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Saints Line up

1 Jack Welsby
3 Waqa Blake
21 Ben Davies
4 Mark Percival
25 Tee Ritson
6 Jonny Lomax
7 Lewis Dodd
20 George Delaney
14 Moses Mbye
10 Matty Lees
22 Sam Royle
16 Curtis Sironen
15 James Bell
17 Agnatius Paasi
24 Jake Burns
30 Jonny Vaughan
31 Noah Stephens

Castleford Tigers Line up

34Tex Hoy
23Jason Qareqare
35Corey Hall
12Alex Mellor
5Innes Senior
16Rowan Milnes
7Jacob Miller
15George Griffin
14Liam Horne
20Muizz Mustapha
10George Lawler
11Elie El Zakhem
13Joe Westerman
8Liam Watts
24Cain Robb
29George Hill
37Matty English

Last updated 5 Jul 24 21:44:33


⏹ The Saints lose out by two points to the Tigers.



Paasi is taken high coming away from his own 30m line. Quick kick by Dodd, under three to go.


Milnes drills a kick out by the 20m line, looking to pin Saints back.


Saints push at the scrum and get the ball back, but as we go looking for a score we knock on the ball.


Percival holds off Hall making a tackle and gets an offload away but it goes to ground as Burns tries to collect.


🔄 Delaney off, Paasi on.

Welsby deals with a kick well and then gets an offload away.

Rowan Milnes for Castleford Tigers

Cas loft a high one, following it Saints are pinged for an offside play and Milnes calls for the tee again.

He adds the kick for Tigers to take the lead.

😇 6-8 🐯

Rowan Milnes for Castleford Tigers

Tigers have Saints on the backfoot, a high shot is judged 25m out in front of the posts, they call for the kicking tee.

Milnes adds the two to make it level.


Good play by the Red V! On the left Ritson gets a small bit of space and he fires an offload to Percival, he passes to Welsby and Jack tries one more pass inside but knocked on!


💥 SHOT by Lees on tackle one and we go hunting like a pack together in defence and force Cas to kick out of their own 20!


Saints go hunting for a second score but Sironen on the last is held just short.


A forward pass straight off a GLDO by Cas is compounded by a high tackle. Saints move into good ball territory.


Jonny Vaughan now on for his debut! Good luck JV!

🔄 Royle off.

😇 6-4 🐯


🔄 Here comes Jake Burns for his debut, let’s go Burnsy!

Bell comes off.

😇 6-4 🐯

Innes Senior for Castleford Tigers

Try. Castleford.

A knock on by our own 20m welcomes a Cas attack, a clever play on the left opens up Saints and Innes Senior scores.

Kick missed by Milnes.


Tigers are held by the halfway line once again, but a Blake knock on will give them the ball back 25m out.

🔄 Stephens off, Delaney back on.

Mark Percival for Saints

Tigers mess around at the play of the ball as Royle looked to get away and play it, penalty for Saints and we go for the two.

Percival’s kick is good.


🔄 Lees back on, Paasi off.


Saints cut off a kick in the middle, but Cas offload it twice and then Hall kicks high. Welsby takes it well, goes through the middle to take 20m more.


James Bell with a late pass opens Cas up, Paasi in the middle tries a pass to Dodd but we knock on – agony!


Welsby is taken in the air after a high swirling bomb.


Solid opening two defensive sets by the Saints, the Tigers stay in their own half on each.

Second half underway!


⏸ It’s a tight and close one against the Tigers.

Defences on top.

Sam Royle for Saints


Arise Mr Royle, he has his first ever senior Saints score and what a score it was! We pull the ball right, he took on the line and powered over!


Mbye stops a Cas attack, Milnes kicked but we intercept it and Moses kept on fending a Cas man.


Some chaotic rugby from Saints, offloads from the right edge to the left find Ritson he kicks ahead but Hoy deals with it.


Superb take from Welsby again following a high Milnes kick.

🔄 Stephens on, Delaney off.


Saints get their first six-again, Welsby kicks ahead for Lomax who makes an immediate tackle on Hoy but the pressure is eased for a high shot.


🔄 Lees off, Paasi on.

Blake breaks down the right but his pass back in allows Cas the ball back, however they knock on shortly after.


Leapppp by Ritson to defuse a high bomb that landed next to our own try line.


Five Cas men hold Sironen up over the line, on the last we kick across field but Royle takes the Cas man early in the air.


Great kick from Dodd, Hoy has to sprint to get it and Percival makes the tackle for a GLDO. Pressure building.


Lomax now on the left kicks a grubber for Ritson to get to but it bounces out off a Cas hand.


Lees after a tackle needs checking over, looks to be holding his neck and shoulder.

He gets the thumbs up, good to go though.


Cas with a bit of zip in their push now, Watts is on and Mellor too carried a strong run in. Tigers go for a short side play and a forward pass stops them for now.


Saints off a high shot penalty move the Tigers back to their own line, Dodd goes across the face of the posts and goes for a grubber which Hoy collects.


Superb kick return from Welsby, he took the ball by his own 10 and went into the middle to take twenty more!


Bell jukes around the defence and goes back to the short side but his pass gets judged forward to Blake.


Westerman tries a delayed pass near the line but it catches his teammate cold, knocked on into our hands by our 40m line.


A beautiful line by Delaney almost unlocked the Fords defence but they scramble to stop him. Welsby on the last drills a grubber to the right corner but it’s too strong.


A good kick in our own half just bounces out of the deal ball line, Welsby chased whilst Senior left it and it just ran too strong.


Brilliant defence from Sam Royle on his own line, he got under a Cas man who looked to burrow over. Tigers then shape up right and the final ball goes out on the sidelines.


Miller chips to the left corner, Welsby goes to collect and knows he’s not getting out so throws the ball for a GLDO.


Saints lose the ball after a tackle by the Cas 40m line, the Tigers go looking for gaps on their left but the ball goes loose. The referee judges St.Helens knocked on so scrum down for the visitors by the halfway.


Tigers give away a penalty as we march out of our own 30m.


Cas get a new set after Saints play at a kicked ball on the ground, but the visitors knock on a tackle later.


Great chase from Ritson on the left wing off a floating ball but Qareqare takes it and is judged to be tackled in the air.


Great defence from the Red V! Our first defensive set ends with Cas in their own half.

Kick Off

We are underway at the Totally Wicked Stadium between the Saints and the Tigers!


Debut ready. 😤

Go well Jonny & Jake!

😇 Here is how your Saints lineup tonight against Castlef on our return to the Totally Wicked Stadium!

Jake Burns and Jonny Vaughan are in line to make their Super League & senior St.Helens debuts tonight off the bench!


🆚 Castleford Tigers
📌 Totally Wicked Stadium
🕗 8pm KO
🎟 Available online
📺 Sky Sports / SuperLeague+