Lomax’s last minute drop goal fires Saints to victory

Saints beat Huddersfield 13-12 at the Totally Wicked Stadium on Thursday evening to move back top of the Betfred Super League!

After a dominant start Huddersfield took the lead five minutes in. Tui Lolohea’s high kick was fumbled by Saints into the arms of Joe Greenwood, who fed the ball to former Saint Kevin Naiqama, and he was able to walk over in the corner. Jake Connor added the extras, 0-6.

Twelve minutes in, we had our first trip to the video referee. Connor had acres of space ahead of him down the Giants’ left-hand side and threw a cut-out pass to Adam Swift, he broke Tommy Makinson’s tackle before kicking ahead of him and Saints were unable to deal with the bouncing ball, allowing Swift to ground it and score. The on-field decision of try was agreed with after a lengthy review. Connor converted again, o-12 the visitors led.

Saints tried to get back into the game, but their sets on the Giants line was first halted by a knock on, before Swift claimed a high kick in the corner to earn a seven-tackle set.

With thirteen minutes of the first half to go, Saints got back into it. Huddersfield again tried to throw a cut-out pass down their left edge just inside the Saints half but this time Makinson plucked it out of the air and raced the other way to score underneath the sticks. Mark Percival converted, 6-12 Saints trailed.

Another chance quickly followed. A penalty pushed Saints downfield, the hosts looked to shift it through the hands from left to right but the ball went to ground as an opportunity looked to have arisen.

Adam Clune tried for a one-pointer as the first half came to a close, but his attempt sailed wide and into the arms of Jack Welsby.

Saints thought they had reduced the deficit eight minutes into the second half. Moses Mbye’s high kick was claimed by Elliot Wallis, Percival’s great hit knocked the ball loose and Matt Whitley grounded it. A scuffle followed and the referee sent it upstairs as no try, which was agreed with by the video referee.

Sixteen minutes into the second half, back upstairs we went again. Mbye with another high kick that causes issues underneath the sticks, but it hits Saints hands and bounces forward before Daryl Clark grounded it. The video referee again agreeing with the on-field call of no try.

The hosts weren’t to be denied for much longer though. A great defensive set put the Red V in great field position. Clark spotted a gap from dummy half, threw a dummy before reaching over to score next to the sticks. Percival levelled the scores, 12-12.

With thirteen minutes left we had another trip upstairs for Saints. Huddersfield lost the ball, Saints moved it the hands, Percival found Waqa Blake who tried an acrobatic finish in the corner. The on-field decision of no try was agreed with though.

With 33 seconds left on the clock, on the last tackle, the ball found its way to Lomax who attempted a drop goal from long range and nailed it to win Saints the game.

Match Summary

Saints Team: Jon Bennison, Tommy Makinson, Konrad Hurrell, Mark Percival, Waqa Blake, Jack Welsby, Jonny Lomax, Sione Mata’utia, Moses Mbye, Matty Lees, Matt Whitley, Joe Batchelor, Morgan Knowles.

Interchanges: Daryl Clark, James Bell, Curtis Sironen, George Delaney.

18th Man: Ben Davies.

Tries: Tommy Makinson (27), Daryl Clark (63)

Conversions: Mark Percival (2 from 2)

Drop goal: Jonny Lomax (80)

Huddersfield Giants Team: Jake Connor, Adam Swift, Jake Bibby, Kevin Naiqama, Elliot Wallis, Tui Lolohea, Adam Clune, Oliver Wilson, Adam Milner, Joe Greenwood, Leroy Cudjoe, Harry Rushton, Luke Yates.

Interchanges: Ashton Golding, Matty English, Seb Ikahihifo, Sam Halsall.

18th Man: Oliver Russell.

Tries: Kevin Naiqama (5), Adam Swift (12)

Conversions: Jake Connor (2 from 2)

HT: 6-12

FT: 13-12

Attendance: 9,888

Saints Line up

5 Jonathan Bennison
2 Tommy Makinson
23 Konrad Hurrell
4 Mark Percival
3 Waqa Blake
6 Jonny Lomax
1 Jack Welsby
10 Matty Lees
14 Moses Mbye
11 Sione Mata’utia
19 Matt Whitley
12 Joe Batchelor
13 Morgan Knowles
9 Daryl Clark
15 James Bell
16 Curtis Sironen
20 George Delaney

Huddersfield Giants Line up

1Jake Connor
2Adam Swift
5Jake Bibby
4Kevin Naiqama
20Elliot Wallis
6Tui Lolohea
7Adam Clune
17Olly Wilson
9Adam Milner
10Joe Greenwood
21Leroy Cudjoe
16Harry Rushton
13Luke Yates
14Ashton Golding
15Matty English
18Seb Ikahihifo
24Sam Halsall

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😅 Look between Q and E on your keyboard.

Wow… A dramatic finish sees the Saints win it against the Giants!


Drop Goal
Jonny Lomax for Saints


The Saints captain kicks a one-pointer!

😇😇 13-12🐮🔔


Saints get a rare penalty, a high shot 25 off our own line. A good kick needed here.


Giants kick again from halfway, Welsby fields the return but is stopped 20m out.


Mbye with a great spiral kick, Saints look to now keep Giants pinned once again.


As we have most of the game Saints hold Giants by their own half, but a good kick and chase we must go 80m.


A bouncing kick is just about taken by Wallis 10m from his own line, but the referee flags a flop against Saints.


Makinson gets checked over, all good, given the thumbs up.


Giants with a rare attack in our half try hit their left edge, Connor though slaps a pass forward.

Makinson stays down after going for a tackle.


Saints get penalised looking to keep Giants again by their own line, pressure reliever for the visitors.


Yet another chance for Saints, Hurrell gets a patted back kick but goes looking for gaps.


The Red V go hunting again on the left corner, Percival nutmegs a kick through Naiqama but can’t finish it.


Giants again are forced to kick out of their own 40m, Saints scrambling defence after some second phase passing did well.


🔄 Lees on, Delaney off.

😇😇 12-12 🐮🔔


Saints go close!

A loose carry from Giants and we pick it up and pass it out left to Percival, he feeds Blake and Waqa goes for the acrobatic finish! Video ref checks and no try though.


Mbye hoists a kick high and it again causes chaos, this time it bounces and Percival passes out to the left but knock on.


Giants with some good defence hold us by the halfway line, Wallis tries to break but a great tackle from Lomax cuts him down.

Mark Percival for Saints

Percival adds the two, and we are level.

Come on now you Saints! 👊

Daryl Clark for Saints


It had been building for the Saints and a just reward after a brilliant set from the Red V to keep Giants in their own 20m!

Clark scooted at the play of the ball and powered himself over!

😇😇 10-12 🐮


Our second six-again on the first tackle after the brilliant defence.

😇😇 6-12 🐮🔔


Brilliant defensive set from Saints, keeping Giants in their own 20!


Another close one to a score for Saints, Lomax dribbles a kick on the left corner, Percival tries to collect but Connor just gets there.


Huddersfield kick by the halfway line a grubber out by our 40m line.

🔄 Sironen off, Mata’utia back on.


🔄 Bell off, Knowles on.

😇😇 6-12 🐮🔔


Two sets by the try line for Saints, we go close with Percival on the left and then on the last Mbye kicks close to the posts again

The ball ricochets around and Clark grounds the ball, but video ref confirms no try.


Saints shape up on the right, a pass looking for Makinson is knocked on by Giants. We’ll attack again in good position, we need to make it count.


Saints push Giants back towards their own 20m, Connor catches a ball well but drops the ball trying to play it.


Mbye on the last kicks towards the middle of the field by the posts, the ball goes backwards and Clark tries to hunt for a try but is held short.


A first six-again for Saints, we will look to push for our second score.


The ref sends it upstairs, no try and confirmed – no try.


Big hit from Percival after a high bomb, the ball goes loose and Whitley grounds it for what could be a try.

Giants and Saints though then come together in a big skirmish, unsure what caused it.


Connor puts up a bomb, not once but twice, Clark on the second one controlled hit him it looked but the Giants fullback goes nose to nose with our #9 about the hit.


Mbye lifts a kick high, it looks like it comes off a Giants man but the referee gives an offside penalty for Huddersfield, easing their pressure once more.


Calm start from both in this second period. Neither with a major chance in the opening minutes.

Second half underway – Come on you Saints!

⏸ The Saints are down by six points at the break against the Giants.



Clune went for a drop goal attempt, 30m out but it goes short and wide.


More resolute defence from the Saints to stop Connor and Wallis off a kick return.


Welsby now kicks into space on the right, Wallis after a bounce takes it but is stopped quickly by Matt Whitley.


Giants with number on their left look to break once more, Bibby after a good Lomax tackle loses the ball.


🔄 Knowles off, Sironen on.


On the back foot we look to keep Giants out, Bibby doesn’t take a pass well and knocks on 10m out.


Another let off for Giants, a penalty in the tackle against Batchelor is given giving them some relief and kicks them out of their own half.


Saints get their first penalty of the match, we push Giants onto their own line and Knowles fires a pass back to Mbye but he knocks on.


🔄 Clark on, Bennison off.

It looks like our #9 goes to hooker, Welbsy back to fullback and Mbye to halfback.

Mark Percival for Saints

Percival adds the two. ✌

Tommy Makinson for Saints

Interception try by Tommy Makinson! ™

A much needed score! The winger spotted Connor lining up a big pass out to Swift and timed his catch to perfection to go 60m!

😇😇 4-12 🐮🔔


Arm wrestle period now between the two, played mainly in the middle of the park, neither cutting through but an offside for Giants will give them some territory.


A Lomax floating kick is caught in-goal by Swift, 20m restart.

A frustrating opening period, despite some great defence keeping Giants in their own half on a number of occasions.


🔄 Bell on, Mata’utia off.

😇😇 0-12 🐮🔔


Big let off for the visitors though as we go towards their 10m line, Whitley in the tackle loses the ball.


A reward for some great defence, Saints have kept Giants in their own 30m again and Connor’s kick goes out on the full.


More good defence from St Helens, Huddersfield staying by their own forty. Bennison caught the kick perfectly and fed Blake who charged in for the first carry.


Lomax on the last looked to kick in-goal, but Naiqama dropped quickly back to collect it.


Saints again keep Giants by their own 30 and this time Swift knocks on looking to take a quick pass.

Saints scrum 30m out.

Jake Connor for Huddersfield Giants

Connor adds the kick.

Adam Swift for Huddersfield Giants

A break from deep in their own half on the left wing, Swift kicked inside, Blake went to clear it before another Giant but no good and Swift then gets to it.


Saints first major attack has the visitors back on their own line, Lomax kicked a grubber which came off the post pads but Connor leaps on it to stop the threat.


Great defence from the Red V, locking Huddersfield in their own 30 now. Makinson catches an easy kick to turn the pressure.


Saints keep Giants pinned in their own forty, Connor goes for a 40/20 but not strong enough and Bennison returns well.

Jake Connor for Huddersfield Giants

Connor adds the kick from the sidelines.

😇😇 0-6 🐮🔔

Kevin Naiqama for Huddersfield Giants

Try. Huddersfield.

Two sets by our line and a high cross field bomb isn’t taken clean by Saints, falls into Giants hands and passed to Kevin Naiqama for the opening points

😇😇 0-4 🐮🔔


Giants with a set by our line then, on the last Connor dabs a small kick into the left corner and Makison clears it for a GLDO.


Good first attack from Giants, they push to our 30m line and loft a high ball. It comes off Makinson who contested it with Bibby and they will get the ball back, scrum 20m out from our line.


Giants keep Saints pinned in their own 40m in the first set, Mbye kicks down field and Connor calmly catches it.

😇😇 0-0 🐮🔔


Saints will attack the East Stand in the first half and we’re underway!

😇😇 0-0 🐮🔔

Kick Off

▶ KICK-OFF! Round 9 of Super League gets underway at the with the Saints hosting the Giants!

Checked in at home. 🏠

🔒 Your Saints lineup for tonight’s clash against Huddersfield Giants is now locked in!

🔒 Your Saints lineup for tonight’s clash against Huddersfield Giants is now locked in!

❌ Due to weather overnight, and the forecast for the early evening, tonight’s Under 18s fixture has been postponed to ensure our pitch is in good condition for the Super League fixture.

Kicking off Round 9 of Super League tonight against the Giants

Let’s hear from you, where will you be cheering the team on from tonight?

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An update on when this Academy game will be rearranged for will be confirmed soon.

As a result of the postponement, turnstiles will now open at the Totally Wicked Stadium at 6:30pm tonight.


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