St.Helens moved top of the Betfred Super League table after beating Wigan Warriors 12-4 on Good Friday!

Saints had the first good chance nine minutes in. Morgan Knowles found Alex Walmsley, he threw a quick offload to Lewis Dodd who broke downfield, he tried to race around Jai Field but was dragged into touch by the Wigan fullback.

The hosts spent the majority of the opening 20 minutes camped deep in Wigan territory, but were unable to find points, with errors a-plenty early on for both sides.

25 minutes in, Saints were awarded a penalty after Field spilt a low kick and it was recovered by an offside Wigan player. Saints opted to go for two, Mark Percival converted from near the left touchline, 2-0 Saints led.

Wigan were reduced to twelve men after Tyler Dupree raised his elbow on Matty Lees whilst carrying the ball. Referee Chris Kendall opting only for a yellow card though.

The visitors were able to see out the remainder of the first forty, but they trailed 2-0 to the Saints at the break.

Luke Thompson returned to the game to being the second half, after he left the field for a HIA towards the end of the first half. Saints soon lost Joe Batchelor minutes after coming on to the same reason. He passed, but would not return to the game.

56 minutes into the game, we had our first trip to the video referee. Wigan camped on Saints’ line, close to the end of their set Bevan French ran towards the right corner kicking ahead for himself before grounding the ball in the corner. Video Referee agreed with the on-field call of try. Harry Smith’s kick bounced out off the post, 2-4 Wigan led.

With seventeen minutes to go, Saints lost Percival to a HIA following a high shot from Liam Byrne. After initially not awarding anything, referee Chris Kendall sent Byrne off for the incident. Percival failed his HIA and will also miss next weeks trip to Catalans.

Saints tried to move the ball through the hands on the last tackle as we moved into Wigan’s half. Jack Welsby’s cut-out pass to Tommy Makinson was juggled into touch though.

With less than eight minutes to go. On the last Saints opted to go to the short side as Dodd’s high kick was collected by Makinson in mid-air and he grounded the ball in front of the West Stand to send the Saints fans crazy. Lomax was unable to convert, 6-4 Saints led.

Saints sealed the win with 100 seconds to go. The ball was shifted from left to right, Welsby found Konrad Hurrell who powered his way over from close range for his 100th career try. Lomax converted, making it a two-score game, as Saints beat Wigan 12-4 in the derby to move top of the Betfred Super League table.

Match Summary

Saints Team: Jack Welsby, Tommy Makinson, Konrad Hurrell, Mark Percival, Jon Bennison, Jonny Lomax, Lewis Dodd, Alex Walmsley, Daryl Clark, Matty Lees, Matt Whitley, Curtis Sironen, Morgan Knowles.

Interchanges: Sione Mata’utia, Joe Batchelor, Moses Mbye, Jake Wingfield.

18th Man: Ben Davies.

Tries: Tommy Makinson (72), Konrad Hurrell (79)

Conversions: Jonny Lomax (1 from 2)

Penalties: Mark Percival (1 from 1)

Wigan Warriors Team: Jai Field, Abbas Miski, Adam Keighran, Jake Wardle, Liam Marshall, Bevan French, Harry Smith, Liam Byrne, Brad O’Neill, Luke Thompson, Willie Isa, Liam Farrell, Kaide Ellis.

Interchanges: Patrick Mago, Kruise Leeming, Tyler Dupree, Junior Nsemba.

18th Man: Harvie Hill.

Tries: Bevan French (56)

Conversions: Harry Smith (0 from 1)

Sin Bin: Tyler Dupree (29)

Red Card: Liam Byrne (63)

HT: 2-0

FT: 12-4

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Saints Line up

1 Jack Welsby
2 Tommy Makinson
23 Konrad Hurrell
4 Mark Percival
5 Jonathan Bennison
6 Jonny Lomax
7 Lewis Dodd
8 Alex Walmsley
9 Daryl Clark
10 Matty Lees
19 Matt Whitley
16 Curtis Sironen
13 Morgan Knowles
11 Sione Mata’utia
12 Joe Batchelor
14 Moses Mbye
18 Jake Wingfield

Wigan Warriors Line up

1Jai Field
2Abbas Miski
3Adam Keighran
4Jake Wardle
5Liam Marshall
6Bevan French
7Harry Smith
9Brad O'Neill
10Liam Byrne
11Willie Isa
12Liam Farrell
13Kaide Ellis
15Patrick Mago
16Luke Thompson
17Kruise Leeming
19Tyler Dupree
20Harvie Hill

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💪 A big win over Wigan on Good Friday 2024!



Jonny Lomax for Saints

Lomax adds the boot!

Konrad Hurrell for Saints


Career try 💯 for the big man will wrap up a Good Friday Derby win!

😇😇 10-4 🍒⚪


77′ Walmsley off, Al wow what a shift that one was… Wingfield on.

😇😇 6-4 🍒⚪


Saints looking to keep Wigan in their own half, we do so and Jon Bennison take a bow what a kick return after copping a hit!


Kick missed by Lomax on the egde. Come on Saints!

Tommy Makinson for Saints


A beauty of a Dodd kick floats to the right and he rises highest for a BIG four-pointer!


😇😇 6-4 🍒⚪


Welsby goes for a hit-out pass on the last to Makinson, but it doesn’t land.

😇😇 2-4 🍒⚪


Great defence by the Saints, pinning the Warriors in their own 30m.

😇😇 2-4 🍒⚪


Batchelor back on the field after passing his HIA.


Dodd lofts a ball high, Whitley taps it but it’s forward.

😇😇 2-4 🍒⚪


Mata’utia on the charge now in centre drives superbly, but loses the ball. Pressure eased for now on Wigan.

😇😇 2-4 🍒⚪

Red Card
Liam Byrne for Wigan Warriors

Byrne is shown a red card for that high shot on Percival.

😇😇 2-4 🍒⚪


Percival now goes off for a HIA after a Byrne high shot. Mata’utia will come back on.

😇😇 2-4 🍒⚪


Wigan looking the team more in control now, keeping Saints in their own 40.

😇😇 2-4 🍒⚪


🔄 Mata’utia off, Lees on.


Smtih’s kick comes off the posts.

😇😇 2-4 🍒⚪

Bevan French for Wigan Warriors

Try. Wigan.

Saints defend their line for repeat sets after late six-again in a tackle count, French in the right corner puts in a small kick, chases and dives onto it. Video ref confirms.

😇😇 2-4 🍒⚪


On the last Wigan on the left corner go for a small chip, Mbye leaps on it to stop the attack.

Hurrell takes us off our own line but loses the ball.

😇😇 2-0 🍒⚪


🔄 Batchelor who has only just come on must come off for a HIA, Walmsley steps back in the field of play.

😇😇 2-0 🍒⚪


Smith lofts the ball across the field, Makinson catches it but is tackled in the in-goal and they will get a GLDO.

🔄 Batchelor on, Knowles off.


Let off for Wigan. Saints on the charge with Wigan back by their own 10 and we knock on looking for a short pass to Mata’utia.

😇😇 2-0 🍒⚪


Leeming comes onto the field and after his first carry knocks on at the play of the ball 35m out from the line.

😇😇 2-0 🍒⚪


Great work by Sione Mata’utia and Morgan Knowles on Abbas Miski after he took in a kick, we drive the winger back closer to their own line.

😇😇 2-0 🍒⚪

Second half is underway! COME ON YOU SAINTS!


⏸ Tight and tense Good Friday Derby, which the Saints have the edge in at the break via a penalty kick.


🌧 Here comes the rain!

Dupree back on the field.

Percival on the left tries an in and out on that edge but loses the ball as he went looking for a gap.


More strong defence from the Red V forces Wigan to make a loose pass, Hurrell gets a Smith kick and then charges in.

😇😇 2-0 🍒⚪


Field with a catch then evades a couple of Saints, but we’re penalised for a judged trip.


Saints defend their own line strongly, twice. Farrell on the last goes for a drive by Lomax and company force the ball loose.

😇😇 2-0 🍒⚪


🔄 Lees off, Wingfield on.

😇😇 2-0 🍒⚪


Wigan hold Saints out yet again by their own line, Wigan then camped in their own 10 are let out after a penalty for interference at the play of the ball.

Yellow Card
Tyler Dupree for Wigan Warriors

🟨 Tyler Dupree is sent to the bin for that raised elbow on Matty Lees.

😇😇 2-0 🍒⚪


Well… here we go. All the players in a skirmish after what looks to be a Dupree raised elbow on one of our men going for a tackle.

Mark Percival for Saints

Saints once again have Wigan retreating on their own line, a Dodd short grubber is knocked on by Field but a penalty given against Wigan for offside.

Percival around 10m off the sideline kicks it.


Wigan now get to attack in our half after a knock on in the tackle by the halfway line.

A great read by Bennison to leave the kick to go dead stops their challenge for now.


The Red V once more have Wigan on the back foot, Percival cuts back inside and grubbers and Field knocks on. We will attack again. Come on now.


Welsby as he’s dragged into touch *somehow* got the ball out and Bennison takes it out of dodge. Wigan with another penalty and we move to halfway.


Saints push the Warriors back to their own line once more, Dodd almost juked around their defence under the sticks but they hold us out. Lomax’s kick comes off Farrell and the veteran collects.


Brilliant take from a huge swirling Smith bomb by Welsby. He cops a high one from the Wigan chase for it too. Penalty by Dodd moves us back into their half.


Wigan slow the ball right down and two six-agains are called inside their 10, but Saints can’t make it pay with the visitos scramble defence holding us out before a knock on near the line.

😇😇 0-0 🍒⚪


Wigan force it on their right edge, the ball goes forward near the halfway line.

😇😇 0-0 🍒⚪


Walmsley offloads a beauty to Dodd who races towards the right corner, but Field takes him into touch by the corner.


BANG! Makinson on Wardle with a big shot and the ball goes loose


Following the Saints error, Wigan challenge the line first. Wardle is stopped by Hurrell and then Smith on the last kicks to our right edge and Makinson is tackled in the air.

😇😇 0-0 🍒⚪


Warriors get caught offside for the first penalty of the game, Dodd moves us into their half.

Knowles and Sironen link up in the middle but we knock on. Let off for Wigan.


Dodd with a kick by our own 40m cuts between the Wigan fullback and winger well. We go hunting in defence now.

😇😇 0-0 🍒⚪

Kick Off

▶ KICK-OFF! It’s Saints vs Wigan on Good Friday – let’s have it!


A wonderful welcome from our fans! 🎆

😇 Here is your Saints lineup for the Good Friday Derby against Wigan Warriors!

😇 Here is your Saints lineup for the Good Friday Derby against Wigan Warriors!

🤩 Atmosphere building!

Players Arrival at 1:10pm past the Cunningham statue and into our player’s entrance!

Fan Area activities starting from 12:30pm, Red V Bar showing the Hull Derby!

One of the biggest games in world rugby league will be viewed around the world today!

Kick-off times around the globe 🌎

🆚 Wigan Warriors
📌 Totally Wicked Stadium
🕒 3pm KO
🔥 Sold Out Crowd
📺 Sky Sports / SuperLeague+