Mental Health Ambassador

By understanding the local needs regarding the Mental health and St Helens having the highest male suicide rate within the England, SCDF has taken a proactive approach to address this local issue by the appointment of Mike Webster to help raise awareness. SCDF has also submitted proposals to bring OFFLOAD mental health project to St Helens to support and address the local needs.

Stay in the Game

Stay in the Game is a mental health initiative for children and young adults. Stay in the Game is our fantastic and innovative workshop that aims to help children and young people enhance their emotional well being by learning at least 12 resilience building actions.

The course, developed by mental health advisor Walter Brennan, in conjunction with Saints Academy and endorsed by North West Borough NHS Trust, has been delivered to more than 3,000 children in the St Helens area.

Reminisce Café

The Reminisce Café is a free bi-weekly dementia friendly event which is open to all. It has the aim of using the Saints and the town as a way of triggering memories and instigating discussion.

It’s fun, warm welcoming environment has been very popular over the past two years and we have a loving, loyal audience. The event also acts as a little respite for carers who do such a wonderful job looking after loved ones on a daily basis.

Mental Health Awareness Programme

This programme delivers full mental health awareness workshops to specific age groups, incorporating coping strategies, resilience techniques and practice workshops.

They also provide Bulimia and Eating Disorder Awareness Programmes, with handouts and easy reference glossaries of terms designed to help children understand these types of disorders. This project also aims to teach parents and teachers how to spot the signs of an eating disorder in children and how best to deal with this.

Touchline to Try line

These community awareness programmes specifically aim to combat anti-social behaviour and bullying among children in St Helens, as well as ensuring that their mental health is looked after and maintained.


So far, Offload has helped over 2000 men build their mental fitness, manage stress better and to be more resilient. Offload is run by former professional rugby league players and officials and is currently saving lives within our very own community.