Below-par Saints defeated by Tigers

Saints fell to consecutive league defeats, after an error-ridden performance and two yellow cards meant Castleford came away with a 28-14 win at the Mend-A-Hose Jungle on Sunday afternoon.

All eyes were on the Mend-A-Hose Jungle after a number of sporting events were cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak but it was business as usual for rugby league.

Castleford started the better side, and thought they had taken the lead after seven minutes when Derrell Olpherts went over on the right, but the referee pulled the game back for obstruction in the build up.

Up the other end, Theo Fages was close to grounding a lovely grubber kick by Lachlan Coote who was returning from injury, but the ball just ran dead as Fages made contact.

The hosts took the lead in the 11th minute, Peter Mata’utia turning and touching down amongst challenges by three Saints defenders who failed to wrap him up, after a short ball by former Saint Danny Richardson. Richardson added the extras to give Castleford a 6-0 lead.

Olpherts was lively again, and this time scored in the 18th minute, touching down in the right corner after the hosts again targeted the Saints left edge. Richardson was unable to convert, leaving the score at 10-0.

Things were made more difficult for Saints in the 30th minute, as Matty Lees received a yellow card for a high tackle on Jordan Rankin as he fell to the ground, leaving Saints a man down for the final ten minutes of the half.

Saints were punished almost instantly; Mata’utia scoring in the right for his second of the game after a quick break, however Richardson failed to convert again giving the hosts a 14-0 lead after 33 minutes.

Tommy Makinson got a much needed try for Saints just before half time, Coote with the cut-out pass to the right touchline and Makinson flew down the wing to touchdown in the corner. The try scorer was unable to add the extras sending Castleford into half time with a 14-4 lead.

Saints started much better in the second half, Jack Welsby went over two minutes in, but the referee had deemed Rankin had grounded the ball as Regan Grace’s kick went through.

Minutes later, McCarthy-Scarsbrook received a yellow card for a high challenge on Richardson, and Saints were a man down once again.

Saints defended well during that period, however against the run of play Cheyse Blair forced his way through a number of defenders in the right corner after 58 minutes. Richardson couldn’t add the extras, leaving the hosts with a 18-4 lead.

James Roby was the next to be penalised as he caught Jake Trueman high in a challenge, and Danny Richardson kicked the penalty to give Castleford a 20-4 lead after 67 minutes.

The Tigers won another penalty under the sticks minutes later and Richardson made no mistake, giving the hosts a 22-4 lead with nine minutes to go.

Welsby did respond, going over in the left corner after quick hands by Coote, but Makinson was unable to add the conversion, leaving the score 22-8 with six minutes to go.

Two minutes later, Trueman scored for the hosts after a defensive error, which saw McShane kick a low ball underneath the sticks and Trueman was there to pounce on the loose ball. Richardson converted, to make it 28-8.

Walmsley broke through the Cas line down the middle, before playing a short pass to Luke Thompson who scored underneath the sticks unchallenged late on. Makinson added the extras, making it 28-14 and that’s how the game ended on an afternoon to forget for the Saints.

Match Summary

Castleford 13: Jordan Rankin, Derrell Olpherts, Peter Mata’utia, Michael Shenton, James Clare, Jake Trueman, Danny Richardson, Liam Watts, Paul McShane, George Griffin, Cheyse Blair, Mike McMeeken, Nathan Massey.

Interchanges: Grant Millington, Adam Milner, Jesse Sene-Lefao, Daniel Smith.

Tries: Mata’utia (7, 33), Olpherts (18), Blair (58), Trueman (76).

Goals: Richardson (2).

Penalties: Richardson (2).

Saints 13: Lachlan Coote, Tommy Makinson, Kevin Naiqama, Jack Welsby, Regan Grace, Jonny Lomax, Theo Fages, Alex Walmsley, James Roby, Luke Thompson, Zeb Taia, Dominique Peyroux, Morgan Knowles.

Interchanges: Louis McCarthy-Scarsbrook, Matty Lees, Kyle Amor, Aaron Smith.

Tries: Makinson (39), Welsby (74), Thompson (78).

Goals: Makinson.

Half time: 14-4

Full Time: 28-12

Attendance: 7,268

Referee: Liam Moore

Saints Line up

1 Lachlan Coote
2 Tommy Makinson
3 Kevin Naiqama
1 Jack Welsby
5 Regan Grace
6 Jonny Lomax
7 Theo Fages
8 Alex Walmsley
James Roby
10 Luke Thompson
11 Zeb Taia
12 Dominique Peyroux
13 Morgan Knowles
15 Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook
10 Matty Lees
18 Kyle Amor
19 Aaron Smith

Castleford Tigers Line up

1Jordan Rankin
2Derrell Olpherts
3Peter Mata’utia
4James Clare
5Michael Shenton
6Danny Richardson
7Jake Trueman
8Mike McMeeken
9Paul McShane
10Cheyse Blair
11George Griffin
12Liam Watts
13Nathan Massey
14Grant Millington
15Adam Milner
16Jesse Sene-Lefao
17Daniel Smith

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FT: 🐯 Tigers 28-14 Saints 🔵⚪

It’s an afternoon to forget for the Saints as the Tigers come away with the two points.


Grace bursts down the left flank, tries to offload, but can only find the hands of Richardson.

🐯 Tigers 28-14 Saints 🔵⚪

Luke Thompson for Saints

Saints go right up the other end through Walmsley who breaks through and feeds Thompson on his inside who scores easily under the sticks. Makinson converts.

🐯 Tigers 28-14 Saints 🔵⚪

Danny Richardson for Castleford Tigers

Richardson adds the two from in front of the sticks as we approach full time.

🐯 Tigers 28-8 Saints 🔵⚪

Jake Trueman for Castleford Tigers

Walmsley’s pass can’t find Fages. A Tigers player picks it up, before Roby tries to take him down with his feet. Trueman then picks up a second loose ball to score under the sticks. Scrappy.

🐯 Tigers 26-8 Saints 🔵⚪

Jack Welsby for Saints

We finally get some joy down our left flank as quick hands from Coote feeds Welsby who goes over in the corner. Makinson misses the kick.

🐯 Tigers 22-8 Saints 🔵⚪

Danny Richardson for Castleford Tigers

The Tigers win another penalty in front of the sticks which Richardson converts.

🐯 Tigers 22-4 Saints 🔵⚪


Again we try and move the ball out wide to Makinson this time, but the ball fails to find Saints’ hands and the Tigers pick up the loose ball.

🐯 Tigers 20-4 Saints 🔵⚪

Danny Richardson for Castleford Tigers

Robes catches Trueman high in front of the sticks and Richardson takes the two.

🐯 Tigers 20-4 Saints 🔵⚪


Fages tries to find Makinson out wide but his pass is intercepted by Shenton. Luckily for Saints, Robes is there to make the tackle before we get the ball back.

🐯 Tigers 18-4 Saints 🔵⚪


Richardson misses the kick. Amor and Robes are on for Knowles and Smith.

🐯 Tigers 18-4 Saints 🔵⚪

Cheyse Blair for Castleford Tigers

Against the run of play the Tigers move the ball to the Saints left and Blair powers his way over in the corner.

🐯 Tigers 18-4 Saints 🔵⚪


The chance comes to nothing as the Tigers defend well. LMS is back on after his sin bin. Can he drive us forward again?

🐯 Tigers 14-4 Saints 🔵⚪


Makinson makes a trademark right to left cross-field run and is caught high. A chance here boys!

🐯 Tigers 14-4 Saints 🔵⚪


The ball is moved from right to left, but Fages opts to go for the line on the last and the Tigers force the turnover. We get the ball back mind as Cas are penalised for a forward pass!

🐯 Tigers 14-4 Saints 🔵⚪


Saints come forward as Fages kicks through before McShane is trapped in goal and we will come again…

🐯 Tigers 14-4 Saints 🔵⚪

Yellow Card
Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook for Saints

LMS clatters Richardson late and the former Saint is down. LMS is sent to the bin after cries of ‘off’ from the Tigers’ fans.

🐯 Tigers 14-4 Saints 🔵⚪


Saints come forward again, but LMS can’t grab the ball and the Tigers survive.

🐯 Tigers 14-4 Saints 🔵⚪


It’s already a better start to the second half for Saints. The ball finds its way to Grace and he kicks through on the last, is taken out, but Rankin grounds the ball in goal so we come again!

🐯 Tigers 14-4 Saints 🔵⚪


Here we go for the second half. Come on, boys!

🐯 Tigers 14-4 Saints 🔵⚪

HT: 🐯 Tigers 14-4 Saints 🔵⚪

Makinson’s late try gets us back into this one, but a double from Mata’utia and a try from Olpherts send the hosts in ahead at the break.


Makinson is still on kicking duties, but his kick falls short as the hooter sounds.

🐯 Tigers 14-4 Saints 🔵⚪

Tommy Makinson for Saints

Finally we get some joy out wide and Coote’s cut-out pass finds Makinson who dives over in the corner in typical Tommy fashion! GAME ON!

🐯 Tigers 14-4 Saints 🔵⚪

It’s hard work for the Saints so far!

Peter Mata’utia for Castleford Tigers

A couple of missed tackles from the Saints again sees the Tigers move the ball to their right flank and Mata’utia dives over in the corner. The video ref gives it. Richardson misses the two.

🐯 Tigers 14-0 Saints 🔵⚪

Yellow Card
Matty Lees for Saints

And for that tackle, Lees is sent straight to the sin bin…A big 10 minutes coming up for the Saints!

🐯 Tigers 10-0 Saints 🔵⚪


Matty Lees is off the bench with a bang – literally – as he clatters Rankin high after the full back catches the high bomb!

🐯 Tigers 10-0 Saints 🔵⚪


Saints come forward and try to keep the ball alive through Fages, Peyroux and Naiqama, but the latters pass finds touch instead of the hands of Makinson.

🐯 Tigers 10-0 Saints 🔵⚪


Again the space is opened up on the Saints left, Richardson darts through, but his pass only finds the hands of Grace.

🐯 Tigers 10-0 Saints 🔵⚪


Zeb Taia this time knocks on in the challenge and the Tigers have the ball back again.

🐯 Tigers 10-0 Saints 🔵⚪


Richardson misses the two from the touchline.

🐯 Tigers 10-0 Saints 🔵⚪

Derrell Olpherts for Castleford Tigers

Just like the first try, the ball is moved down to the right flank and quick hands sends Olpherts in at the corner.

🐯 Tigers 10-0 Saints 🔵⚪


Roby knocks on from dummy half as LMS is on for Big Al. Time to defend as Cas have the ball in Saints 20!

🐯 Tigers 6-0 Saints 🔵⚪

How good is it to see this man back? 😁

Danny Richardson for Castleford Tigers

Richardson adds the two and we trail early here at the Jungle.

🐯 Tigers 6-0 Saints 🔵⚪

Peter Mata’utia for Castleford Tigers

Peter Mata’utia latches onto a short ball from Richardson to power his way over to the right of the sticks.

🐯 Tigers 4-0 Saints 🔵⚪


Coote puts in a lovely reversed grubber kick, but the on-rushing Fages can’t ground the ball before it went dead. Hard luck, boys!

🐯 Tigers 0-0 Saints 🔵⚪


Knowles is this time penalised for obstruction and the Tigers now will come forward with an attack on half way before Thommo gives Richardson a big hit!

🐯 Tigers 0-0 Saints 🔵⚪


The Cas supporters are cheering as Olpherts goes over, but referee Liam Moore calls obstruction and Saints kick for touch and will re-start on half way.

🐯 Tigers 0-0 Saints 🔵⚪


Cas win the penalty as Knowles is adjudged to have knocked on at the play the ball.

🐯 Tigers 0-0 Saints 🔵⚪


Both teams exchange sets early on as Coote and Makinson are both hit hard by the Tigers’ defence.

🐯 Tigers 0-0 Saints 🔵⚪

Here we go! All eyes on this one as we get the game underway! Follow live updates in our match centre! 👇