Saints overcame a 8-6 half-time deficit to beat the Rhinos 8-18 at AMT Headingley Stadium!

Saints lost winger Tommy Makinson to injury during the warmup, with Joe Batchelor moved into the starting 13, after initially being named on the bench. George Delaney took his spot on the bench.

Leeds has a great chance early on. Lachie Miller threw a cut-out pass to the Leeds right edge, Harry Newman raced down the wing but a great last ditch tackle by Lewis Dodd, assisted by Matt Whitley, held him up inches short of the line.

The video referee was called upon ten minutes in. Leeds again had an overlap down their right edge, Brodie Croft found Luis Roberts who cut inside and powered his way over from close range. The on-field decision of try quickly backed up by the video referee. Rhyse Martin converted, 6-0.

Saints’ first chance came midway through the first half. A Leeds knock on allowed the Red V the chance to start their set in the opposition half for the first time in the contest. Matty Lees broke through early in the tackle count but was tackled by Miller close to the line. Saints unable to break through with the remaining tackles, with Alex Walmsley held up short on the last.

The Rhinos then had a chance to gain a two-score lead. The returning Batchelor wrestled the ball away from Miller illegally, Martin took a shot at goal and converted, 8-0.

Another video referee call was needed with six minutes of the half to go. Deep in Leeds territory, Saints went back down the short-side on the last tackle as Dodd kicked high, Whitley contested for it and forced an error, Moses Mbye picking up the loose ball and finding Waqa Blake, who dove over in the corner for his first points in Saints colours. Jonny Lomax converted well from the left touchline, 8-6 we trailed.

Saints ended the half in control. A turnover on the last tackle gave Saints the ball in Leeds territory for the last minute of the first 40. Welsby’s kick a few tackles into the set was pushed out by Miller, as Saints trailed 8-6 at AMT Headingley Stadium at the break.

Saints spent the opening ten minutes of the second half camped on the Rhinos line. First the ball went to ground on the last tackle underneath the sticks, before we got held up inches short of the line on the last tackle in the following set, as we looked to keep the ball alive down our right edge.

The Red V took the lead in the 57th minute. On the last, again on the Saints line, it was shifted through the hands from left to right and ended with Lomax throwing a great cut-out pass to Jon Bennison on the wing, who dove over in the corner. Lomax’s kick from the right touchline bounced in off the post, 8-12.

Another soon followed. Leeds kicked the restart out on the full, Saints marched downfield and Moses Mbye spotted a gap from dummy half and took full advantage to score under the sticks. Lomax converted from in front of the sticks, 8-18.

Leeds looked to hit back, as they got ball in good field position for the first time in the second half. Unfortunately for them, Justin Sangare was unable to collect Cameron Smith’s pass underneath the sticks. Another chance quickly followed, but Newman fumbled the ball as he looked to cut inside from the right edge.

That was the final action of the contest, as a strong second 40 minutes from the visitors was enough for the two points at AMT Headingley Stadium!

Match Summary

Leeds Rhinos Team: Lachlan Miller, Luis Roberts, Harry Newman, Rhyse Martin, Ash Handley, Brodie Croft, Matt Frawley, Mikolaj Oledzki, Andy Ackers, Justin Sangare, James Bentley, James McDonnell, Cameron Smith.

Interchanges: Jarrod O’Connor, Michael Goudemand, Tom Holroyd, Alfie Edgell.

18th Man: James Donaldson.

Tries: Luis Roberts (10)

Conversions: Rhyse Martin (1 from 1)

Penalties: Rhyse Martin (1 from 1)

Saints Team: Jack Welsby, Jon Bennison, Konrad Hurrell, Matt Whitley, Waqa Blake, Jonny Lomax, Lewis Dodd, Alex Walmsley, Daryl Clark, Matty Lees, Joe Batchelor, Sione Mata’utia, Morgan Knowles.

Interchanges: , Moses Mbye, James Bell, Jake Wingfield, George Delaney.

18th Man: Ben Davies.

Tries: Waqa Blake (34), Jon Bennison (57), Moses Mbye (60)

Conversions: Jonny Lomax (3 from 3)

HT: 8-6

FT: 8-18

Attendance: 15,284


Saints Line up

1 Jack Welsby
5 Jonathan Bennison
23 Konrad Hurrell
19 Matt Whitley
3 Waqa Blake
6 Jonny Lomax
7 Lewis Dodd
8 Alex Walmsley
9 Daryl Clark
10 Matty Lees
11 Sione Mata’utia
13 Morgan Knowles
12 Joe Batchelor
14 Moses Mbye
15 James Bell
18 Jake Wingfield
20 George Delaney

Leeds Rhinos Line up

1Lachlan Miller
24Luis Roberts
3Harry Newman
12Rhyse Martin
5Ash Handley
6Brodie Croft
7Matt Frawley
8Mikolaj Oledzki
9Andy Ackers
17Justin Sangare
11James Bentley
16James McDonnell
13Cameron Smith
14Jarrod O'Connor
18Mickael Goudemand
10Tom Holroyd
29Alfie Edgell

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✊ The Saints bounce back with a big second half performance to give Leeds their first home loss in 2024!




Rhinos will get another go, another penalty for the hosts.

🦏 8-18 😇


Mata’utia is penalised for a tackle on Bentley, the former Saint has to come off and we hope he’s okay.

🦏 8-18 😇


Walmsley drives on the last towards the line, but Leeds stop the big man. Red V looking to pin Leeds in.

🦏 8-18 😇


🔄 Delaney off, Lees on.

Let’s see this one out Leesy.

🦏 8-18 😇


Saints under the pump now, a penalty for a high tackle is given.

Welsby then with a fantastic hit on Croft who cuts through the line, but Leeds then knock on by Newman.

🦏 8-18 😇


Rhinos get a penalty for slow play in the tackle.

Sangare goes for a rogue pass but can’t collect it. Saints scramble well to stop the attack as well.

🦏 8-18 😇


🔄 Bell off, what a shift as well, Knowles back on.

🦏 8-18 😇


Rhinos get held by our 40m line, Frawley punts it high and Welsby collects well and fires out to Blake.

Waqa gets us some more metres.

🦏 8-18 😇

Jonny Lomax for Saints

Lomax with the conversion in front of the posts! 🦵

🦏 8-18 😇

Moses Mbye for Saints


A classic hooker’s score off a great run off Delaney to go close to the sticks!

🦏 8-16 😇

Jonny Lomax for Saints

J-LO! The kick from the sidelines and it comes off the post and over!

🦏 8-12 😇

Jonathan Bennison for Saints


The Saints shape up well and Lomax fires a BEAUTY out to Jon Bennison for a diving score!

🦏 8-10 😇


A Leeds man coming out of his own 30m knocks on with strong Saints defence around the player.

🦏 8-6 😇


Croft chips on the right egde into the middle, but St.Helens jump on it to stop the threat. We need to turn the pressure around now.

🦏 8-6 😇


Blake again has to take out a Leeds kick for a GLDO. Leeds will come at the Red V line again.

🦏 8-6 😇


Leeds with a set by our line off a six-again keep getting the ball out in tackles, but Saints hold firm.

A kick on the last has to be clear by Blake for a GLDO.

🔄 Delaney on, Knowles off.


Momentum stopped for now after we lose the ball in a tackle.

🦏 8-6 😇


Saints close again! Better start in this half by the team, we just get held short by some solid Leeds defence.


Good defence by the Red V, Rhinos kick by the halfway line.

Leeds then concede a penalty too for a high tackle.


Saints go close with Bell and then Batchelor but on the last trying to play it in and out in the middle we knock on.

🦏 8-6 😇


Nice opening set from the Saints, we go all the way to the Leeds try line, Dodd and Welsby link up on the left and Jack places a good kick to the corner. Mata’utia with a good first hit.


Second forty, here we go!


🦏 8-6 😇

In just seven days we are back at Headingley, looking to go to the next stage of the Challenge Cup!

Tickets are available online now on our website.


⏸ Saints down by two points at Headingley at half time.

🦏 8-6 😇

Welsby goes for a kick to the corner with seconds left in the half but Leeds clear it for a GLDO which won’t be played as the hooter goes.


Batchelor with a great last ditch tackle on a Rhino on the last, by their own 30m line.


Great interplay with Dodd and Welsby, Dodd meets Miller with a great hit to stop our attack.

🦏 8-6 😇


Good set after points, we push the Rhinos back to their own line but Leeds keep us out from going back to back.

Jonny Lomax for Saints

Lomax with a conversion from the touchline! Yes Skip!

🦏 8-6 😇

Waqa Blake for Saints


That was a needed score, Dodd lofts the ball to the left edge, the ball goes back off a Leeds hand and it’s passed to the Fijian international for his first Saints score!

🦏 8-4 😇


Saints get their first penalty of the game for a high shot on Bell.

The Red V go looking for their first points, but a forward pass on the left edge brings us to a stop.


Tough take on a Croft grubber to the corner, but Welsby takes it and stays in the field of play.


🔄 Wingfield on, Lees off.


Bell already injecting himself into this game very well, fending Rhinos in the middle of the park.

Lomax on the last 10m out chips to the left edge but Leeds claim it.

🦏 8-0 😇


🔄 Bell on, Walmsley off.

🦏 8-0 😇

Rhyse Martin for Leeds Rhinos

Batchelor makes a tackle and takes the ball but there were two Saints in it.

Leeds call for the tee and Martin adds the penalty.

🦏 8-0 😇


Again, better from Saints but off the cuff.

Dodd on the move chips to the left corner, the ball bounces and Mata’utia pats it back. Clark goes for a grubber and run near the sticks, but Miller collects.


Far better from Saints, Lees cuts through the line but is stopped inches from it.

On the last we then try a bulldoze from Walmsley but he gets held short too.


Perhaps a little relief, Ackers goes hunting through a gap in the middle but loses the ball.

Saints scrum by the halfway line.


Leeds have a number of breaks but Saints cut each one down for now, on the last Frawley chips but Blake gets down onto it well.

The Red V have not had any chances in their opposition half yet. Frustrating start.


The hosts continue their control of the opening stages, Bennison fields a high ball well but gets stopped by his own 10m line.

Rhyse Martin for Leeds Rhinos

Rhyse Martin adds the conversion.

Luis Roberts for Leeds Rhinos

Leeds score the opener on the back of a penalty for not being square and then a six-again too, Luis Roberts with lots of space on that edge to go in.

🦏 4-0 😇


Lewis Dodd! What a tackle on Harry Newman, the Rhinos have started the brighter side, the Rhinos centre has space and sprints and the Red V #7 stops him inches from the line!

🦏 0-0 😇


Better defence from the Red V, keeping Leeds by the halfway line but the ball bounces from the kick, Welsby takes it but gets cut down quick.


Strong start by the Rhinos, they pin Saints in their own 30m. Hurrell given a “warm” welcome by Headingley…


Late change to our lineup, Tommy Makinson pulled up in the warm up and Joe Batchelor now starts.

Kick Off

▶ KICK-OFF! Game underway at Headingley between the Rhinos and the Saints!

🔥 A fierce night of Friday night rugby league footy is on it’s way!

@plattyphoto 📸


Milestone Men 👏

🔴 Jonny Lomax – 300th Super League appearance
⚪ Alex Walmsley – 250th Super League appearance
🔴 Joe Batchelor – 150th career appearance

Go well gentlemen!

Batch. Is. Back.


🔒 Your Saints lineup is locked in for tonight’s Super League clash away at Leeds Rhinos!

Lees and Hurrell are back, with Batchelor too off the bench!

📌 AMT Headingley Stadium, Leeds

👏 Over 1,300 of the Saints faithful making the trip to Headingley to cheer us on!

Let’s get loud in Leeds. 👊


🆚 Leeds Rhinos
📌 AMT Headingley Stadium
🕗 8pm KO
🎟️ Online / Cashless at Gate G
📺 Sky Sports / SuperLeague+