Saints edge out resilient Wakefield to maintain winning run

Saints had to battle from 12 points behind to defeat a gutsy Wakefield Trinity side 16-20 at Emerald Headingley Stadium to make it eight from eight in Super League since the restart.

James Graham was absent from the game as he was forced to isolate after coming into contact with someone who has Covid-19, as Kristian Woolf explained pre-match.

And it was a slow start from the Saints after four consecutive handling errors saw Wakefield take an early and deserved lead. Joe Westerman broke forward and a kick was put through which saw Alex Walker get on the end of to touch down. Ryan Hampshire kicked the extras, giving Trinity a 6-0 lead.

Craig Kopczak scored Wakefield’s second on 19 minutes, powering over to the right of the sticks, before Hampshire added the extras to double Trinity’s lead.

Despite a dominant start by Wakefield, Louis McCarthy-Scarsbrook got Saints back in the game in the 31st minute with a quick dummy, before powering through two defenders and over the line. Lachlan Coote added the extras, making it 12-6 to Trinity.

Saints had momentum and Coote went over six minutes later after a great offload by young Josh Simm. Coote hit the post with his conversion, leaving Wakefield with a 12-10 lead going into half time.

Despite a dogged Wakefield defence, Regan Grace gave Saints the lead for the first time just after the hour mark. The ball was switched from right to left and Jonny Lomax’s cut-out pass found Grace who powered his way through two players to score in the corner. Coote was unable to convert, but Saints led 14-12 lead.

But Coote made no mistake moments later as he got his second in the 69th minute. Captain James Roby made a great run from dummy half which opened up the Wakefield defence and he found Jonny Lomax, who picked out the supporting Coote on his inside who went in to score. He kicked the conversion giving Saints a 20-12 lead.

Credit to Wakefield though as Matty Ashurst went over with seconds left on the clock, but it wasn’t enough, as a below-par Saints came away with a 20-16 win and remain unbeaten in Super League since the restart.

Match Summary

Wakefield 13: Alex Walker, Innes Senior, Reece Lyne, Jack Croft, Tom Johnstone, Max Jowitt, Ryan Hampshire, Craig Kopczak, Kyle Wood, Kelepi Tanginoa, Matty Ashurst, James Batchelor, Joe Westerman.

Interchanges: Connor Bailey, Eddie Battye, David Fifita, Adam Tangata.

Tries: Walker (8), Kopczak (19), Ashurst (80)

Goals: Hampshire (2)

Saints 13: Lachlan Coote, Tommy Makinson, Kevin Naiqama, Josh Simm, Regan Grace, Jonny Lomax, Theo Fages, Alex Walmsley, James Roby, Matty Lees, James Bentley, Morgan Knowles, Louis McCarthy-Scarsbrook.

Interchanges: Zeb Taia, Dominic Peyroux, Kyle Amor, Jack Welsby.

Tries: McCarthy-Scarsbrook (31), Coote (37, 69), Grace (62)

Goals: Coote (2)

Half time: 12-10

Full Time: 16-20

Saints Line up

1 Lachlan Coote
2 Tommy Makinson
3 Kevin Naiqama
21 Josh Simm
5 Regan Grace
6 Jonny Lomax
7 Theo Fages
8 Alex Walmsley
James Roby
10 Matty Lees
13 Morgan Knowles
12 James Bentley
15 Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook
11 Zeb Taia
12 Dominique Peyroux
18 Kyle Amor
1 Jack Welsby

Wakefield Trinity Line up

1Alex Walker
2Innes Senior
3Reece Lyne
4Jack Croft
5Tom Johnstone
6Max Jowitt
7Ryan Hampshire
8Craig Kopczak
9Kyle Wood
10Kelepi Tanginoa
11Matty Ashurst
12James Batchelor
13Joe Westerman
14Connor Bailey
15Eddie Battye
16David Fifita
17Adam Tangata

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FT: ⚪⚪ Trinity 16-20 Saints 🔵⚪

It wasn’t pretty, but two more, tough points on the board nonetheless!

Matty Ashurst for Wakefield Trinity

Wakefield score late on through Ashurst, but Hampshire misses the kick.

⚪⚪ Trinity 16-20 Saints 🔵⚪


LMS is penalised for a high shot, before Wakefield knock on in their first set only for Walmsley to then knock on in the next. Lots of errors…

⚪⚪ Trinity 12-20 Saints 🔵⚪


Walmsley knocks on this time…

⚪⚪ Trinity 12-20 Saints 🔵⚪


Simm and Lomax force a Wakefield knock on and we will get the ball back on half way…

⚪⚪ Trinity 12-20 Saints 🔵⚪


Fantastic defence from the Saints thwarts Wakefield on our own line. Just over 5 minutes to go…

⚪⚪ Trinity 12-20 Saints 🔵⚪

📸 @regangrace5 🔥


Trinity’s kick off rebounds off the feet of Simm and goes out meaning Chris Chester’s men will get the ball back…

⚪⚪ Trinity 12-20 Saints 🔵⚪

Lachlan Coote for Saints

Cooooote adds the extras to his own try to extend our lead!

⚪⚪ Trinity 12-20 Saints 🔵⚪

Lachlan Coote for Saints

That is more like it! A brilliant break from the Skipper James Roby and he feeds Lomax who finds the supporting Coooote who goes over!

⚪⚪ Trinity 12-18 Saints 🔵⚪


Cooote’s kick goes wide, but we are in front!

⚪⚪ Trinity 12-14 Saints 🔵⚪

Regan Grace for Saints

Getttt innn! The ball is moved out to the left and Lomax’s cut-out pass finds Grace who cuts back inside and powers over three defenders!

⚪⚪ Trinity 12-14 Saints 🔵⚪


Big Al and LMS are back on as Amor and Knowles make way. Coote breaks through, but his offload to Fages is just intercepted by the Wakefield defender before Theo can score.

⚪⚪ Trinity 12-10 Saints 🔵⚪


Taia is adjudged to have tackled the Wakefield defender in the air and they win a penalty as we head into the last quarter of this tight affair…

⚪⚪ Trinity 12-10 Saints 🔵⚪

Zeb Taia off the bench…

📸 @plattyphoto


Good defence sees Trinity survive as Dom Peyroux comes on for LMS. That should see Knowles more to loose forward with Dom in the back row alongside Zeb Taia…

⚪⚪ Trinity 12-10 Saints 🔵⚪


Saints win a set restart, before Trinity knock on and we have a set in the Wakefield half…Come on boys!

⚪⚪ Trinity 12-10 Saints 🔵⚪


It’s an end to end start to the second half with both sides exchanging sets early on. You’ve got to feel the next try will be key…

⚪⚪ Trinity 12-10 Saints 🔵⚪


We are back underway…Come on you Saints!

⚪⚪ Trinity 12-10 Saints 🔵⚪


HT: ⚪⚪ Trinity 12-10 Saints 🔵⚪

A slow start saw Trinity take an early 12 point lead, but late tries from LMS and Coote mean it’s game on in the second half!


Coooote is unfortunate with his kick as it rebounds back off the posts and Trinity still narrowly lead.

⚪⚪ Trinity 12-10 Saints 🔵⚪


Coooote is unfortunate with his kick as it rebounds back off the posts and Trinity still narrowly lead.

⚪⚪ Trinity 12-10 Saints 🔵⚪

Lachlan Coote for Saints

We’ve woken up! The ball is moved to the left and Simm goes for the line before brilliantly offloading to the supporting Coooote who goes over.

⚪⚪ Trinity 12-10 Saints 🔵⚪

Lachlan Coote for Saints

Coooote adds the extras. Game on.

⚪⚪ Trinity 12-6 Saints 🔵⚪

Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook for Saints

GET IN! LMS gets us back in this one powering his way over underneath the sticks!

⚪⚪ Trinity 12-4 Saints 🔵⚪


Saints win the penalty and kick for touch as Zeb Taia is on for Lees. Can Zeb make the difference?

⚪⚪ Trinity 12-0 Saints 🔵⚪

Trinity are winning the battle as things stand. Come on boys!

📸 @plattyphoto


Cooote kicks a 40-20 for Saints, but again we lose the ball…

Kyle Amor is on for Walmsley…

⚪⚪ Trinity 12-0 Saints 🔵⚪


Saints come forward only for Reece Lyne to steal the ball and race the length of the field. Regan Grace does well to track back, catch up and bring him down.

⚪⚪ Trinity 12-0 Saints 🔵⚪

Work to be done…👊

📸 @plattyphoto

Craig Kopczak for Wakefield Trinity

Wakefield score again through Craig Kopczak who collects a short ball to score. Hampshire converts.

⚪⚪ Trinity 12-0 Saints 🔵⚪

Matty Lees powers forward…💪

📸 @plattyphoto


Saints win the penalty for a high shot on Makinson and the play results in Coote’s grubber just running dead before Tommy can touch down in the corner.

⚪⚪ Trinity 6-0 Saints 🔵⚪


Saints come forward looking to instantly respond, Fages puts the high kick up, but the ball is knocked on by Makinson when challenging with Tom Johnstone.

⚪⚪ Trinity 6-0 Saints 🔵⚪

Alex Walker for Wakefield Trinity

Against the run of play, Joe Westerman breaks down the right and offloads before a kick through finds Alex Walker who meets the grubber and touches down. Hampshire converts.


Saints try another short ball this time through Theo Fages, but again we can’t collect and Trinity survive early pressure here in Leeds.

⚪⚪ Trinity 0-0 Saints 🔵⚪


We move the ball from right to left through the hands of Jonny Lomax, but young Josh Simm loses the ball when trying to break through the Trinity line.

⚪⚪ Trinity 0-0 Saints 🔵⚪


Again good defence from the Saints sees Tommy Makinson, under a challenge, ensure the ball runs dead and we now will come forward…

⚪⚪ Trinity 0-0 Saints 🔵⚪


Saints defend well, but Matty Lees then loses the ball in a tackle and Trinity will come again…

⚪⚪ Trinity 0-0 Saints 🔵⚪


An early knock on from the Saints sees Wakefield with the ball on half way and our boys defending early…

⚪⚪ Trinity 0-0 Saints 🔵⚪


We are off and underway here at Emerald Headingley! COME ON YOU SAINTS!

Getting the body warm…Kick off is NEXT!


Kristian Woolf on James Graham’s absence: “Unfortunately, he came across someone with Covid-19 in the week so he is in a 14 day isolation and we will get him back, not next week, but the game after that [against Leeds].”

Here is how we will line up today…

Here come the Saints! The boys are in the house! 😃

Here come the Saints! The boys are in the house! 😃

Welcome to Emerald Headingley Stadium as Saints face Wakefield Trinity with kick off at 5:30pm. Stay tuned for team news and minute by minute updates right here in our rolling matchday Blog!