Saints suffered a 8-31 defeat to Warrington Wolves at the Totally Wicked Stadium, eliminating us from this years Challenge Cup…

Six minutes in, an opportunity looked to come for Saints. A quick play the ball allowed Jonny Lomax plenty of room to run down the short-side into Warrington’s half, Saints tried to move the ball through the hands but one of the final passes travelled forward as Waqa Blake looked to come inside from the edge.

Almost instantly Warrington had the best chance of the game early on. Connor Wrench broke deep inside Saints territory, he tried to find Josh Thewlis on his outside, but Blake got back and Saints were able to push the ball out for a goal-line dropout.

Ten minutes in, the visitors went ahead. After back to back dropouts, the Wolves had numbers down their right edge and Matt Dufty threw a cut-out pass to Thewlis who strolled over in the corner. Thewlis was unable to convert his own try, 0-4 Saints trailed.

The video referee was called upon 26 minutes in. Lewis Dodd spotted a run by Joe Batchelor so opted to kick early, the ball bounced favourably for Saints’ #12 and he offloaded to Konrad Hurrell who walked over in the corner. Chris Kendall quickly agreed with Jack Smith’s on-field call of try. Jon Bennison converted from the right touchline, 6-4 Saints led.

Saints had a chance to apply more pressure soon after. Dodd’s high kick was fumbled by Dufty, but despite spending a set on Warrington’s line, the kick on the last was easily collected by the visitors after a ricochet. Minutes later Saints looked like they were in again. Hurrell attracted plenty of attention as he drove forward and was able to offload to Tommy Makinson who dove over in the corner. The referee brought it back for a forward pass.

Another chance quickly followed. Blake set Bennison away down the left wing, he kicked back inside and it was collected by Dodd, but he fumbled the ball short of the line under pressure.

Three minutes before the break, Warrington were awarded a penalty after a late hit off the ball. They opted to kick for goal, Thewlis made no mistake this time around, 6-6 it was tied. With basically the final play of the first half, George Williams kicked a drop goal to put Warrington ahead 6-7 at the break.

Saints took the lead 14 minutes in the second half. The hosts were awarded a penalty down the right edge, Bennison again stepped up and converted from the right touchline, 8-7 Saints led.

Lomax made an error from the kick off. Saints were forced to dropout and during the set, Warrington shifted it left and Matty Ashton finished well in the corner under pressure from Jack Welsby. The referee agreed with the on-field call of try. Thewlis converted, 8-13 the visitors led.

Another trip to the video referee soon followed. Danny Walker tried to pinch one from dummy half but fumbled the ball. Again the referee agreed with the on-field call of no try, 8-13 it remained.

Two minutes later, we were going upstairs again. Leon Hayes’ testing kick was allowed to bounce under the Saints sticks and was collected by Wrench who had the simple task of putting the ball down. Again, the on-field decision of try was agreed with. Thewlis converted, 8-19 Warrington led.

Again, two minutes later, we had another trip upstairs. Ashton dribbled his way down the left edge and was able to collect the loose ball to score in the corner. Again the referee’s on-field call of no try was agreed with, as Ashton had touched the ball with his hand prior to scoring the try.

Warrington looked to have sealed the victory with eleven minutes to go. Saints opted for a short dropout, it didn’t pay off and as a result the visitors moved downfield and James Harrison crashed over from close range. Thewlis converted, 8-25.

Another try followed. Warrington went down their short-side, Dufty broke and found Williams in support to score. Thewlis added the extras, 8-31.

Match Summary

Saints Team: Jack Welsby, Tommy Makinson, Konrad Hurrell, Waqa Blake, Jon Bennison, Jonny Lomax, Lewis Dodd, Alex Walmsley, Daryl Clark, George Delaney, Curtis Sironen, Joe Batchelor, Morgan Knowles.

Interchanges: Sione Mata’utia, Moses Mbye, James Bell, Matt Whitley.

18th Man: Ben Davies.

Tries: Konrad Hurrell (26)

Conversions: Jon Bennison (1 from 1)

Penalties: Jon Bennison (1 from 1)

Warrington Wolves Team: Matt Dufty, Josh Thewlis, Connor Wrench, Toby King, Matty Ashton, George Williams, Josh Drinkwater, James Harrison, Danny Walker, Joe Philbin, Matty Nicholson, Lachlan Fitzgibbon, Jordy Crowther.

Interchanges: Joe Bullock, Adam Holroyd, Sam Powell, Max Wood.

18th Man: Leon Hayes.

Tries: Josh Thewlis (10), Matty Ashton (55), Connor Wrench (61), James Harrison (69), George Williams (72)

Conversions: Josh Thewlis (4 from 5)

Penalties: Josh Thewlis (1 from 1)

Dropgoal: George Williams (40)

HT: 6-7

FT: 8-31

Attendance: 11,280

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Saints Line up

1 Jack Welsby
2 Tommy Makinson
23 Konrad Hurrell
3 Waqa Blake
5 Jonathan Bennison
6 Jonny Lomax
7 Lewis Dodd
8 Alex Walmsley
9 Daryl Clark
20 George Delaney
12 Joe Batchelor
16 Curtis Sironen
13 Morgan Knowles
11 Sione Mata’utia
14 Moses Mbye
15 James Bell
19 Matt Whitley

Warrington Wolves Line up

1Matt Dufty
2Josh Thewlis
3Toby King
20Connor Wrench
5Matty Ashton
6George Williams
18Leon Hayes
8James Harrison
9Danny Walker
15Joe Philbin
13Matty Nicholson
12Lachlan Fitzgibbon
17Jordan Crowther
32Sam Powell
28Adam Holroyd
34Max Wood
19Joe Bullock

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⏹ A bitterly disappointing performance against Warrington sees the Saints exit the Challenge Cup.


Again, better attacking play with Wolves by their own line but no cut through and it’s come far too late, we’ve been limited on attacking chances due to our own errors.


The Saints push for a late consolation score, Lomax puts in a good kick to the right corner for Makinson to chase but Wolves clear it for a GLDO.


A rare run in the Wolves half sees Blake and Lomax fends off some defenders but not cut through.

Josh Thewlis for Warrington Wolves

Thewlis adds on the two.

😇 8-31 🐺

George Williams for Warrington Wolves

Try. Warrington.

Dufty on the right cuts through, he gets an offload away before falling down to Williams for a try.

James Harrison for Warrington Wolves

Warrington following the GLDO grind their way to the line, James Harrison off a short ball crashes over for a score.

It gets confirmed after a video ref check.

😇 8-23 🐺


Williams goes for another cross-field floating kick, it comes off the posts and Welsby gets to it but is tackled in-goal.


🔄 Walmsley off, Mata’utia on.


Warrington off that penalty again challenge our try line, Lomax leaps on a Hayes kick on the last to stop this challenge.


Mbye with a brilliant carry through the heart of Wire’s defence, we then kick high but get flagged for an offside.

🔄 Bell on, Clark off.


After a lengthy check, no try is given.


Wolves with another video ref decision, no try on the field.

On the last Warrington play the ball to the shortside on the left, looked a forward pass in the build-up but not given.

Josh Thewlis for Warrington Wolves

Thewlis adds the kick.

Connor Wrench for Warrington Wolves

Saints keep gifting Warrington opportunities and another costly one off a knock-on, on the last Williams floats a cross-field kick which lands kindly for he visitors and Connor Wrench to ground.


Warrington again with Saints on their own line try a drive over with Harrison, but he knocks the ball on. 20m restart for the Red V.

😇 8-13 🐺


Bennison has to deal with a tricky Williams kick, Saints then coming away from their own line lose the ball.

😇 8-13 🐺

Josh Thewlis for Warrington Wolves

Thewlis adds the kick from the wing.

😇 8-13 🐺

Matty Ashton for Warrington Wolves

Warrington make the restarting error pay.

Wolves pull the ball out to the left and Ashton dives into the corner, after a video ref check it is given.


Warrington get a guilt edged chance now, the restart goes long and Lomax takes the ball and puts a foot behind the dead ball line, but he planted his foot after the catch. GLDO for Wire.

Jonathan Bennison for Saints

Bennison slots it over, 10m in from the touchline great kick Benno!

😇 8-7 🐺


Warrington on the back foot and by their own line get pinged for offside, on the right edge we’ll go for the kick.


Welsby on the right edge again feeds the ball to Hurrell, he breaks and passes in to Batchelor. Walmsley then charges in, but on the last Bell tries to drive over but is stopped well.

😇 6-7 🐺


Sironen looked to be in some discomfort after a tackle, holding his arm. We hope he’s okay.


Wolves with more chaotic play but we scramble well.

🔄 Sironen and Knowles off, Walmsley and Whitley on.

😇 6-7 🐺


First go in the Wolves half in the second period, great offload by Sironen allows Bell and Mata’utia to link up in the middle. On the last Dodd floats a kick high and Siro contests it with Dufty but they have it.


Back underway, the winning side will face Huddersfield Giants in the Challenge Cup Semi-Finals following the draw at half time.


Back underway, the winning side will face Huddersfield Giants in the Challenge Cup Semi-Finals following the draw at half time.


⏸ The visiting Wolves edge the lead at half time after a late drop goal.

⏸ The visiting Wolves edge the lead at half time after a late drop goal.

Drop Goal
George Williams for Warrington Wolves

After forcing a GLDO, the Wolves slot a drop goal over with George Williams.

😇 6-7 🐺


Warrington on their right work it, a late offload gets hacked on by Walker and Welsby has to take the ball and concede a GLDO.

Josh Thewlis for Warrington Wolves

Warrington get a penalty following a Sironen tackle off the ball, just over 30m out and in the middle of the field.

Thewlis kicks it to level the game.

😇 6-6 🐺


Saints with some beautiful rugby unlock Bennison on the left wing, before getting taken in touch he kicks back inside and it bounces unkindly and Dodd knocks on inches in front of the line.

😇 6-4 🐺


Wire on the last play it by the halfway line, Williams gives it to King and he kicks but like Fitzgibbon earlier it runs out on the wing.


Saints go close! Oh and what a score it could have been, Welsby drives forward on the right edge and passes to Hurrell and as Koni is tackled he flicks the ball to Makinson who dives in but the ref says it was forward.


A Dufty knock on in their own 30m gives us the ball back, we go close with Sironen and Dodd but no second score yet.

Jonathan Bennison for Saints

Benno adds the kick from the wing! Superb kick!

😇 6-4 🐺

Konrad Hurrell for Saints


Lomax places a beauty of a kick into space, it bounces for Batchelor and he immediately fired a pass to the Tongan powerhouse!

😇 4-4 🐺


Warrington let off again, Saints charging in the middle and trying some second phase offloads but Wolves leap on one from Welsby.

Bullock then knocks on.

🔄 Walmsley off, Mata’utia on.


Saints have been limited to their plays of the ball in the opposition half so far, with a number of errors.

Defensively we’ve looked better following the try, as we now look to turn the pressure back around.


Great defensive set by Saints, keeping Wovles by the halfway line. Warrington get penalised themselves now for a flop.


Warrington playing openly, Williams with a looping pass to the left edge and Fitzgibbon on the last kicked but it rolled out to the wing.


Great follow up off a Dodd ball sees Dufty cut down, but Hurrell is penalised for a flop.


Williams on the last with Saints by their own line places a short kick but Lomax gets to it and stops the danger for now.


Poor restart by the Saints, the ball goes out over the sidelines on the full.


Kick missed by Thewlis.

😇 0-4 🐺

Josh Thewlis for Warrington Wolves

Wolves strike first, two six-agains after two GLDOs welcomed the pressure and the visitors worked it out to the winger Josh Thewlis for the opener.

😇 0-4 🐺


Wolves have their first chance of the game, they drive on the right and a last ditch tackle stops one of them but they offload and we clear it for a GLDO.

On the left similar on the next set, again GLDO.


Makinson pokes his nose through and we get a quick play of the ball, on the left edge Lomax finds Blake and he goes for a pass to Bennison but it’s forward.


The Red V have the first major chance of the game, Batchelor drives low and gets an offload away, Welsby kicks and it comes off a Wolves man but play on and we then knock on trying to keep it alive.


Sironen with a big shot on our first defensive set and the looks to have gone loose, but the ref penalises Saints for a strip.

We firm up and Crowther knocks on at the play of the ball.

😇 0-0 🐺

😇 0-0 🐺

Kick Off

▶ KICK-OFF! The Saints are hosting Warrington Wolves with a spot in the Challenge Cup Semi-Finals on the line!

🥊 Knockout rugby inbound

Here come the Saints 🔥

What a welcome from our supporters! ❤

Bernard Platt 📸


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