Fit 4 Life

In partnership with St Helens Council’s Healthy Living Team, Saints Foundation deliver the Fit 4 Life initiative, which is a successful diet and exercise programme that is introduced into primary schools in the borough. The programme helps children:

  • Learn about healthy eating
  • Take part in fun activity sessions
  • Understand portion sizes and Talk about junk food, snacks and treats

Back Onside 

The Back Onside project is a new and exciting initiative that is aimed at men aged 35-64 who haven’t exercised in a while and are looking to get back into physical activity. Sessions include strength building, stamina and fitness and are hosted by current and past players. They take place at The Totally Wicked Stadium every Wednesday 6:30pm – 8:00pm in partnership with RL Cares and Sport England.

North West Boroughs Healthcare 

In partnership with Northwest boroughs, Saints Community Development Foundation works in the local community and beyond with the help of fantastic partners like NW Boroughs who help fund some of the great work we do in our community. North West Boroughs Healthcare is an NHS foundation trust providing mental health, learning disability and community health services in fifteen boroughs of North West England. The Trust delivers mental health and learning disability services. The work that NW boroughs do within our community is second to none and provide a positive impact to our community.

Boots Jump Start

Boots Jump Start is a fun multi-sport activity session run for kids between the ages of 4 and 13.

Boots Jump Start takes place at The Totally Wicked Stadium, 6:30pm – 7:30pm, on a Monday evening and looks to give children an opportunity to socialise and exercise in a fun warm welcoming environment.

Stroke Awareness/ Blood Pressure Awareness Campaign

Using the power of home fixtures, as part of the health strategy, SCDF create the awareness of checking blood pressure regularly and how this can be the silent killer. This project has saved lives in St Helens.

Learn 2 Swim

A project to raise the awareness and dangers of swimming in quarries, canals and unmanned spaces which has contributed to a high number of deaths and injuries to local people. SCDF educate people and provide opportunities for people to swim in a safe environment with no barriers.