Saints nil youthful Wigan side in the Derby

Saints scored seven tries in a professional 42-0 win against a young Wigan side in the Derby, in a match which saw Lewis Dodd handed his first senior appearance from the bench.

Wigan gave debuts to six youngsters with their cup semi final in mind at the weekend, whilst Saints, who are now all focussed on retaining our Super League crown, put out a strong 17 which included young half back Dodd as well as youngsters Jack Welsby and Josh Simm.

It took Saints 11 minutes to take the lead; Alex Walmsley powering over for his ninth of the season after picking up a short ball from Lachlan Coote. Our full back added the extras to give Saints a 6-0 lead.

Kristian Woolf’s men doubled our advantage three minutes later. Sam Halsall was sin binned for a high and late challenge of Coote as he kicked, and Saints took advantage as Jonny Lomax’s cut-out pass found Welsby on the right wing who strolled in to score his seventh of the season. Coote’s kick went through off the post, leaving the score 12-0.

Saints made it three through Regan Grace, who scored his fifth try in four games in style; picking up a pass which bounced on the left, before turning on the defender to score in the corner. Coote converte from the touchlune to make it 18-0 after 19 minutes.

Saints ended a dominant half strongly, with Halsall tackling well to deny Taia from scoring in the last few seconds, but we went into the brak in control,  18-0 ahead.

Into the second period and Kyle Amor had a chance to score as he put on a cute step, but lost the ball on the line.

But he did then lay one on for his Cumbrian teammate, Morgan Knowles who scored his second of the season in the 51st minute. Coote kicked the conversion once more, extending the lead to 24-0.

James Bentley, impressive again scored Saints’ second try in five minutes, after a great run across the defence saw the back rower drive between two defenders to score to the right of the posts. Coote maintained his 100% record, leaving the score 30-0.

The young Wigan side to their credit kept going and picked up two set restarts on the bounce, however Saints defended their own line brilliantly, and went down the other end to score in the 65th minute.

Some lovely quick play to the right found Kevin Naiqama who drew in the wide man before passing to Welsby to score his second of the game. Coote added the extras to give Saints a 36-0 lead.

Grace then rounded things off, scoring his second of the game with three minutes to go. A long pass out to the left found the speedy Welsh winger and he powered through the gears, side stepping the last man to score. Coote made it seven from seven with the conversion, and Saints finished 42-0 winners in the Derby!

Match Summary

Warrington 13: Umyla Hanley, Sam Halsall, Chris Hankinson, Jake McDonnell, Jake Bibby, Harry Smith, Jake Horrocks, Joe Greenwood, Amir Bourouh, Harry Rushton, Joe Bullock, Liam Byrne, Jack Wells.

Interchanges: Mitch Clark, Ben Flower, Ben Kilner, Kai Pearce-Paul.

Saints 13: Lachlan Coote, Jack Welsby, Kevin Naiqama, Josh Simm, Regan Grace, Jonny Lomax, Theo Fages, Alex Walmsley, James Roby, Matty Lees, James Bentley, Morgan Knowles, James Graham.

Interchanges: Zeb Taia, Louis McCarthy-Scarsbrook, Kyle Amor, Lewis Dodd.

Tries: Walmsley (11), Welsby (14, 65), Grace (18, 77), Knowles (51), Bentley (55).

Goals: Coote 7 from 7.

Half time: 0-18

Full Time: 0-42

Referee: Ben Thaler

Saints Line up

1 Lachlan Coote
1 Jack Welsby
3 Kevin Naiqama
21 Josh Simm
5 Regan Grace
6 Jonny Lomax
7 Theo Fages
8 Alex Walmsley
James Roby
10 Matty Lees
13 Morgan Knowles
12 James Bentley
32 James Graham
11 Zeb Taia
15 Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook
18 Kyle Amor
7 Lewis Dodd

Wigan Warriors Line up

1Umyla Hanley
2Sam Halsall
3Chris Hankinson
4James McDonnell
5Jake Bibby
6Harry Smith
7Jake Shorrocks
8Joe Greenwood
9Amir Bourouh
10Harry Rushton
11Joe Bullock
12Liam Byrne
13Jack Wells
14Mitch Clark
15Ben Flower
16Ben Kilner
17Kai Pearce-Paul

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FT: 🍒⚪ Wigan 0-42 Saints 🔵⚪

Derby day business taken care of….back to winning ways! 💪

Lachlan Coote for Saints

Six from six for Coooote!

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-42 Saints 🔵⚪

Regan Grace for Saints

Grace at it again as the boy races down the wing after picking up a ball on the inside from Cooooote to score his second in style!

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-40 Saints 🔵⚪


Big Al takes three men with him in the tackle and Dodd picks up the ball and shows his touch with a nicely judged kick over the top. Five minutes to go here in Salford…

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-36 Saints 🔵⚪

Yellow Card
Jonny Lomax for Saints

Jonny Lomax is sent to the bin for a tackle deemed dangerous.

James Bentley with another impressive performance tonight and a deserved try!

📸 @plattyphoto

Lachlan Coote for Saints

Coooote from the right this time converts again to keep up his 💯 record tonight!

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-36 Saints 🔵⚪

Jack Welsby for Saints

Welsby grabs his second after a great run and offload from Coooote found Naiqama who fed the youngster to score!

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-34 Saints 🔵⚪


Great defence from the Saints keeps the young Warriors out after another set restart!

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-30 Saints 🔵⚪

And @MorgsKnowles enjoyed that one! 😀

📸 @plattyphoto

Lewis Dodd is on at hooker for his Saints debut as Roby makes way! 🙌


Lachlan Coote for Saints

Coooote adds the two from in front of the sticks to bring the 30 up!

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-30 Saints 🔵⚪

James Bentley for Saints

Bentos is at it again!! A lovely step takes him past to Wigan defenders and the back rower dives over to the right of the sticks!

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-28 Saints 🔵⚪


Great pressure from Bentley again forces Smith to kick out on the full and we will come again!

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-24 Saints 🔵⚪

Lachlan Coote for Saints

Cooooote adds the two to extend our lead!

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-24 Saints 🔵⚪

Morgan Knowles for Saints

This time Amor makes no mistake as he puts on a lovely tipped short ball to the arriving Morgan Knowles who gets a deserved try for his often un-sung efforts!

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-22 Saints 🔵⚪


We win our first set restart 50 minutes in before Roby wins a penalty and Coooote kicks for touch…

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-18 Saints 🔵⚪


A sublime step from Amor opens up the defence, but he loses the ball when reaching for the line….That would have been nice!

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-18 Saints 🔵⚪


Great defensive work from Naiqama forces the Wigan error and we have a set in the Warriors half…

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-18 Saints 🔵⚪


Wigan get us back underway in the second half. COYS! 🔵⚪

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-18 Saints 🔵⚪

HT: 🍒⚪ Wigan 0-18 Saints 🔵⚪

Tries from Walmsley, Welsby and Grace mean we are in control at the break! 💪


Coooote’s grubber is so nearly touched down by Taia, but the Wigan defender comes away with it. That will be that for the first half…

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-18 Saints 🔵⚪


Great defence again from Saints keeps this young Wigan side at bay!

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-18 Saints 🔵⚪


The Warriors win two penalties. The latter on the Saints line and we must defend here as we approach the break…

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-18 Saints 🔵⚪


◀️ Kyle Amor is on for Matty Lees as Grace races down the left and feeds Amor who with his first touch, knocks on with the try line begging. It wasn’t the easiest pass in fairness to gather.

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-18 Saints 🔵⚪


📸 @plattyphoto


◀️ A double change for Saints sees LMS on for Big Al and Graham makes way for Zeb Taia!

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-18 Saints 🔵⚪


Great defence from the Saints shuts Wigan out after two set restarts!

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-18 Saints 🔵⚪

✈️ @ReganGrace5 with the flying finish!

📸 @plattyphoto

Lachlan Coote for Saints

Cooooote again kicks the extras from the opposite flank this time!

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-18 Saints 🔵⚪

Regan Grace for Saints

The ball finds its way to the left flank and Grace picks up the bouncing ball, puts on a trademark step and goes over in the corner! Get in!!

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-16 Saints 🔵⚪


Kev Naiqama puts Harry Smith under pressure and he fumbles the high kick and we have a set on the Wigan line!

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-12 Saints 🔵⚪

Lachlan Coote for Saints

Coooote is up from the hit to nail the touchline conversion – in off the post!

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-12 Saints 🔵⚪

Jack Welsby for Saints

And we take FULL advantage as the ball finds its way into the hands of Jonny Lomax and his cut-out pass finds Welsby who strolls in at the corner!

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-10 Saints 🔵⚪

Yellow Card
Sam Halsall for Wigan Warriors

The Wigan winger is sent to the bin for a late hit on Coooote.

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-6 Saints 🔵⚪

Lachlan Coote for Saints

Cooooooote adds the extras to extend our lead and it’s the perfect start!

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-6 Saints 🔵⚪

Alex Walmsley for Saints

BIG AL!! Roby makes a break offloads to Simm who is held up just short. Coote picks up the play-the-ball and feeds the big man who powers his way over for his 9th try of the season!

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-4 Saints 🔵⚪


Wigan force another set, but we defend it well and now Jack Welsby brings us forward!

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-0 Saints 🔵⚪

Big Al powers at the Wigan defence…

📸 @plattyphoto


The big man is fine to continue and we are off again as the Wigan full back takes Theo Fages’ high bomb on the Frenchman’s
2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣th career appearance! ✌️

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-0 Saints 🔵⚪


A pretty even start here early on with both sides exchanging sets. James Graham has caught one above the eye and with blood showing, play is halted momentarily….

🍒⚪ Wigan 0-0 Saints 🔵⚪

It’s the 𝐃𝐞𝐫𝐛𝐲 and we’re off and underway in Salford! COYS! 🔵⚪

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