Saints tame Tigers in tight defensive clash

Saints kept our opponents to nil for the second time in two weeks, continuing with our 100% winning record since the restart after a hard-working 10-0 victory over Castleford Tigers at the Totally Wicked Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

The first half was dominated by the forwards. It was end to end in a quick and physical encounter, but despite the stalemate both sides had sights at their oppositions’ try line.

Saints were held up on the line twice with Matty Lees and Kyle Amor, whilst Michael Shenton came close to a touchdown after a kick by Paul McShane. Kevin Naiqama also had to be on hand to deal with a dangerous low kick in the final few minutes of the half.

Saints finally took the lead in the 49th minute, Lachlan Coote kicking a penalty after Grant Millington was sin binned, having being penalised for an off the ball shoulder charge on Jonny Lomax. The penalty gave Saints a tight 2-0 lead in a real battle of attrition.

Coote kicked another penalty between the sticks in the 55th minute after a Cas player was penalised for pushing down in the tackle. Coote extended Saints lead to 4-0.

Saints continued to apply pressure to the 12 men of Castleford, but to their credit, they stood firm as the forwards continued to dominate.

The Red Vee’s pressure told late on though as Saints finally broke down a resilient Tigers defence to score a try in the 77th minute.

Alex Walmsley, fresh off the bench for the final 10 minutes powered his way through a tired Tigers line and offloaded to Coote, who found the supporting Theo Fages. He shrugged off two challenges to score the only try of the game and wrap up the two points. Coote added the conversion as Saints kept our opposition scoreless for the second successive week.

Match Summary

Saints 13: Lachlan Coote, Tommy Makinson, Kevin Naiqama, Mark Percival, Regan Grace, Jonny Lomax, Theo Fages, Alex Walmsley, James Roby, James Graham, James Bentley, Zeb Taia, Morgan Knowles.

Interchanges: Louis McCarthy-Scarsbrook, Matty Lees, Kyle Amor, Aaron Smith.

Tries: Fages (77)

Goals: Coote

Penalties: Coote (49, 55)

Castleford 13: Gareth O’Brien, Derrell Opherts, Alex Foster, Michael Shenton, James Clare, Paul McShane, Danny Richardson, Liam Watts, Adam Milner, George Griffin, Oliver Holmes, Mike McMeeken, Nathan Massey.

Interchanges: Grant Millington, Jesse Sene-Lafao, Jacques O’Neill, Calum Turner.

Half time: 0-0

Full Time: 10-0

Referee: James Child

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Saints Line up

1 Lachlan Coote
2 Tommy Makinson
3 Kevin Naiqama
4 Mark Percival
5 Regan Grace
6 Jonny Lomax
7 Theo Fages
8 Alex Walmsley
James Roby
32 James Graham
11 Zeb Taia
12 James Bentley
13 Morgan Knowles
15 Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook
10 Matty Lees
18 Kyle Amor
19 Aaron Smith

Castleford Tigers Line up

1Gareth O’Brien
2Derrell Olpherts
3Alex Foster
4Michael Shenton
5 James Clare
6Paul McShane
7Danny Richardson
8Liam Watts
9Adam Milner
10George Griffin
11 Oliver Holmes
12Mike McMeeken
13Nathan Massey
14Grant Millington
15 Jesse Sene-Lefao
16Jacques O’Neill
17Calum Turner

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FT: 🔴⚪ Saints 10-0 Tigers 🐯

A real battle of the defences this afternoon, but it’s the Saints who come out on top after two penalties from Cooote and a late Fages try secure two big points!

Lachlan Coote for Saints

Cooooote adds the two!

🔴⚪ Saints 10-0 Tigers 🐯

Theo Fages for Saints

GET INNNNNNNN!!! The little Frenchman secures the two points! Walmsley breaks through the line again, finds Coote and he feeds Fages who goes over!

🔴⚪ Saints 8-0 Tigers 🐯


At the other end Big Al powers his way through the Tigers line before the ball finds its way out wide in the hands of Grace, but he is held p on the last and it’s the turnover…

🔴⚪ Saints 4-0 Tigers 🐯


Richardson’s kick through is met by Shenton, but its gone upstairs…No try, the ball had ran dead. Just over 5 minutes to go here…How are the nerves Saints fans?

🔴⚪ Saints 4-0 Tigers 🐯


The ball is fed from right to left to Lomax, but his cut-out pass just evades the hands of Grace who would have been in at the corner as Robes comes back on for the final 10 minutes…

🔴⚪ Saints 4-0 Tigers 🐯

📸 LMS hits the Cas forward line…



The Tigers defend well again and survive the set before Jammer catches Watts high and Cas will come forward with a penalty of their own…

🔴⚪ Saints 4-0 Tigers 🐯


Millington loses the ball in a tackle with Big Al and Taia in a tackle and we have a real chance to extend our lead here with a set in the Cas 10…

🔴⚪ Saints 4-0 Tigers 🐯


Fages does well to shield Richardson’s kick dead before the Frenchman wins us a penalty!

🔴⚪ Saints 4-0 Tigers 🐯

📸 Two former Saints look on…👀



We win another penalty, Coote this time kicks for touch, but the play comes to nothing as Richardson strips the ball one-on-one…

🔴⚪ Saints 4-0 Tigers 🐯

Lachlan Coote for Saints

Coooooote kicks the two and we have a four point lead as Az Smith is on for 500 man James Roby.

🔴⚪ Saints 4-0 Tigers 🐯


Saints get a repeat set as the ball is deemed to have been played at by a Cas player before we win a penalty in front of the sticks for pushing down in the tackle…

🔴⚪ Saints 2-0 Tigers 🐯


Lees is held up on the Tigers line as he met Fages’ short ball and it’s the Tigers turn to attack!

🔴⚪ Saints 2-0 Tigers 🐯

Lachlan Coote for Saints

Coooote kicks the first points of the game after 49 minutes, slotting over the two from in front of the sticks…

🔴⚪ Saints 2-0 Tigers 🐯

Yellow Card
Grant Millington for Castleford Tigers

Millington is sent to the bin for a late hit on Lomax. Can we take advantage as Coote will go for the two…

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers 🐯


The Tigers defend well and Bentley is trapped on the last. Who will break the deadlock?

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers 🐯


Richardson kicks an early 40-20 before Lomax hits Griffin hard and forces the knock on!

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers 🐯


We are back underway! COYS! 🔴⚪

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers 🐯

HT: 🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers 🐯

It’s half-time and possibly a surprising scoreless first half with both forward packs cancelling each other out. Saints were on top towards the end, but it’s honours even at the break!


Another set of six, before Amor knocks on at the play-the-ball following a tussle with Jesse Sene-Lefao…

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers 🐯


Lees is held up, before Fages kick comes off a Cas player and we have another set right on the Tigers line!

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers 🐯


Bentley wins a penalty, Coote kicks for touch and nearly sends the laptop flying here in the lower than usual press box seats before we win another set and have a real chance here!

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers 🐯


The first real chance for Saints. Lomax’s short ball finds Amor, but he is held up to the right of the sticks!

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers 🐯


Richardson’s kick fell just short of the 40-20 mark and we come forward with it through Alex Walmsley who then takes a breather as Kyle Amor comes on…

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers 🐯

📷 How good is it to have this man back? 🔥



LMS is on for Saints as Zeb Taia makes way. Liam Watts makes way for the Tigers as Lomax’s high kick is palmed back by Makinson to Naiqama but his pass goes forward.

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers 🐯


Paul McShane puts a grubber kick through which Shenton tries to touch down, but the video referee rightly gives a knock on and it’s the Saints turn to attack in what is an end-to-end game!

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers 🐯


Percival, back today, makes a break and so nearly feeds the on-rushing Coooote but our full-back can’t grab the ball and the Tigers survive!

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers 🐯

📷 A good battle up the middle thus far!



Bentley does well to dive on Richardson’s grubber and again we defend well as the first 15 minutes fly by!

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers 🐯


It looked as if it should have been Saints ball after a Tigers players’ hand sent the ball dead following Fages’ high kick before James Childs awards a penalty to the visitors.

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers 🐯


Solid Saints defence early as we halt another Tiger’s set-restart before Lomax makes a break and we are on the attack!

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers 🐯


Saints get our first set restart, after Walmsley is held down, but McMeeken clutches Fages pass before the Tigers get their own restart and Coote takes down Shenton!

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers 🐯


Jonny Lomax is next to hit Richardson hard in the tackle and he felt that one did the former Saint! BIGGG hit!

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers 🐯


It’s a pretty even start with both teams completing and exchanging sets early here as Big Al hits Richardson hard after a high kick from the Tigers half-back.

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers 🐯

We are off and underway here back at the Totally Wicked Stadium as Saints host the Castleford Tigers! COYS! 🔴⚪

🔴⚪ Saints 0-0 Tigers 🐯