Saints’ were down to 12 and then 11 men, but a heroic defensive performance resulted in a 25-0 win over Huddersfield Giants on Friday night.

Huddersfield dominated the opening six minutes of the encounter and camped on the Saints line for the majority of it with a succession of penalties, however a great one-on-one steal by Sione Mata’utia gave Saints the ball back as he broke away upfield. Saints thought they had taken the lead during that set, Morgan Knowles offloading to James Roby close to the Giants line but the skipper knocked the ball on with the try line inches away.

Saints had the chance to take a 14th minute lead after winning a penalty for a high shot on Jonny Lomax, he stepped up to take the kick himself, but it went narrowly wide so the score remained scoreless. Mata’utia was then sent off for Saints after a tackle on Danny Levi left the Giants hooker down before our number 11 was shown the red for grabbing his opponents collar.

Twelve man Saints did take the lead in the 28th minute though, Lomax put a kick through and was impeded as he chased the ball, but Joe Batchelor won the race to the loose ball to open the scoring. Lomax was able to convert so Saints led 6-0.

Huddersfield had the chance to add two points just before the break after a late hit by Knowles, Will Pryce stepped up but he missed the kick from long range as the twelve man Saints led the Giants 6-0 at the break.

Saints made a dream start to the second half. Huddersfield knocked on in their own half giving us great field position, after moving the ball downfield for a few tackles, Knowles found Agnatius Paasi who crashed over for his second try in Saints colours. Lomax converted again, 12-0 Saints led.

During the next set Saints broke downfield again after some good carries from Konrad Hurrell, Curtis Sironen and Welsby to name a few, that earned us a penalty in front of the sticks which Lomax converted to make it 14-0.

Another Giants error led to the third Saints try. McGillvary dropped the ball whilst hurt but the referee gave a knock on, during the next set Saints threw it from left to right and Welsby broke a tackle to stroll over in the right corner. Lomax was unable to convert, 18-0.

Lomax kicked through behind the Giants defence and Innes Senior missed the loose ball which allowed Bennison to get his hands on it, but after a video referee review he was just about unable to ground the ball so it remained 18-0.

Knowles was then sent to the sin bin with nine minutes to go after an incident on the Saints try line which saw Saints down to eleven men for the last few minutes.

That wasn’t to stop the Saints grabbing more points though! Welsby once again made a break through the Giants defence and passed to Lomax on his outside and he races 40 metres to score in front of the West Stand. Lomax added the two, 24-0.

Huddersfield thought they had one back with three minutes to go as Will Pryce looked to have gone over from close range but after a video referee review, the Saints defence again came good!

Welsby then put the icing on the cake after he kicked a drop goal with three seconds left on the clock as Saints recorded a memorable win!

Match Summary

Saints Team: Will Hopoate, Jonathan Bennison, Konrad Hurrell, Sione Mata’utia, Regan Grace, Jack Welsby, Jonny Lomax, Alex Walmsley, James Roby, Matty Lees, Joe Batchelor, Curtis Sironen, Morgan Knowles.

Interchanges: Joey Lussick, Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook, Agnatius Paasi, Jake Wingfield.

Tries: Joe Batchelor (28), Agnatius Paasi (45), Jack Welsby (53), Jonny Lomax (73)

Conversions: Jonny Lomax (3 from 4)

Penalties: Jonny Lomax (1 from 2)

Drop Goal: Jack Welsby (79)

Sin Bin: Morgan Knowles (71)

Red Card: Sione Mata’utia (16)

Huddersfield Giants Team: Will Pryce, Jermaine McGillvary, Leroy Cudjoe, Toby King, Innes Senior, Oliver Russell, Theo Fages, Joe Greenwood, Danny Levi, Owen Trout, Josh Jones, Chris McQueen, Luke Yates.

Interchanges: Ashton Golding, Oliver Wilson, Jack Ashworth, Sam Hewitt.



Penalties: Will Pryce (0 from 1)

HT: 6-0

FT: 25-0

ATT: 11,288

Saints Line up

3 Will Hopoate
5 Jonathan Bennison
23 Konrad Hurrell
11 Sione Mata’utia
5 Regan Grace
1 Jack Welsby
6 Jonny Lomax
8 Alex Walmsley
James Roby
10 Matty Lees
16 Curtis Sironen
12 Joe Batchelor
13 Morgan Knowles
14 Joey Lussick
15 Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook
17 Agnatius Paasi
18 Jake Wingfield

Huddersfield Giants Line up

1Will Pryce
2Jermaine McGillvary
3Leroy Cudjoe
4Toby King
5Innes Senior
6Oliver Russell
7Theo Fages
8Joe Greenwood
9Danny Levi
10Owen Trout
11Josh Jones
12Chris McQueen
13Luke Yates
14Ash Golding
15Oliver Wilson
16Jack Ashworth
17Sam Hewitt

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FT: 🔴⚪ Saints 25-0 Giants 🐮🔔

𝗔 ‘𝗚𝗶𝗮𝗻𝘁’ 𝗽𝗲𝗿𝗳𝗼𝗿𝗺𝗮𝗻𝗰𝗲!


Drop Goal
Jack Welsby for Saints

Super Jack seals it wonderfully with a drop goal in the final seconds!

🔴⚪ Saints 25-0 Giants 🐮🔔



The Giants get it back and go for the line again, it goes upstairs, but again this Saints defence is just unplayable today! NO TRY!

🔴⚪ Saints 24-0 Giants 🐮🔔


Great defence from the Saints again – this time Grace with the hand in to deny a try…

🔴⚪ Saints 24-0 Giants 🐮🔔

Jonny Lomax for Saints

Jonny adds the two to his own try!

🔴⚪ Saints 24-0 Giants 🐮🔔

Jonny Lomax for Saints

JONNYYYY!! Welsby darts through a gap in the Giants defence and feeds his partner in crime Jonny Lomax to stroll over!

🔴⚪ Saints 22-0 Giants 🐮🔔

Yellow Card
Morgan Knowles for Saints

Knowles has been sent to the sin-bin and we are down to 11……

🔴⚪ Saints 18-0 Giants 🐮🔔


Heading into the final 10 here as Lussick puts in a great kick and the chase is top class…

🔴⚪ Saints 18-0 Giants 🐮🔔

Super Jack!


Lomax puts a kick through and Bennison did brilliantly to get a hand to it. It goes upstairs, but it’s NO try!

🔴⚪ Saints 18-0 Giants 🐮🔔


Another TRY saver!! Welsby in the corner again forces the knock on and saves a certain try!

🔴⚪ Saints 18-0 Giants 🐮🔔


Wingfield is on for Knowles as Paasi clatters Greenwood!

🔴⚪ Saints 18-0 Giants 🐮🔔


GREAT defence from Bennison and Hurrell force the Giants in touch!

🔴⚪ Saints 18-0 Giants 🐮🔔


Lomax’s touchline kick misses, but we have a three score lead.

🔴⚪ Saints 18-0 Giants 🐮🔔

Jack Welsby for Saints

SUPER JACKKKK!! What a move that is! The ball is moved to our right and through the hands of that man Lomax again who feeds Welsby who darts through a gap to score!

🔴⚪ Saints 18-0 Giants 🐮🔔


We are back on the attack….

🔴⚪ Saints 14-0 Giants 🐮🔔


McGillvary comes out with the ball and looks to have sustained a serious looking injury. Our thoughts are with him…

🔴⚪ Saints 14-0 Giants 🐮🔔

Jonny Lomax for Saints

Lomax slots over the two from right in front!

🔴⚪ Saints 14-0 Giants 🐮🔔


Another quality set from Saints which started with Paasi and Knowles and finished with Welsby darting through, only to be held up short before we win the penalty right in front…

🔴⚪ Saints 12-0 Giants 🐮🔔

Jonny Lomax for Saints

Lomax confidently converts the two to extend our lead!

🔴⚪ Saints 12-0 Giants 🐮🔔

Agnatius Paasi for Saints


🔴⚪ Saints 10-0 Giants 🐮🔔


CHANCE! We get it back after a Giants error…Can we make it count?

🔴⚪ Saints 6-0 Giants 🐮🔔


The Giants spurn a good opportunity as Pryce’s pass finds touch, instead of the hands of McGillvary…

🔴⚪ Saints 6-0 Giants 🐮🔔


Early in the second half it looks like Sironen has dropped into centre in the absence of Sione and Welsby is at full back with Robes in the halves and Lussick in at hooker!

🔴⚪ Saints 6-0 Giants 🐮🔔


We are back underway in the second half! COYS!

🔴⚪ Saints 6-0 Giants 🐮🔔


HT: 🔴⚪ Saints 6-0 Giants 🐮🔔

The 12 men of Saints take a one score lead into the break after Mata’utia was sent off and Batchelor grabbed the only score of the first half…


It drifts wide as the hooter sounds…

🔴⚪ Saints 6-0 Giants 🐮🔔


Giants win the penalty, just inside the Saints half and will go for the two with 20 seconds left on the clock…

🔴⚪ Saints 6-0 Giants 🐮🔔


We work the ball down the right, but Hurrell can’t keep hold and the Giants survive…

🔴⚪ Saints 6-0 Giants 🐮🔔


REGAN! Grace bursts through, but Will Pryce brings him down.

🔴⚪ Saints 6-0 Giants 🐮🔔

Jonny Lomax for Saints

Lomax adds the two from in front and we lead after a hard-fought opening 30!

🔴⚪ Saints 6-0 Giants 🐮🔔

Joe Batchelor for Saints

YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! WAKA WAKAAAAAAA!! Lomax with the inspiration as his kick through is chased down by Batchelor who is in a rich vein of form and bags another! You know what comes next…🎵

🔴⚪ Saints 4-0 Giants 🐮🔔


The Giants lose the ball coming out of their own half and we have a chance here….COYS!

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Giants 🐮🔔


Iggy Paasi is on for Big Al as we head towards the final 10 minutes of this tight contest…

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Giants 🐮🔔


Sets are exchanged and Welsby is trapped in his goal and we must defend again as the West stand do what they do best and get behind the boys!

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Giants 🐮🔔


McQueen loses the ball after a challenge by Matty Lees and we have it back…

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Giants 🐮🔔


Lussick goes for a 40-20 but it bounces in favour of the Giants who have it back on half way…

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Giants 🐮🔔


WELSBY with a TRY SAVER! The Giants move the ball to the left and Senior goes for the line, but a combination of Welsby and then Lomax forces him in touch! A BIG play!

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Giants 🐮🔔

Red Card
Sione Mata'utia for Saints

Mata’utia has been sent off following an incident at the play the ball…

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Giants 🐮🔔


Roby powers forward and makes some yards, but Welsby loses it on the next tackle after a challenge from Fages.

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Giants 🐮🔔


Lomax steps up, but his kick drifts wide.

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Giants 🐮🔔


Lomax gets his head taken off by McQueen and it’s a penalty to Saints in front of the sticks. We will go for the two…

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Giants 🐮🔔


Saints win another penalty as the Giants are caught offside. This time Lussick kicks for touch and we are on the attack again inside the Huddersfield half…

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Giants 🐮🔔


A penalty o Saints, Welsby kicks for touch and we have a set in the Giants 20!

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Giants 🐮🔔


CHANCE! A lovely offload from Morgan Knowles on the line to our captain James Roby, but he is held up just short!

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Giants 🐮🔔


SIONE steals the ball back in a one-on-one! Fages then tries to return the favour, but gives away a penalty and the pressure is finally relieved…

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Giants 🐮🔔


Yet another set-restart…A BIG defensive set this…

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Giants 🐮🔔


The Giants win back-to-back penalties and have a set in our 10…

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Giants 🐮🔔


The visitors open us up down the right, but Hopoate does well to stop the try, but he has picked up a nasty bang on the head and will go for a head assessment….Lussick is on.

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Giants 🐮🔔


Former Saint, Fages, with the grubber which Hopoate does well to collect, but he is then trapped in goal and the Giants will come again…

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Giants 🐮🔔


The Giants win an early penalty and attack down our right…

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Giants 🐮🔔


We are off and underway at the Totally Wicked Stadium!

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Giants 🐮🔔

Kick off is next!

Let’s go boys!

It’s 200 career appearances for Konrad Hurrell and 150 career games for Iggy Paasi! Congrats, lads!

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A number of former Saints feature for our visitors this evening, including Theo Fages who returns to St Helens for the first time since his move!

Here is our line up this evening to face Huddersfield Giants…

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