Saints Line up

1 Jack Welsby
5 Jonathan Bennison
23 Konrad Hurrell
4 Mark Percival
3 Waqa Blake
14 Moses Mbye
7 Lewis Dodd
10 Matty Lees
9 Daryl Clark
20 George Delaney
16 Curtis Sironen
11 Sione Mata’utia
15 James Bell
17 Agnatius Paasi
21 Ben Davies
22 Sam Royle
31 Noah Stephens

Salford Red Devils Line up

23Chris Hankinson
2Ethan Ryan
3Nene Macdonald
29Loghan Lewis
5Deon Cross
14Chris Atkin
7Marc Sneyd
8Brad Singleton
24Joe Mellor
15Shane Wright
11Sam Stone
12Kallum Watkins
13Oliver Partington
10King Vuniyayawa
16Joe Shorrocks
27Gil Dudson
22Kai Morgan

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⏹ Salford edge the Saints by two points to get the win.



Final minute, Bennison stops a Sneyd kick but as we come out of our own 10 we knock on.

Salford win it.


Final minute, Bennison stops a Sneyd kick but as we come out of our own 10 we knock on.

Salford win it.


Mbye and Welsby go down the right trying to push for a late score but a short kick goes into touch.

One and a half to go.


Welsby picks up a Sneyd kick towards the left corner, he passes to Bennison and he takes us up to the 20m line.

Just over two minutes left.


Saints go for the short kick-off but Salford have it and we concede a penalty after it as well. Not what we needed.

Marc Sneyd for Salford Red Devils

Sneyd takes all the time he can and adds the two.

😈 18-20 πŸ˜‡

Chris Hankinson for Salford Red Devils

Try Salford.

The hosts play it out on the right, Macdonald as he’s tackled passes to Ryan and he feeds Hankinson to cut out Welsby.


Moses Mbye on the last drives into the middle and goes close, Salford must start off their own line.

Strong defence needed here, Saints.


Salford try go right but Ethan Ryan knocks on as they look to find space on the wing, 40m out from our line.


Percival’s conversion attempt goes wide.

Edgy final ten incoming.

Mark Percival for Saints


Welsby gets an offload away and Sironen runs into space, he feeds The Prince who forces himself over for a four-pointer!

Video ref confirms it!


Hurrell intercepts a Sneyd pass on the left, Salford compound that giving away a penalty for interference at the play of the ball.


Saints boot the ball high, Blake tries to take it but with Ryan also contesting it knocks on.


πŸ”„ HIA interchange, Royle off, Lees back on.

Mark Percival for Saints

64′ Salford take Welsby high, we elect to go for the two. 35m out and about 10 in from the right touchline.



Blake launches himself to kill a pass attempt on the right wing, knocking it out of the field of play.


Sneyd misses the kick.

Kallum Watkins for Salford Red Devils

Try. Salford.

A high ball is not dealt with by Saints and the loose ball is picked up by Watkins for a dive into the corner.


Salford again hold us by our own half, Dodd’s kick is a good one though, however Mata’utia puts a late one on Sneyd to give them a penalty.

Mark Percival for Saints

Percival adds the kick! 🦡

😈 10-12 πŸ˜‡

Curtis Sironen for Saints


Saints with their first real go in the half at the Red Devils line and a short pass to Curtis Sironen near the line saw him power in!

😈 10-10 πŸ˜‡


Saints scramble well and kill an inside play between Atkin and Watkins.

πŸ”„ Royle now on, Stephens off.


Saints still can’t get out of their own half, a punt downfield once more.


Another brilliant catch by Bennison under pressure.


Pinned in our own 20m we punt down field looking for relief.

πŸ”„ Lees and Paasi off, Delaney and Bell on.


Salford are kept out well by Saints this time, Sneyd on the last hits a cross field kick which Bennison takes and he just stays in the field of the play to avoid a GLDO.


Saints go for an offload on the left edge but it lands into Salford hands, Macdonald gets a pass but it’s forward. The centre dived in the in-goal but the ref’s pulled it back.


Shorrocks goes for an offload whilst being tackled, but a teammate of his knocks on. Let off for Saints.


Sneyd’s goes for a 40/20, Bennison takes it and passes to Welsby. Jack then goes through the Salford middle and fires a pass to Hurrell but it’s no good and we knock on.

Salford chance now, 25m out.


Salford follow it up with good D of their own, Percival though tackles Ryan strongly after a catch.


Good first bit of defence by the Saints, Salford kept in their own half.

We’re in need off more chances in their half though, we were limited in the opening half.

Back to business in Salford. COME ON YOU SAINTS. πŸ‘Š


⏸ The Saints are down by four points at the break in Salford.


Saints decide to run it on the last by the halfway line, Hurrell on the run flicks a pass to Bennison but he’s just put a foot in touch as he looked to pass back in.


Good D by the Saints, the hosts kept by the halfway line.


Welsby and Sironen on the left flank try linking up but no good, Dodd then floats one but Hankinson takes it well.


Salford with an in and out play in the middle of the field, but a Red Devils man knocks on stopping their threat for now.


Saints giving our hosts more chance, a Paasi late hit and they move into our half.


Sneyd misses the conversion.

πŸ”„ Bell off, Stephens on.

Deon Cross for Salford Red Devils

Try. Salford.

A knock in our own 20, followed by two six-agains and Salford make the pressure pay, a Sneyd chip to the left wing for Cross to grab his second.


Coming out of our 20, Saints knock on. Salford with a golden chance.


Salford have Saints on the backfoot, another Sneyd kick goes up and is patted on but patted forward.


Good set from the Saints, we go from our own 20 to the opposition’s 20 and a big Dodd floating kick is caught well by Red Devils but Percival meets him immediately.


On the last Sneyd goes high to the left corner. Saints are judged to have blocked a Salford chaser and they get a penalty and will go for the two.

Sneyd goes to kick over to his right winger instead and we get a penalty


Another Saints push ends by the Salford 30m line, Dodd’s kick well taken by Hankinson this time.


Dodd by the Salford 30m line kicks high, Welsby catches and passes to Sironen who kicks himself but Red Devils collect it just out of the in-goal.

Marc Sneyd for Salford Red Devils

Sneyd adds the conversion.

Deon Cross for Salford Red Devils

The hosts get a penalty from a Saints high shot, off the tap they go right then back left and Deon Cross goes in at the corner.


Sneyd on the left places a small chip in, Welsby takes it but is tackled for a GLDO.


Good defence from Saints, the hosts are held inside their own half and Sneyd’s kick almost goes out on the full but swirls back in, just.

Saints knock on though not long after a high shot.


On the last Dodd dribbles a grubber under the sticks but a Salford man leaps onto it first to stop our attack for now.


Saints get two penalties, firstly a second effort in a tackle to take Blake into touch. Then an offside call too, so Saints back in the Red Devils half now.

Mark Percival for Saints

Percival adds the conversion.

James Bell for Saints


Saints get the first major attack of the game off a Dodd kick getting knocked on. Welsby places a smart kick towards the sticks and James Bell is there to dive on it!

😈 0-4 πŸ˜‡


A Dodd high one gets knocked on by Hankinson, Saints will get the first go inside goodball territory.


Swirling and very high bomb by the halfway line kicked by Sneyd is taken comfortably by Bennison.


Another good bit of D from Salford, this time we’re by our own 40m but Dodd’s kick went behind the Red Devils back line.


Good first defensive set from the hosts, keeping Saints in our own half.

Kick Off

β–Ά KICK-OFF! Match underway at Salford Community Stadium between Salford Red Devils and St.Helens!

It’s Armed Forces Day at Salford, the matchball is being delivered by a parachute regiment and they have just fired a field cannon three times and goodness me, it was LOUDDDD.

πŸ†™ Warm day, time for warm up.

Day for ittt 🌞

The Saints arrived in Salford a little earlier.

βš«πŸ”΄ Here is your Saints lineup to take on Salford Red Devils this afternoon in Super League Round 15!

Back in the 24 Away Kit today. πŸ”₯

Team news, next. ⏭

β˜€ Cracking flags in Salford!

πŸ“Œ Salford Community Stadium

Head 2️⃣ Head

A quick look at the tale of the tape between Saints and Salford ahead of Round 15!

🌍 Where are you cheering the Saints on from today?!

πŸ“Ί St.Helens and Salford bring the curtain down on Round 15 of @SuperLeague this afternoon!

You can watch live on SuperLeague+ around the globe

πŸ‘ Back-to-back Sunday away games and another great number of travelling Saints are headed to Salford

Thank you as always for your support, make some noise in that away end all afternoon long πŸ”Š

⚫ π—šπ—”π— π—˜π——π—”π—¬ πŸ”΄

πŸ†š Salford Red Devils
πŸ“Œ Salford Community Stadium
πŸ•’ 3pm KO
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