils

70′ Try Salford.

Dodd tries a grubber and chase, looked tackled off the ball but a penalty the other way turns the pressure.


A high Sneyd bomb is bundled forward by Bennison by our own line, Salford will go again.


Dodd with a grubber goes chasing, looks tackled off the ball but not given. The visitors then get a penalty as well. Frustrating.


Red Devils almost go back-to-back, Lafai fends off two Saints before the visitors pull the ball right, Hankinson hammers a kick ahead though which runs out.

Marc Sneyd for Salford Red Devils

Sneyd adds the kick.

😇 20-12 😈

Nene Macdonald for Salford Red Devils

Salford after back-to-back sets by our line make it pay, a short run by Nene Macdonald sees him score.

😇 20-10 😈


Bennison with a smart pat out of a Sneyd ball on the last by our own line.


Dodd kicks almost over the head of Hankinson, he loses it but it goes backwards.

Lewis Dodd for Saints

Dodd adds the conversion to his own try! 🦵

😇 20-6 😈

Lewis Dodd for Saints


With Salford pinned on their own line, Doddy gets a delayed Mbye pass and he steps into a gap in the defence and cruise in!

😇 18-6 😈


Salford go for it straight from the scrum but pass forward. Brierley protests frantically with the referee.


Sironen twists and turns in a tackle on the edge but loses the ball. Let off for the visitors.


Dodd floats a very high bomb, it hangs in the wind and Salford knock on. Good chance to attack now for the 12-man Saints.


Salford get a six-again, not clear what for, Sneyd chips and tries to collect but it doesn’t bounce kindly. We jump on it next to our own line and then the visitors are offside.


Clark goes for a rogue pass in the middle but getting his hand to it the visitors get another set.

Salford force their hand on the right with a forward pass though.


That is OUTSTANDING defence from the Saints! 👏

Salford get a penalty and move up field, they go left to right and Hankinson looks to be in at the corner but our men scramble and get him in touch!


Saints get a penalty and a chance to attack, we drive the Red Devils back onto their own line but Welsby on the last tries to find the right edge but can’t get away from a tackler.


Great defending by the Red V stops the Red Devils from punishing Saints straight off the card.

Red Card
Mark Percival for Saints

🟥 Ormondroyd knocks on but after the ball is out of his hands he collides with Percival. After a lengthy video ref check, Percival is shown a red card for a hit on the forward.


Red Devils break our line, Cross though doesn’t have support and Welsby stops him well. Salford then pull the ball right but Ormondroyd knocks on.


Saints under pressure early in the half, we get pinged for an incorrect play of the ball but we hold firm. Percival cut down a Salford attack well on the wing too.

😇 14-6 😈


Let’s have more noise in the second half! 👊 Back to it!


⏸ The Saints have an eight-point lead at the break over the Red Devils.


Sneyd’s kicking has been troublesome in the wind tonight, but Welsby stops the Red Devils attack in the half with a great catch, the visitors then give away a penalty.

😇 14-6 😈

Mark Percival for Saints

No error from bang in front and Percy adds the two! ✌

Mark Percival for Saints


Offloads open the Red Devils up in their own 20m, Lomax jukes back inside and Percival is there and goes under the sticks!

😇 12-6 😈


Saints get a penalty and we attack well, Wingfield injecting some pace in the middle.

On the last though Salford hold us out.


🔄 Knowles off, Wingfield on.

😇 8-6 😈


Great hands after Clark finds space on the left edge, Percival goes for a kick and chase but it is far too strong and goes out over the dead ball line.

😇 8-6 😈


Salford with momentum now attack well, Saints looking to wrestle control back into the game.

Marc Sneyd for Salford Red Devils

Sneyd adds the kick from out wide.

😇 8-6 😈

Deon Cross for Salford Red Devils

The fourth attacking set in succession for Salford finally pays off, Deon Cross crashes into the corner.

😇 8-4 😈


🔄 Walmsley and Mata’utia off.

Bell and Delaney on.


Salford kick into space at the restart and it comes off a Saints boot, they get the ball and we have to defend our own line immediately.


Percival’s kick comes off the post!

😇 8-0 😈

Lewis Dodd for Saints


Walmsley and Mata’utia combine on the left, Sione as he’s tackled has Lewis in support and he sprints into the corner! Great stuff!

😇 8-0 😈

Red Devils are gifted a chance via an offside penalty, Percival with a strong tackle on Watkins before Cust chips to the right corner but it runs out.


A grubber from Dodd is just about taken by Cust and Mata’utia meets him with an immediate tackle!


Calm set from Salford off the restart either side of the ball, Saints need to come out of their own 20.


Percival can’t add the two from out wide.

😇 4-0 😈

Jack Welsby for Saints


It had been coming, the Saints had been going at the Salford line and off a scrum it pays off well. Welsby dummies neat the line to go in on the right corner!

Four tries in four games for our #1!

😇 4


Red V close again! Knowles spins in the middle and makes a half break but wisely doesn’t pass as it wouldn’t have landed. Walmsley off a short Clark ball goes close too, but offloads into Salford hands.


Almost a spectacular try! Saints have been banging at the Red Devils door, Sironen stopped short of the line. After some smart offloads the ball is with Welsby, he kicks to the left for Bennison but it can’t be taken.


Saints come close with Sironen, he picks up an offload and goes hunting but is held up. We then kick it and force a GLDO.


A let off for Salford on the back of it though, a kick swirls in the air and is allowed to bounce, Salford hack it on but Welsby stops the threat for now.


Fantastic defence from the Saints, the Red Devils can’t get out of their own 20m.


Brierley fields a high ball well, Makinson chases to cut him down well.


Great first defensive set by the Saints, keeping the visitors inside their own 40.

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🆚 Salford Red Devils
📌 Totally Wicked Stadium
🕗 8pm KO
🎟️ Available online
📺 SuperLeague+ / Sky Sports
ℹ Match Preview on our website


🆚 Salford Red Devils
📌 Totally Wicked Stadium
🕗 8pm KO
🎟️ Available online
📺 SuperLeague+ / Sky Sports
ℹ Match Preview on our website